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Artistic interruptions

It’s Wednesday after Easter vacation, and I just can’t seem to get my act together. Oh I have been to work. Duty calls! However I have an assignment for my classes which I need to work on, and a lot of reading to do. I am just struggling to get my motivation up to do the things on my to do list.

The artistic side of me is working overtime however. Instead of doing my homework this afternoon all I wanted to do was paint. I was feeling very creative, and I believe the lack of sleep (from working nights) opened my emotions up and made them easer to express on the canvas. I’m sorry the photo isn’t quite right, the piece is much more symmetrical then the photo shows, that is because of having to hold the camera at an angle, and I’m afraid the dark color creates a reflection with the use of the flash. You will get the general idea though.

Hiding in Shame

Today’s piece is called “Hiding in shame”

While I am exposing my artwork I will post the one which I painted a couple weeks ago. A more positive piece I might add.



This one has grown on me quite a bit. Sometimes my works have to sit in the kitchen (my favorite room) for a while so I can get to know them. I believe I will be framing this one up this week. Then I must find a home for it and the two others I have framed up (which are currently also living in the kitchen) but it takes me awhile to get a feeling for where the piece “belongs” as well. My poor family living with my crazy temporary galleries!!

Okay – I am now going to dig up some motivation to do some work….however I do have this fantastic book I am reading….JUST KIDDING!!! (I think)

UPDATE! I am not the only one feeling creative today, must be something in the air. RennyBA and Dackel Princess are hooking up!! No not what you are thinking (smile) take a look and see how their care package exchange went and leave your greetings to them both!! Blogging – Connecting People!!



Comments on: "Artistic interruptions" (10)

  1. Oh I do like the birches one very much. So pretty!

    DianeCA: Thanks, I think its my favorite. By the Way….still not doing homework!!!!!!!

  2. I just love your artistic side too my dear and thanks for the Link Love as well 😆

    DianeCA: I am glad you love my artistic side, I will remind you of that when my art starts to invade the living room 😉

  3. Thank you for sharing your work Diane and to me, it is not a piece called ‘Hiding In Shame’, to me, it is called ‘Bursting With Energy’ 😀

    I love it your work!

    DianeCA: Thank you. I don’t ever explain my paintings other then just giving them a title because I think part of the point is what the viewer sees in art, and not what I thought about when I painted it.

  4. I love that you spend the afternoon painting instead of doing your homework. Hope that doesn’t make me a bad influence.

    DianeCA: I don’t think so at least. I needed the creativity break. Today I am back on track again and have done a good job working on my paper for school.

  5. oooh, i quite like birches. the colors are so soothing and the movement of it all is just dreamy.

    DianeCA: Thanks! I think Dreamy is a good word for that painting, that is the kind of mood I get from it as well. It is much more positive then the other and idealistisc I think.

  6. My, you area creative person and have so much going on in your life…a lot of irons in the fire or maybe that’s brushes in the palette??!! I like Birches best.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and my sister’s pioneer type home! To see more pictures of her elegant house check this: http://felinehangout.blogspot.com/2007/10/fabulous-host-house.html

    Now get back to your homework! (I’m a retired teacher!)

    DianeCA: Yes Ma’am! I guess I needed a creative break, today I have been working on my paper the whole day through and stayed off the net until after dinner 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!

  7. That is a lovely piece of work. I love it! It makes me wonder when I can tapped in to my creative juices again. Hmmmm.

    DianeCA: I take that as a compliment from a creative genious!! Inspiration will come, just let it.

  8. wow! you have a very interesting blog. thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    DianeCA: Your blog was fun too, lets visit eachother again sometime!

  9. I absolutely love “birches” and have a feeling it will live on my computer desktop for a few days. But the first painting is very interesting too. I admire your talent, having no artistic talent of my own!

    DianeCA: Wow I may grace a desktop 🙂 Thats good enough for me. Currently my artwork is mainly gracing the kitchen.

  10. Wonderful! I haven’t been able to paint for months and months. All sorts of things demand my time these days and I’m afraid I “pretend” to do them – never quite achieving anything I want 😦

    DianeCA: I know all about the pretending to do things…I fall into that trap sometimes too. I am supposed to be writing my paper, but keep finding little things to do to avoid writing my paper…and then I refuse to do anything fun because I am suposed to be writing my paper, which I am not actually getting around to and…..its a nasty circle 🙂

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