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What is stealing your peace?

Inside of every person reading this is a special light, a special knowledge, the true “I”. We sometimes get a glimpse of that inner light when the world is still, but then we grab onto a thought and let that thought take us away from being centred, being balanced. Why do we let these thoughts steal our peace, and how can we hold on to it longer?


One of the first thieves to steal our peace is spending our time thinking about what others are thinking of us. Did what I said sound stupid? Do these clothes make me look fat? Does my son’s teacher think I am lazy? Do the neighbours think my yard is a mess? What we are really afraid of is that someone out there is going to take away our happiness, that someone will steal our peace. Nobody can take you peace from you, nobody can take away you happiness unless you let them. You however can do a good job of ruining it for yourself by worrying about others judging you.

The next thief that sneaks into our lives is resentment. Blaming others for how we feel is like falling asleep out in the sun and blaming the sun for our sunburn. Whenever we criticize others to make ourselves seem better, blame others for our state of mind, or resent others and believe they somehow have it “better” then us we are giving or own peace away. Psychologists say we criticize in others those qualities we dislike in ourselves. Our dislike is so intense that we reflect the quality on to others or at least are specially bothered by it in people we know. Let go of your resentment, do not be “little”. Learning to accept ourselves and others will help us achieve peace and stay in it longer.

peaceful lake

The final thief of peace is self measuring. Do you often walk away from a conversation and start judging your performance? How did this sound to others? Am I good enough, pretty enough, bright enough, smart enough, nice enough, ambitious enough?? Well enough is enough. Measuring yourself will not bring you happiness. You are who you are, and acceptance of your natural beauty and qualities as valuable and worthy is what will bring you self acceptance.

Embrace who you are and let your unique gifts and qualities shine through. What are your special qualities. We love to hear from you just as you are!!


Comments on: "What is stealing your peace?" (14)

  1. This is a very timely post for me, Diane. I had one of those days yesterday when I allowed many things (including myself) to steal my peace. I have my center and my focus back today, thankfully.

    DianeCA: I am glad to hear you have your focus back. Remember we all have those days when we allow things to steal our peace. That is what it means to be human. Be yourself!! We love you as you are!!!

  2. Hello Diane
    First I have to say that the photos you present here are beautiful! Nature , nature! Full of peace and serenity. difficult to accept myself … because i’d like to do more… more sport, more diet but more restaurant in the same time, more studies, more in the house… i wish I am a superwoman because I love life and want to excell in many way…And more sleep too!
    “The hell it is the others” said the french philosophe Sartre.Yes, difficult to do as the other didn’t exist! I had a very interesting experience when I was doing theater several years ago.
    I had learnt the actor studio technic. I had to register all my feelings in my life with the others. And to play a carachter or a person in a situation I just had to remember my appropriate feeling.
    Difficult to explain. In fact when I lived an interesting situation for my actor play, I tried to keep it in myself even if it was a very bad situation so that i can use it to play on scene. It helped me a lot of time to exprime the right actor play.
    theater is a good therapy to find peace and to accept you as you are.We used sophrology and yoga too! It’s a good way to find the peace too!

    Happy Saint Valentin, Diane!

    We all want to be super woman, but we cannot do it all. Theater is good therapy, and today thinking of what you do for a living – drama theater is a big part of the primary school teachers education… Encouraging both the adult and the child to use thier imagination. I know it is not easy to express yourself but I feel that I recognize an artistic spirit in you and am happy you share it with me. Happy Valentnes Day!!!

  3. Great post, Diane. I had a situation last year that left me feeling totally inadequate..It took me a long time to realize that I was projecting more into the situation than needed to be. But the situation took a big toll on me.

    DianeCA: We all go through tough patches that eventually require a mental readjustment. And those patches take their toll, I know, I have had mine too. However let us all look at our situation today and see if there is anything in our baggage we can throw out now, say we are finished with and lighten our load.

