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Stupidity Rules

Well it is really tough being the govenor of NY these days. What with having to do something about organized crime, prostitution, and human trafficing…it costs a bloody fortune to get a good hooker these days!! Eliot Spitzers relavation about being caught dirty handed transfering money to organized crime to pay for high priced companionship and services took his anti-trafficing supporters by surprise. I mean talk about a double standard!! Not very bright either, as it wasn’t the sex that got him caught but suspicous money transfers the the FBI set out to track, so much so that the IRS and FBI at first thought the Govenor was hiding bribes!!

I’m not too bright, you know…..

Caught on a federal wiretap arranging a meeting with a high paid prostitute, a 5 foot five stunning young brunette, the infamous ‘Client 9’ (aka Spitzer), Govenor Spitzer is forced to resign saying “I have disapponted and failed to live up to the standard I expectd of myself. I must now dedicate some time to regain the trust of my family.”

She does look pissed off, doesn’t she.

Well if you ask me that is the understatement of the year? And why is it this guy is constantly pictured with his poor “loving” wife holding his hand and standing beside him. I know, I know that’s politics – gives us a vague reminder of Hillary standing beside old Bill doesn’t it. But if he is the one who screwed up (literally this time) why does he have to drag his family along through the mud with him. If he booket the appointment by himself, and did the dirty deed himself, then by gosh I think he aught to face the music himself!!

On a positive note, the Govenors replacement is Black!! NY will finally get its first black govenor!


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  1. i agree that the guy ought to be a man and stand up there and take his lumps alone. sheesh.

    DianeCA: No kidding, he made the mess, he can clean it up for once in his life!! Looks like a big whiner doesn’t he!

  2. I see that in the US the wandering politicians do the same as they do in the UK when caught out – trot out the long-suffering wife in some sort of demonstration of solidarity or loyalty. A pity he couldn’t have thought of the loyalty etc before he got himself into such a mess.

    DianeCA: A friend of mine at work brought up a good point. He apologizes to his wife, his family and his voters…but do you hear him apologizing to the woman or probably women he paid to use their bodies for his perverted pleasures. Just because the girl is pricey doesn’t mean prostitution is okay. I work at a women’s shelter and we have and we see these girls when the trick goes wrong, even the ones who ‘choose’ prostitution – often something in their life makes it really very little choice involved, I mean in who’s life is this a good choice? Now the girls picture is all over the net, so her life is going to be a wreck because of that client 9.

  3. Excuse me for being sarcastic: A co-worker said at the lunch table today: Why does his wife stay by his side? To prove why he had to do what he did? 😆

    DianeCA: Hahaha very funny. Shame the Gov can’t stand on his own two feet without his woman holding him up…didn’t have that problem before, did ‘e.

  4. He really isn’t too bright, is he?

    DianeCA: Definately not, talk about playing with fire….

  5. caught by anti-money laundering people…pity.such a big mess

    DianeCA: Yep, it was the IRS and the FBI…they just followed the money trail.

  6. The image suggesting that if his wife can stand by his side who are we to criticize his behavior. It always amazes me that people with power and prestige will jeopardize their lives to participate in risky behavior thus dragging down not only themselves but their family. At what point, do you actually believe that you become exempt from consequences?

    DianeCA: I suppose they believe they won’t get caught…however maybe its a good thing, do we really want anyone that stupid or that sleezy to be NY govonor??

  7. It took me a very long time to make peace with Hillary standing by her man…

    When i see the picture of this new political wife, I’m inclined to feel the deepest admiration for her to do what it takes to keep her marriage together, just as i feel the same way towards Hillary Clinton now. All the more if this couple can find closure & make all the personal changes it will take to turn this into a marriage that will succeed rather than end in divorce.

    It’s the cultures/people-in-power allowing things like prostitution & crime to continue in this world, that i have the greatest angst and loathing towards. But yes – this man deserves a bloody good whalloping in the face to knock some fucking sense into him. I’m sure he’s getting a fair dose of it already.

    DianeCA: I totally agree. I always wonder if the woman standing behind the man is a shirade to save face. When it comes to prostitution and organized crime, and the drug trade for that matter…I always wonder who it is benefiting. Is someone making enough money off letting it slide that it doesn’t get the resources it needs to clean it all up? At the womens shelter we have clients that are escaping human trafficing, its dirty business…and one young girl was sold from rich man to rich man, kept down in a basement or a little private room with someone to make sure she looked pretty, was drugged up and didnt get any ideas. Seriously it has to stop.

  8. Sorry it’s taken me so long to write. I was away visiting my mom and dad and sister.
    If Spitzer was a real man he would have left his wife at home and started by saying, “I have shamed my wife enough, I hope someday she can forgive me…” But no this jerk actually brings her along, and she looks so sad and fragile, I just want to pummel him!he

    DianeCA: I bet she does too 🙂 I hate it when politicians mess up and drag people on stage with them, its kind of like spreading out the blame…..no, uh huh….if the man wants to pay he should pay! Uh maybe that was the wrong cliche in this case…since thats just what he did LOL

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