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Here’s wishing you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! This weekend Renny and I have been celebrating St. Patrick’s day with the Oslo St. Patrick’s day parade. Stop in and check out our escapades on RennyBA’s Terrella.

St. Patrick’s Day Greeting

Bet this is a good workout!! I dare you to practice in the living room 🙂 Have a Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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  1. […] you to sit in for a bowl of traditional Irish stew and of course beer! For the record; my wife Diane comes from the Carvill family and although American is of Irish descent: Erin go brea! Challenge […]

    DianeCA: Thanks for linking up with me dear!

  2. Hey Diane…Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you & Renny too.

    DianeCA: Thanks!! Cheers!

  3. happy st. patrick’s day to you too, diane!

    DianeCA: Thanks! Hope you have a good one.

  4. Thanks for tagging me dear and also for sharing this adventure with me 😉

    DianeCA: Anytime….more adventures to come.

  5. If I practice this in the living room, I’d best move a few things first.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

    DianeCA: Yep we’d need plenty of room!! The girls here would make killer Rocketts though.

  6. Glad you enjoy your St Patrick’s Day! And you made Irish Stew.

    To get a good workout, I need a bigger living room! Better, do it in the open field. haha….

    DianeCA: Thanks! Glad you had a good one too!

  7. happy st. patrick’s day to you! yup, it looks like it’s really tiring. but i applaud them, especially with their synchrony.

    it’s holy week here.. so i’m wishing you a blessed holy week 🙂

    DianeCA: A wonderful holy week to you as well, as you can see in Renny’s post we have free from work and honor Good Friday today.

  8. This video inspired or may be even forces us to move to a home with a much larger living room. Train 11 months – the the great First Day at St Patricks, then relaxe for one month.
    And replay….

    How come you have blue eyes when you have roots in Ireland? The Green Island.

    btw. I think you might find this blog interesting:


    DianeCA: Thanks for the tip on the blog, I stopped in and commented there too. I suppose my eyes are blue because my mums eyes were blue and my dads eyes were blue…my grandmother had red hair though!

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