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Just an update

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven’t written in almost a week. Things are busy around here.

As many of you know I am a student (as well as mom, wife, and social worker) and right now we have a week long paper which is due friday and counts as a final exam in my class Family and Nettwork. In addition to that this is the week that I work the weekend on my shift at Oslo Women’s Shelter – or I should specify weekend night shift…. so its pretty much sleeping, eating, writing, and working for me for the next few days.

Just wanted you all to know I am still thinking about you!! Be on plan again in a couple of days!


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  1. I truly understand the ‘juggling’ act Diane, I did my part-time degree course couple of years back when my girls were four and eight so it was tough to be at work, family and projects.

    Take care and be well too.

    DianeCA: I’m glad others know how I feel. I have some friends in my class in the same situation too. Actually I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity and RENNBA! is really an ANGEL in supporting me and helping with the family (and spell checking my work) so that I can have the opportunity to do this.

  2. I’ve wondered where you’ve been. You sound very busy!

    DianeCA: It’s nice to be missed! I am pretty busy, and mostly I love my life and all the interesting things I do at home, work and school…but I have to admit to being just a little stressed and cranky for the time being!! All will be well again on Friday and I will have learned something from writing my paper. It’s a process and goes a bit up and down. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I know you are busy dear – good to find a place where I can always find you then 😆

    Good luck with your exam and see you tomorrow evening!

    DianeCA: Yes, tonight you can get to me…I won’t be spending the night at a secret address behind locked doors LOL!!

  4. oh my!what a real busy woman you are!
    good luck to your studies and everything.

    i also wanna learn,and learning is forever.


    DianeCA: Thanks! I also love learning….but right now I feel like learning TAKES forever LOL!!!

  5. Best of luck to you on that paper, Diane. The women’s shelter sounds like a wonderful place to volunteer. How wonderful that you do that!

    DianeCA: Thanks! Today I am mostly procrastinating, having a round of writers block….but it will go over!
    As for the women’s shelter I do love working there, but I am not a volunteer. I am employed as a crisis councelor.

  6. Sounds like you’re really busy. I hope you have some energy left for Renny 😉

    If and when you have the time, you have the chance of going on a cyber cruise to Portugal for some recreation…. *hint*

    (and some love as usual)

    DianeCA: Portugal sounds lovely, thanks for the invite!! And for stopping by of course.

  7. Dear Diane,
    we wish you the very best with your paper to be delivered end of this week.
    As you have noticed, I (Tor) have still not commented your posts related to your profession due to the fact I simply lack English compentecy to write a serious enough comment. Well, I think I can do, either by writing what I will consider childish or using a couple of Days per comment.

    So why not: Interview us when here in Mariestad and post the interview. You know Anna have been working in School for more than 30 years, and I do know how it is, divorced with father of 4. …

    Tell Kyle (and Renny) that I’m up and running from Mariestad. At the moment I started the PC. Hurray.

    Gleder oss til å se deg lørdag. Si meg hva du ønsker deg til middag og det skal sådan bli.

    DianeCA: Well here I am now and survived a little crisis of the net being down. Dont worry about your english you do just fine, but we will work on this interview thing. I am good at interviews you know!!

    Anna kan også skrives til: paddeguri@yahoo.no

    Anna og Tor

  8. Good luck, Diane for your exam! I enjoy to come back on the bloggosphere after three days without internet connection!

    DianeCA: And we are happy to have you back!! Thanks my friend!

  9. Hee, that’s a cute comic.

    Welcome to blogging!

    DianeCA: Thanks! I may yet regret it…its kind of addictive LOL!

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