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I’ve been outed! I’m a Clinton supporter. I must say that I did not throw myself immediately on the bandwagon. I had and have my doubts that she could win. There’s that whole Clinton thing, do we really want another Clinton in the White House?? Still I have to admit I like her style, and it is tantalizing to think of a woman in the White House at long last. Please take my photos with a grain of salt, I think we have to keep our sense of humor when talking politics.

Why Hillary will win!

However I have felt that I needed a better reason then gender to support Hillary Clinton. So here are my reasons for supporting her:

Providing affordable and accessible health care. Health care is a big issue for me. I have had sick parents. I have had sick babies. In the USA being sick can break you – it is statistically the number one reason for bankruptcy. I now live with my husband in Norway and here we have universal health care…a plan Clinton also supports in the US. Nearly 47 million Americans — including 9 million children — don’t have health insurance. America is ready for universal health care…nuff said!!

Women for Hillary

Women’s equality: Hillary’s statement in 1995 that “women’s rights are human rights” still echoes worldwide. Hillary has fought for issues important to women here at home and around the world for decades.

“Right now, too many people are struggling. Working the day shift, the night shift, trying to get by without health care, just one paycheck away from losing their homes. They cannot afford four more years of a president who just doesn’t see or hear them.” (Hillary Clinton)Today, despite the progress women have made, they earn only 77 cents for every dollar men earn — and women of color earn even less. Hillary is involved in the struggle to strengthen equal pay laws and end pay disparities between men and women. She introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act to strengthen the penalties associated with wage discrimination.

More craziness!

When it comes to each woman’s ability to make the most personal of life decisions, Hillary has stood firm as an advocate for a woman’s right to choose abortion. She has expanded access to family planning services, including for low-income women. I would like to add that “family planning” and access to birth control is abortion prevention…as in pregnancy prevention. Having the right to choose when to have children is essential to women being able receive a full education and share equally in a competitive market

Hillary has worked to empower women throughout the world, especially low-income women. She has advocated for access to microfinance programs that enable women to start their own businesses.

“Women account for 70 percent of the world’s people who live in absolute poverty. Women work two-thirds of the world’s working hours, produce half of the world’s food, and yet earn only 10% of the world’s income and own less than 1% of the world’s property.” (www.worldrevolution.org)

I almost feel like in 2008 we have achieved our goals as women, that the fight is over…but its not. The scales are still not balanced, although they are doing better in the Scandinavian countries. Worldwide half the population (if you agree that women and men are around 50/50) own just 1% of the worlds property…just 1%….just 1%…that statistic is so profound that I can’t quite say it enough.

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    Thanks for the link!

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    DianeCA: thanks for bookmarking me!!

  3. I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    – Jason.

    DianeCA: Thanks for stopping by and thanks for adding me!!

  4. And also your dear husband has pointed us all your way!

    Welcome to the dark side 🙂

    DianeCA: The dark side it is indeed…hehehe I am hooked. Thanks

  5. I see your point! I would of course vote for the Democrats, but I must say I favor Obama. I think the USA need a drastic change in politics and he might represents the change very well. The only thing I don’t like much with Hilary is the fact the Bill has already been in the office… I know she would be in charge this time but I don’t like “dynasties” like the Bush.
    That said, I would settle with Clinton as well no problem. 😉

    DianeCA: They need change, I do agree. I am most interested in that USA gets good health care, preferrably available to all, and that womens rights, especially real equal pay and good benifits when women have children.

  6. I can only say I fully agree with you. I wished she would win and so do all my friends and people I know. She also has the advantage to know already everybody in foreign politics and is very appreciated too. Obama would have to learn all this first.

    DianeCA: Hillary has so much more experience. I admit that I do like Obama as well but I am afraid that he may not know how to play the game. I will vote democrat whoever wins though…

  7. congrats on the new blog space, diane. i’ll have to catch up with you when i get back from georgia but welcome to the blogosphere. looking forward to reading you. 🙂

    DianeCA: Hi Lime! Thanks for stopping in. Enjoy your trip to Georgia and I look forward to hearing from you again!

  8. I remember when Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister, while I didn’t like her, I had thought she would be good for women. It didn’t work that way…….
    I tend these days to be more especially concerned for women in the developing world who really do get a bad deal.

    DianeCA: I am concerned about them too…however it is shocking that in Britan and USA there is still so large difference…Women in the USA earn 77% of a mans income, and women in Norway are a little better off they get 85% but still..I work darn hard for my money and I have paid my dues in education….I want equal right now…and I want Universal health care for the ones I love…..

  9. Okay, now no one throw anything at me, but I don’t like any of them! Not democrat or republican. They’re all politicians who are in it for power and fame. Do I believe that any of them truly care about the little people? No. I do not. In the end I will probably vote for Obama, but not happily.

    DianeCA: As long as you use your right to vote….and happily a democrat LOL!!!

  10. Welcome to the blogging world, Diane!

    I’m not too thrilled with any of the candidates so far. I’m still undecided, but I WILL exercise my right to vote.

    DianeCA: As long as you use your right that is the most important thing! I feel like the US has become more of a country of special interest groups then of the people, when the people have a chance to speak we should at least use our voices!!

  11. Well did I browse over to a can of worms. Thank Renny for this one.

    I think, if she wins it shows what kind of nation the US really is. Here is why I think that.


    Guys, your country is hurting and I know this because the Canadian dollar is right on your tail in value and has passed it at one point.

    DianeCA: I can also see that keeping it in the same family can be percieved as a problem and will be an issue Hillary must deal with. However she has been standing on her own two feet as NY Senator for years now. and this isn’t just some cookie, the woman has a law degree from Yale. Another issue is to look at the alternatives. Obama can seem attractive but I think he has too little experience, my feeling is he doesn’t know how to play the politics game well enough to get his issues through congress…remember the president isnt king, he or she needs backing. And then there is now way I would vote for McCain…no way…he doesn’t stand for the same issues as I do.

  12. You know I am a true democrat dear and I do believe its time to leave the table to a woman – I mean all men so far hasn’t all done extremely well. So I’ll say; May the best candidate win and the most important is that you cast your vote as long as you are an American too!

    DianeCA: Darn right I’m gonna vote, and I’m gonna get my son registered too now that he is over 18 🙂 Democracy only works if YOU work it!

  13. Hiya Diane, I read a few blogs about the US election and it seems to be ‘heating’ up.

    About the health care you mentioned and yes, likewise in Singapore the cost is escalating and it is worrying so we are constantly looking at affordable healthcare insurance and I think most importantly to take care of our health when we are young

    Have a nice day Diane 😀

    DianeCA: Yes the election is really heating up…what is irritating to me is that I am tired of hearing ‘vote Hillary cause shes a woman’ or ‘vote Obama because he is black’…..lets vote for the issues and what politics they stand for!! Nuff said!

    Health care is a big problem, I am sorry to hear that Singapore also has private insurance…universal health care is the way to go! Everybody should have access to health care…this prevents many illnesses!

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