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Charging my batteries

Ahhh weekends!! How lucky we are to have them. I know I really need the chance to stop up and smell the roses. I need to do some of the things I love to do so that I will have the energy I need to face new adventures the following week.

I need to slow down on the weekends and find my inner balance. The key to genuine confidence is knowing who you are, and that whatever happens in your day you can handle it. You have the ability to master any moment. When you take time to get in touch with your feelings and your needs nothing can throw you off balance. You will always land on your feet, whether it’s new challenges at work, at home, or simply surviving the line at the grocery of traffic jam on the way to work. Mastering your inner calm means living in the moment and using all your senses to experience what you are doing today.


Fall Storm

This weekend embracing myself and my life meant spending time with my family and people I care about. Meeting my friends for a cup of coffee, girl talk, and some makeup experimenting was one way I relaxed this weekend. Playing cards with our neighbours is another. Sunday afternoon I took a walk on the beach with my husband, RennyBA, and then returned home for a contemporary art painting session with a little friend. Taking up the brushes and mixing the colors I feel a true serenity within my soul.


RennyBA taking pictures for his blog

In this way I have taken responsibility for my own needs, socially, emotionally and artistically. I have taken the time to charge up my batteries to meet new opportunities in the week ahead. This leaves me feeling flexible and willing to try new things, creative and able to find original solutions, and more open to love because I am open to life.

How are you charging your batteries?? Are you fully charged and ready to go, or are you running on empty? How can we find new ways to live in the moment?

Stop in and see RennyBA’s post on our quality time on the beach.


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  2. You always care and do the best for the one you love and I count my blessings for being one of them!

    Thanks also for the lovely time at the beach today – and for the Link Love πŸ˜‰

    You get link love and all my love too. Our trip out was the highlight of my weekend!

  3. what a great reminder, diane. thanks. i am in need of some recharging after being away for a week, but thankfully, not as much as i thought i might be. a chance to be creative and a chance to quietly enjoy nature are always a wonderful way to recharge. πŸ™‚

    DianeCA: Hope you get recharged soon! Traveling is great but it takes its toll! There really is no place like home!

  4. Always, spending time with Hubby and the pups helps me to rev up my life again. Then I can give what these children who have found me in life, need. So many children, who, most of all need love and someone to just listen to them.

    DianeCA: We need a lot of peace to be there for children. They are wonderful to be with, but demanding too! Glad you have your hubby and pups to help you find your balance!

  5. What a lovely peaceful post. I usually go for a walk in the forest when I feel flat, it makes me feel rested and balanced.

    Now I want to read the rest of your blog…….. see you around


    DianeCA: Nature is one of the greatest sources of peace and balance, I think its because we really should be out there and not in here πŸ™‚ Thanks for coming in and looking around

  6. As I spend most days doing what I enjoy and working from home – the weekends seem to blend seamlessly into the rest of the week….. πŸ™‚

    As this weekend was Mothering Sunday here in the UK, I did have my lovely boys to make this weekend a bit more special πŸ™‚

    DianeCA: It’s great when the boys show their appreciation for all we do!! Thats a blessing too!

  7. Wonderful thoughts Diane and yes I love to re-charge by having some time to myself. I love to read in the wee hours of the night or I run. Running is the me-alone time, time to myself and it is so therapeutic πŸ˜€

    Many times people are busy working and taking care of others that they neglected themselves. I love the way you find inner calm Diane.

    DianeCA: Running is a great way to reduce stress and find your inner balance. I can’t run because of an injury but I walk, sometimes alone in my quiet thoughts, and once a week I have an appointment with two valuable girlfriends for a walking date. We take an hour walk and catch up with eachother mentally at the same time. Walking and talking so to speak. I am hopelessly social, so I need my fill of people contact to have balance in my life….speaking of which I have to go soon. I am meeting a girlfriend for Chinese food! another appointment, since I am a very busy person. Schedule personal time!!!!! It works!

  8. It sounds like you juggle a lot, Diane, but that you have the key to handling things well. I don’t teach anymore but I still do the same things to balance that I did then. I sing in 2 choirs which I love! I try to go out nordic walking with my poles at least twice or three times a week and I just joined a rec centre where I go swimming in the salt water pool about 4 times a week. Precious time with my husband balances me too.
    I’d love to take art lessons with a little person too! I am so not artistic and that would be neat for the little person to see.

    DianeCA: You do a good job of taking care of yourself these days. I look forward to my time when I can do mostly what I want. But then again I am doing what I want, I am ambitions, I want to finish my Masters and do more socialwork, there is a price for all. I have to work hard to keep balance though. Thanks for comming in!!

  9. thank you for popping over to 70s land.
    I love the weekends a great time to find, as you describe your ‘inner balance’. What a great way of putting it πŸ™‚

    DianeCA: Thanks for stopping by here. I thought your site was pretty cute..about ready to dig up my diary!

  10. Of course because it’s Friday, this is very appropriate. I needed to be reminded to get my act together, as I sit here on my computer for way too many hours doing the wrong thing. I screwed up and now I will walk away and recharge. Will start with a workout then a bath. Would love to drink a glass of red wine and then just stop thinking — in front of the TV. Being alone is good for me; meditation. Thinking about what’s important. Thx for the great post/inspiration and have a great weekend.

    Thanks for stopping in, hope your weekend was good, and sorry for being slow getting back to folks!! Life is getting me carried away.

  11. Weekends are wonderful — three days would be the best, though. One to take care of the house, grocery shopping and such; one to just relax; one to go on an outing and actually do something fun. We usually neglect the last point. Oh well, one can’t have everything!

    DianeCA: I am lucky enough to usually have 3 day weekends, except for the one weekend a month I work of course. Because I work shift, and am a student I often have the luxury of long weekends…that won’t last when I am done with my studies though…better live it up now!

  12. You had great time with Renny at the beach and the photos on Renny blog are very nice.
    Taking time for yourself is very important.Pierre and me we like to drive with his moto just together and have an hat in a restaurant or in a bar and speaking about all during long moments. These moments are really great!

    DianeCA: Those moments we take alone for ourselves and our loved ones are the most precious we have….and the ones we will remember in the end!

  13. love this painting..

    DianeCA: Thanks, my way of relaxing. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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