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I know I have so much to be grateful for, although I don’t always remember every minute of everyday. What I am most grateful for are the people I have in my life that love and care for me, and who I love and care for in return. I have a very loving husband, RennyBA, who is kind, faithful, supportive, who pushes me when I need to be pushed and stops me when I need to be stoped. A wonderful partner and a caring husband is something truly to be grateful for, but there is more.

I have two lovely children who have grown up to be nice, clean, intellegent, caring young gentlemen. They took the move from the USA to Norway like real troupers, have adjusted well, found friends, succeeded in school and aren’t ashamed to be seen with their mom in public 🙂 I also have 3 great step children who have accepted me into their fathers home with style and grace. Good kids, all of them in or finished with college! I have my loving brothers – Butch, Johnny and Christopher! My mother recently passed away and now we feel like we have to be the adults in the family, that isn’t an easy time…but I am endlessly grateful for having had my mother. I wouldn’t trade her for any other, and I wouldn’t have missed any of the time we spent together. Last and not least I have a fantastic father to be grateful for. He supported us well through our mom’s illness, and has always supported my decisions even when they were dumb ones. He let me be myself and always was there to love me.

I work in a women’s shelter and see lots of familes that are not as fortunate as I am. I sometimes take my family for granted, but you know not neccesarily every one has what I have. The only thing I want and need in life, people who love me as I am.

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Comments on: "Loved ones never forgotten" (13)

  1. My dear: I’m thankful for having you in my life – as a life path companion! The best thing happened to me was to be loved by you.

    It’s typically you to mention the rest of your family too and I’m glad I’ve met them all and even have the honour of calling your two son’s my bonus child. I was humble to the fact that the three of you would come over to Norway and stay with me and now I am so glad it turned out so very well.

    I’m looking forward to move on in our life path together and grow old with you!

    I am looking forward to our life together as much today as I did before I moved over. I am thankful for all you do for me and our family. You always do your best, and I realize that.

  2. The best Easter message ever written.

    Need I say more?

    DianeCA: Thanks…and he’s my Easter bunny too!! hehehe

  3. Beautifully written. There really are no rules here. The “Statement of Gratitude” can be a page or it can be a sentence. It can be inside a graphic or just accompany a graphic. Your’s is great. Here is the url on my site:


    BTW, I didn’t realize the I only allowed Blogger accounts. Thanks for pointing that out. It has been changed.

    DianeCA: Thanks for the inspiration, it was fun to post on too!

  4. That’s cute! You guys sound like a great couple.

    DianeCA: Thanks, We have a lot to be grateful for!! What about you…what are you grateful for?

  5. you are indeed blessed, and wise to recognize it. thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

    DianeCA: Thanks for coming in and visiting me. I hope you have a lovely Easter!!

  6. I am thankful each day for my husband and daughter and to those I call dearest friends. I have been truly blessed in this life. Some might dwell on my losses, but I refuse and I say, yes, gone is my youngest daughter to be with the Lord, and one day she will be waiting for me when I pass through this life. Until then, I live in the land of the living with those I am lucky to love and lucky to be loved by!
    A blessed Easter to you, and Renny!!!

    Thank you and the same to you! I have spent my holiday with my family in Norway, but have been in touch with my family in the USA. I think you are wise to count your blessings. Our losses will always be there and we will feel them, and they are a part of who we are, but our Blessings are many and we musn’t forget that.

  7. I can’t complain either ! I am married since 39 years and we are still happily together and I am also proud of our son who works in Amsterdam for the moment.
    Live was good to me and still is !

    I am happy I can remind you of that. It is important to count our blessings, especially at a time like Easter.

  8. Nice to see your happiness with family. When I look around me I don’t see so many people who can say “I have a good life”! And often I hear some of my little pupils who have problems with the life of their parents.
    Mine is nice. But I can say things are not easy all the days. It takes time to find the good way of life. Pierre and me we know us since we are 19 years old and we had to learn sometimes new ways. a few years ago we changed our life and we did theater. We found new friends, new uses. When I loose my father I stopped all. Now we have new projects still and perhaps the next year I’ll do theater again because I need the play. Commedia Dell’ Arte is in my mind.
    When I am in harmony with my family and with my job I can project super plans!!! Tomorrow is an important day for us too. The monday of Easter. All the family together.
    I wish you an happy Easter!

    DianeCA: I can really sympathise with losing your father as I recently lost my mom, but we have to go on. There are a lot of things which are harder afterwards but we have to remember that we still have other blessings. the monday of easter is celebrated here too and it is a day just for us, just our little family. We had a wonderful time with the ‘big’ family but I am looking forward to being home and enjoying it just us two.

  9. I lost both my parent over ten years ago,so I realize how important it is to enjoy those around you while they are here.You also learn to appreciate people in your life even more.Nice article,take care.

    DianeCA: It’s nice to know there are others who understand how I feel, even though I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. Thanks for dropping in!

  10. Hello Diane!

    Welcome aboard :D! I must say that this is a wonderful and gorgeous gratitude letter! I am so happy for your relationship with your kids (including your step ones): you were blessed!

    I am sorry about your mom, but it seems that she was an incredible lady and I am sure that the Angels are with her at this moment :D!

    You have a beautiful family and that is something to be grateful for, dear :D!

    DianeCA: Thanks, I couldn’t agree with you more. I think its important to count our blessings.

  11. I just had to come by and take a peek at the comments (big smile on my face.) I think gratitude can be contagious. We have to look deep inside….we all have something to be grateful for and it’s that gratitude which leads us to happiness.

    I am grateful, that in some small way, I contributed to the expression of your gratitude.

    DianeCA: Gratitude both spreads to others and grows within oneself when it is acknowledged. I think you have come up with a winning concept here.

  12. HI Dianne,
    You are a beautiful person and thank you for sharing with us your statement of gratitude. I am sorry about your mom, I lost my father a few years ago and I know how painful it is to lose someone. I still have my mom though and I see to it that I tell her that I love her , but not just to her but to all the people that is dear to me.


    DianeCA: I still have my dad so together we have parents. I told my mom I loved her a lot and remembered to tell her the important things before she got sick. I didn’t take chances, and finally in her last years she said she was proud of me – that meant so much, always needing my parents approval. I am also grateful for the close relationship we had! And the loved ones I have around me still.

  13. Also you have a very nice husband. My husband is the same …he pushes me too when it’s needed.

    DianeCA: We are all in need of a little pushing from time to time. We need help remembering how to stay on track…or at least I do!

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