  4. Oops… sounds like you’re writing about me. hehehe….. I guess I have high standards and expectations of myself. I’m a teacher, I need to set a good example to my students. And being Asian, we have to observe many customs and moral values. It is quite stressful for me to live under the scrutiny of my fellow citizens.

    Oh… I hope to visit you in Norway some day and I’ll teach you how to cook exotic Chinese dishes. Renny and you would love that. If the dishes are not good, you can make me stay behind and cook for you two. hahaha……

    Happy Valentine’s Day Diane and Renny!!
    *throws chocolates and red roses*
    kisses and hugs

    DianeCA: Happy Valentine’s day to you too!! Would love to have you come and teach us to cook, Chinese food is my favorite. I have a girlfriend from Hong Kong who has taught me a bit so we could have fun together!!

    Of course we all fall prey to these peace theives, thats why I wrote the post. When I wrote it I did not think about the fact the social control is stricter in some countries than others. So that was a very good viewpoint to have. I would say also Norway is stricter then USA, when I moved here I made lots of social mistakes – and I learned fast!!! But still if we try to relax and worry about them less I believe we will be more balanced. As many know I recently lost my mom to cancer. I thought afterwards about all the time she spent worrying in her life, and how she never got that time back. We don’t get it back you know. My mom was a nervous person, and she probably wasted years in time of her precious life. I wish I could have those years back now to spend with her.

  5. I’m so glad you are in my life. I love to be reminded of these things. I sooo do not have peace today. It’s an inner anxiety-depression I battle. Your words lift me. Thank you and much love to you on this heart-felt day. *big hug*

    DianeCA: Thank you so much for your praise and your hug. I work a lot with people who have anxiety and depression, the two are like twins and often go together. I wish you all the luck in the world and you can email me anytime. Sorry I am a bit late replying, I have a week long exam (paper) which is distracting me from blogging…

  6. Your first thief has never had a place in my heart. I always believed myself to be right and never concerned myself of what others thought. It does get me called arrogant from time to time. I prefer to call it confidence in oneself. I think arrogance involves regarding someone as less for some reason or other. However, a lot of people are very tied up in “what” they are instead of “who” they are. Consequently, if you disagree with the what, they call you arrogant.

    The second thief, too, has never had a place in my heart. I do not dwell on the past or the wrongs (if there are any) committed against me.

    I am not sure about the third thief. I certainly have expectations of myself and I do not always meet them.

    My main thieves are a tendency to distraction and, more recently, a sense of “what’s the point?” Even if I do something, who will recognize it? Who will care? Why does it matter?

    When I was younger, I would just do it. Now I wonder why I should bother. I wish I could recapture the enthusiasm of my youth.

    DianeCA: I am glad you do not fall prey to too many theives of your peace, because peace is yours for the asking as long as you open yourself up to it. I know what you mean about the tendancy to distraction as I can wander off in all directions myself!! Frankly I usually have very high expectations of myself which are impossible to meet, but I try to take a look at what is realistic in a given situation. I do hope you an recapture some of the enthusiasm of your youth, but my intuition tells me that some days you have that, others not…you are not long from the path!

  7. I have a lot of inner peace, I’ve always had for some reason. I don’t let any of those mentioned things steal my inner peace at all nowadays. Maybe it’s inherited from my mother that always have done so well.

    Happy Valentine x millions!!!

    I know it will be filled with a lot of Love… and then some Love again.

    Simply LOVEly 🙂

    ((Hugs From The Love Bugs))

    DianeCA: Thanks for the hugs, I did indeed have a lovely Valentine’s day!! I am glad you have a good deal of inner peace, some people just seem to be lucky that way. I have an impression of you as very down to earth so I can understand your positive attitude!

  8. Hiya Diane,

    Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for visiting my blog, I truly appreciate it 😀

    Very true that people worried too much what other people think about them. As for me, being an optimistic person I am frank and sincere and if people are cynical I always try to let them see things in different perspective.

    Sadly Diane, over at my workplace fellow colleagues are too materialistic and worried about things that they ‘don’t have’ that they are always struggling ‘internally’ without a peace of mind.

