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Got new skis for Christmas, thinking about a trip to the mountains for Easter…just a warning. Don’t go to Everest, its closed!! Nope you didn’t read that wrong, Mt. Everest the worlds highest peak is closed for business by both China and Nepal.

There are two routes to the world’s highest peak, and both are scheduled to be off-limits to mountaineers this spring, as Beijing strives to inaugurate this summer’s Olympic Games free of pro-Tibetan protests.


Beijing announced this past week that the route to the summit along the north face of the mountain, in Chinese-controlled Tibet, would be closed. Now, Nepal has decided that at least between May 1 and 10, when China has said it plans to carry up the Olympic torch, no one will be allowed to scale the summit along the south face, which is in Nepal. So seriously folks, your Easter trip to Everest is off…go to Hardangervida instead…..

China’s plans to have the Olympic torch carried into Tibet over Mount Everest have drawn protests from groups that advocate greater autonomy for Tibet as well as from monks in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa. In India, Tibetan exiles were arrested as they set off on foot from Dharamsala, in north India, en route to Lhasa. They have since begun a hunger strike, vowing to continue until they are released. All kidding aside, Tibet takes this very seriously, and they are taking the golden opportunity to protest the claim to one of their earlier national landmarks.

Thankfully I wasn’t planning on climbing Everest this year anyway….I’m not even sure I am in shape enough to play golf…think I better hit the gym!!
God Påske (Happy Easter!!)

Comments on: "Mount Everest Closed for the season!!" (5)

  1. and really, who could blame the tibetans….although i am glad for the excuse not to climb everest myself 😉 w

    DianeCA: Pity, I was planning on inviting you on our next excursion 🙂

  2. I’m willing to guess maybe the kids are off for Easter? I heard about Everest and think this is so sad! The only way the Chinese avoid conflict is by shutting it out.. It’s really a sad story if you ask me… And I’ll be sure to enjoy my time away in Switzerland. 😉

    Of course it is a golden opportunity to finally get the attention of the world now with the Olympic games coming. In the usual Tibeten non voilent way

  3. Happy Easter to you & Renny and yes, read about the unrest now in Tibet and it is so sad that they can’t agree through negotiation.

    DianeCA: The ‘non’ negotiating has been going on since 1951. I don’t know if they will ever work it out, but yes at least they are making thier point now.

  4. Darn!?!?! I was sure we where going to Everest this Easter Holiday – well, let’s have fun in Mariestad in Sweden instead then and on Sunday, the yearly Easter Egg Hunt stunt in my home town

    DianeCA: Well sorry Everest is out this year 🙂 We’ll manage somehow in Scandinavia.

  5. I must say I had never heard of a mountain being closed… except in France where the Mont Blanc was close because of a strike a few years ago! 😆

    I thought it sounded kind of amusing at first, but now I have a guilty concious with China getting nastier and nastier in Tibet to stop the protests and sensor the news….its terrible.

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