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When I went to bed last night I was certain it was the last night for Hillary Clinton. I live in Norway , 6 hours ahead of east coast time so when I was going to bed…actually up extra late to follow along…the polls were just coming in and it looked like Obama had won. But Damn that woman is tough, she hung in there and now it is reported that she won Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas…other reports are still giving Texas to Obama. Bottom line the race is still on folks, it wasn’t win or go for Hillary today. The most exciting election I have followed in years!


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  1. I’ve been voting since 1960, and I haven’t seen such interest in a primary season in that time, nor have I known a candidate to be so disliked and generate as much fear as she does. Her “35 years” of experience include 8 years as a governor’s wife and 8 years as a president’s wife. If anyone else pulled that line, the feminists would be on her like ants at a picnic. She was in corporate law yet denigrates business. In Ohio, her ads flat out lied. To her credit, I think she spoke much more to the issues and was more coherent, not relying on charisma and vague banalities like Obama.

    DianeCA: This is truly a historic primary and exciting to follow along with. I give you the point about her experience, on the one hand being within the political arena one learns to play the game, one learns a lot however being the first lady isnt a political position. However she did work on the universal health care plan during Mr. Clintons first term. She does however have more experience then Obama, which is my main concern about him. I think he has a lot of fresh ideas, but may be a bit nieve about what is possible to do when one has to cooperate with the other party.

  2. Yes she is doing catch up now…..the heat is on!!

    Have a good night sleep Diane!

    DianeCA:Here i am burning the midnight oil again!! Should focus more on sleep and less on politics maybe…what was I saying about innner peace…hehehe

  3. And I was very happy that she won ! I so much hope she will be elected ! She is good and she is a woman !

    DianeCA:I agree! I will be really disappointed if she loses, the stupid thing here is no matter who wins in a way it will be wrong. If Hillary wins they will say it is racism, and if Obama wins they will say it is sexism…..

  4. It’s true. No matter what happens, it sure has been an interesting election!

    DianeCA:I admit that most of the time I don’t pay much attention to the primaries, it seems to me like its usually pretty much decided who will win before they start, this is unbelievable. Whether she wins or not its still history.

  5. You’re gonna stop visiting me after I tell you this, but I guess I gotta take the risk. I don’t vote – never even registered. I don’t do politics. I know. In a lot of ways, that’s really disgusting, but that’s me. However, you made me interested in this post. see, for me, it’s all about how a person represents it. you did a nice job. i would vote for hillary if i voted…have a gr8 day in Norway — well, if it’s possible without KFC. i just don’t know. πŸ˜‰

    DianeCA: I will keep visiting you blog, and I will avoid preaching πŸ™‚ Thanks for saying that I make it interesting, that is a real compliment

  6. So now Hillary is cooking with gas πŸ˜‰
    For me, your husband, the most exciting thing is to follow this nomination and after that the election through your eyes and our discussions about it. As you after all are a local, it enriches our debates at home to you know.
    Btw: I think its about time US get a woman as a leader!

    DianeCA:I’m just amaze you are able to put up with my ranting at the news on tv LOL!! I don’t yell at the tv for sports, but politics!!! I do agree its time for a woman to take charge!

  7. I cringe at the thought of the Clinton’s back in the whitehouse. It was a terrible time so often. Everyone seemed to have forgotten all the scandals. I hope Obama wins. I know you are a Clinton fan, but I so hope Obama wins. Have a great Day. πŸ™‚

    DianeCA: I do accept that having the same family in the whitehouse again can be seen as a problem. So long as you vote…that is the most important thing, exercise your rights.

  8. It’s been quite a roller coaster ride. I am pleased that there’s such a high interest in the race, it’s a great sign.

    DianeCA: Yes, now lets hope the voters really come out for the final election as well!!

  9. This is exciting, almost unbearably so. I agree with Lisa — the best thing is to see the enthusiasm and the people getting involved, including groups that have felt disenfranchised in the past elections. I’m supporting Obama, but will of course support Hillary 100% if she gets the nomination. I just hope things don’t get too nasty in between.

    DianeCA: Wouldn’t it be great if they shared the ticket…but then we would have to find out who will be the boss! I will also vote for Obama if he wins, there is no way I vote Republican (sorry to my republican readers…)

  10. Hillary is one tough lady and she’s not going to give up without a fight. If I’m in her shoes, I would do the same thing.

    It’s interesting to know who would emerge the winner. We in Asia are watching the Race very closely, who becomes the next US president affects us very much!

    DianeCA: It has been a facinating race and it isnt over yet. I can’t remember a primary every getting so much attention!

  11. Since I’m usually left voting for the lesser of two evils anyway (99% of American politicians are way too far center leaning for my socialist views) I watch politics the way many people watch sports. It’s very entertaining and almost everyone involved is just in it for their own personal gain anyway.

    I’ve been watching this election with a bit less excitement. It’s hard to stay entertained with sexist and racist mudslinging going on left and right. When the race first got going I read an article that made note that black men got the vote before white women and wondered if that trend would hold with this election. And now that some time has passed and I’ve been paying attention to how much flack each candidate is getting for their respective minority status it seems to be true. While I’ve read plenty of racist comments about Obama, a great majority of them being Muslim oriented rather than racially, the sexism thrown at Clinton has been extraordinary.

    And just like most feminists view in our day to day lives, the trend of racism being taboo but sexism just being a part of everyday life is really showing itself in this election. One of the most popular anti-Clinton groups at facebook is called “Hillary Clinton, stop running for president and make me a sandwich”. And the comments in this group are horrendous. Even though facebook claims not to tolerate any racism or sexism, the sexist Clinton group has been allowed to remain while any racist Obama group I’ve come across has been pulled almost immediately.

    Now, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that racism isn’t tolerated as much as it used to be in our society. It’s a wonderful thing. But why is sexism still completely acceptable, even to such an extreme that many women happily take part in it themselves?

    DianeCA: I so much agree, I am really appalled by the mud throwing, the sexism, the racism, and all the attention being given to gender and color – and very little to the issues the two candidates stand for. One thing is for certain though, no matter who wins I will be voting democrat!!

  12. Yes! I imagine your feelings ! In france too we don’t miss the elections!

    DianeCA: Yes, I do have the impression that the French are very active in their politics and just as passionate about it as they are most things in life πŸ™‚

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