    I am happy and contented and I don’t have to live to other people’s expectation…I am simple me 😀

    DianeCA: Keep on being simple you, that is the best thing you can do. You are so right, materialism is another big theif of our peace, creating a ‘need’ we don’t really have and making us waste our time and money on things without true value. Thank you for adding that to the list!!
    Have a wonderful day and I will be back 😀

  9. Your so right: a lot of perceptions is stealing our peace and I admit I have a lot of them. I’m often to eager to listen to what others think of me instead of listen to my inner thoughts. I know I am at my best when I am truly myself, but I am (by my self criticism) often more what I think others wants me to be.

    Your post is a great reminder though and when I think of it: I feel quite well being myself 🙂

    DianeCA: As long as you are doing what makes you happy, what you feel good about doing then you are probably doing the right thing. It is really important to live in the moment because this very moment is one you can’t get back. As far as I know there are no ‘do overs’ in this life. You may start over as often as you want but mistakes made are made and time wasted is gone forever. Live your life in the NOW!! And even though you shouldn’t pay too much attention to what other people think…I think you are just super just the way you are!!

  10. very nice and inspiring post,Dianne! 🙂

    cant agree more,and sometimes it is just so tiring to “act” as what people expect you to be.me,in my part,i care about people,my neighbors and everyone,but i just wanna be me and let them think what they want to.LOL!maybe the effort is double coz like you,i live in a foreign world. 🙂

    i often tell to everyone,my family,students,friends,acquaintances…

    do not give the dirt to someone in order to praise or hail yourselves/others.

    just a simple rule of life… 🙂

    DianeCA: Do not give the dirt to someone in order to praise or hail ourselves…. That is a good phrase to remember!! And now your wisdom and philosophy is shared in Norway and around the world 🙂 Cool huh!

    peace of mind!!money cant buy it,right?im a little disturb lately coz of moving and everything,but i think i have it deeply 🙂

    have a great week ahead of you!

  11. When I read your post, it sounds so easy, yet I know that I struggle to find that peace. Some comes from the fact that I am in a place of transition and it is hard to see past the “should of, could of, would of” and the fear of an unknown future. Thank you for reminding me that I stand in the way of my own peace.

    Keeping the peace and the balance is a full time job, something is always trying to steal our peace. However after losing my mom recently I really had an aha expierence…all the time she wasted worrying. Even in the end she wanted me to dye her hair cause she was worried how she looked…you dont get it back you know, its life wasted.

  12. nice post…really liked it…

    DianeCA: Hi! Glad you liked it, hope you have found your peace today!

  13. I have peace on most days. There are the day to day challenges which can get overwhelming, but i’m generally content with life. Depression-free for the last 5-6 years. The company of other like-minded/supportive people made a big difference.

    These days, it’s sometimes worth waiting in the longer queue at the supermarket because i know the person who’s serving me will guarantee a much higher chance of a positive outcome compared to a known grouch (someone who doesn’t like their job, taking it out on people or presenting with lethargy & apathy towards their work). I’m starting to block those who give me negative vibes – or make myself less-open to being disrupted by their energy as I choose to invest more time/energy with others who give something positive into the community.

    DianeCA: Taking care of who you surround yourself with, who you have contact with, even who is running the checkout lines are important ways of reducing your frustration and holding on to your inner peace. My main mantra is pick your battles. I am willing to stand up for what is important to me, but also let a lot of the small stuff just roll off my back. A catty remark, a little jibe, or a crancky service person just isn’t worth letting it get under my skin. I chalk it all up to the belief that anybody can have a bad day!

  14. I found it .. but for few days.. there is something different required for the inner peace.. I don’t think i can feel the real peace it unless i know the real meaning of life. may be i am confused… may be i should not discuss it out here and we can have it offline…

    DianeCA: The Budists believe you cannot achieve real peace until you have full enlightenment, the knowledge of life, so this is an understandable way of looking at it. I try to achieve as much peace as humanly possible shall we say. Believe me I do lose it occasionally 😉

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