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Darfur! Sexual voilene as a weapon of war! Two totally shameless plugs!

“I was sleeping when the attack on Disa started. I was taken away by the attackers, they were all in uniforms. They took dozens of other girls and made us walk for three hours. During the day we were beaten and they were telling us: “You, the black women, we will exterminate you, you have no god.” At night we were raped several times. The soldiers guarded us with arms and we were not given food for three days.” A female refugee, interviewed by Amnesty International delegates.

Tonight I would like to attract attention to my fellow bloggers post on Lifecruiser . Please stop by Lifecruiser and leave your reflections on her thoughtful blogpost.

Women of Darfur

Last and definitely not least I would like to plug for my husbands post on Care at RennyBA’s Terella.

Care places special focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty. Women are at the heart of CARE’s community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of HIV, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity and protect natural resources.

These two globally engaged bloggers can be linked together (in the traditional sense by Care’s engagement in Darfur:

“The current conflict in Darfur is complex, caused by a host of political, social, economic and environmental problems. The result is a humanitarian crisis affecting millions of people. CARE is working to help meet their most basic needs, including food, shelter, water and sanitation facilities.” from Care’s website

Comments on: "Blogging activists – lets make the world a better place!" (12)

  1. Your a true contributor as you really show how blogging could empowering people: Together we can make a difference as the word is mightier than a sword!

    Thanks also for plugging me dear – your such a great supporter and I’m happy to say, both in blogsphere and in real life 😉

    DianeCA: You know I am happy to support you in any way I can, but especially when you are working for a good cause!! Keep up the good work, as you always say…blogging…connecting people!!

  2. You and your husband Renny are cut from the same cloth- very caring people. Thank you for showing the true blogging spirit!

    DianeCA: Hey thanks for stopping by! Yes Renny and I are alike in many ways, and different in others. We do talk a lot about blogging and would like to make a difference wherever and whenever we can 🙂

  3. Wow. This is quite a blog you have here. I’m impressed with your activist heart and to plug your husband just as he has you is something special. I’m curious. What is the website to this Care program you speak of? I don’t know how anybody wouldn’t want to be a part of this — spreading the word, and would like to know more about it.

    DianeCA: Hi! You can check out CARE by clicking on the word, there is also a link on RennyBA’s Terella. Here you can get information on all the programs they are involved with.

  4. Thanks for the plug. It need any attention it can get! I can’t believe that this is allowed to continue. It’s so inhuman that there isn’t even any proper words for it….

    DianeCA: I know exactly what you mean. I work for Oslo’s Battered Women’s shelter and we meet a lot of refugees who continue to experience violence in thier lives even after leaving the war torn countries. These women have amazing stories, I am shocked what people can allow themselves to do to other human beings…however the stories are also stories of courage and survival.

  5. […] Australia posted CARE For A Walk. 3: My beloved wife Diane on her brand new blog did the same – go visit and read! What lovely contributions! You might like to do the same!?! care poor woman Click to listen to […]

  6. Yes, just inhuman. Only men can make such horrors. Never animals.
    Colonisations created disasters. The harmony of their life is becoming an hell now. We must help them. We must help these women and all women in such situation around the world.

    Thanks for your support. Change starts with awareness…and accepting people from war torn parts of the world when they come to us in the safe places as refugees. Acceptance is one of the greatest gifts we can give!

  7. This is a worthy cause. No one should have to go through such horrors in today’s age. yet it keeps happening. Empowering women will go a long way to better lives.

    DianeCA: I so much agree with you. Much the same is also happening in Congo. Abuse, domination and killing of innocent people because of their race or religion has to stop!

  8. Hei Diane!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I know what happened last year regarding your mother. (I am really sorry for your loss).

    It is so alarming, I agree, that at this day and age, some people are still “savages”. I hope that people like you and Renny multiply! We need more people who care.

    DianeCA: Thank you for your condolences. It was a very difficult time for me and I miss my mother still.

    Thank you also for your compliments, I just wish I could do more to help others, I feel so helpless!

  9. That is so sad! Thanks for the link so I can learn more about what is going on and what can be done.

    DianeCA: Thank you for stopping by. Knowledge is power!

  10. Hey there. Thx for your comment on my blog — so appreciated new bloggy friend! I’ll be checking out the Care website too when I can. Today, I did my monday meme and tagged you. Play only if you like. I just felt the desire to send you a blessing.

  11. i admire your worthy deed. keep it up!
    nice photo as it speaks a thousand words — innocence of a child, justice for the old woman et al. i just hope such inhuman treatments will stop.

    DianeCA: Because they are very effective these inhuman treatments will not stop….unless we set limits!!!

    Thanks for your encouragements!!!

  12. yeah,what a shame!cant agree more,Diane!

    and yes I should admit that Renny and Lifecruiser do blog worthy things,help and connect people.and now,youre one of them!!pls keep up the good work!im on your side 🙂

    Happy Valentine`s Day!!


    DianeCA: I so much agree and do hope that our combined efforts can make a difference in the world today!!

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