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Okay my new project is started, its quite exciting actually. I think the enormity of it all is the source of my procrastination the past few days.

You see I must write my Masters Thesis next year, and came up with a good idea of incorporating that work with a larger project. I wrote up a project description and submitted it at Oslo Women’s Shelter where I work in a 50% position.

The management was positive to my suggestion, and they are applying for funds so that I can work on this project, and would like me to do this for the next 2 years!! Big deal for me, having never done a research project before! At least not getting paid to do a long term study!

Our center has been active in research for many years and we have a lot of data on who comes to the center, why they come, who batters, how they find out about getting help, where they go after they leave and that sort of thing…very important statistics. Last year for example over 500 women and children stayed at our shelter (and having worked there for the last year I shockingly enough have met just about all of them!!)


My project will be on what happens after their stay. There is very little research done on how women cope after abuse, except for all the horrible aftermath of abuse….mostly medical and psychological research. I want to focus on the women’s forms for coping, I want to focus on how they get through it, how they grow and change. I want to know what this change process that starts with us leads to in the end. How many of them go back when they are out on their own, and how many of them make a better life for themselves.

I will interview the women while they are at the shelter, and then with their permission do a follow up interview in 6 months and a year. I want to hear their stories and document their successes as well as their need for further help. This will be so exciting, but then again it is a bit overwhelming when I think of the scale of things!!

So that’s it, my life’s work…for the time being anyway 😉


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  1. Oh Diane this is so exciting! Congratulations. It’s an area of such importance and really very little research is being done like this. So much that is done is to get the person out of the situation and safe, and then there seems that there is no one to catch them when they fall in the future.
    Please keep us posted on how it is going. I find this area fascinating.

    DianeCA: Thanks, I really feel like you get my enthusiasm! We do have a program to follow up women if they participate, but only a small precent do. Therefor its important to find out how the rest of them make out. I hope to also get some participants who go back to their husbands, as 20% do. It would be nice to see if some of the men change their behavior as they promise to do. We know that some women come back again and again, so we know many don’t change. But it would be good to know that there is hope and divorce isn’t the only solution.

  2. congratulations on the vote of confidence. that is such important work and it sounds like a really excellent opportunity for you to gain some significant insight that can serve so many people. best wishes!

    DianeCA: Thanks! It’s a bit scary embarking on a big project, but then again I don’t have to have it completed tomorrow. We will take it one step at a time 🙂

  3. What a great idea! As you say, it’s a big project, but if you go one step at the time, your finding will be really valuable. Wow… I’m impressed with your field of study and commitment!

    DianeCA: I have to do my Master thesis on something anyway, so I thought it would be a good way to collect data for that and help the center at the same time!

  4. What a wonderful project to be passionate about! Do you think that there would be a difference between abused women that go to shelters to recover and those who don’t?

    DianeCA: Good question. I don’t really know because its hard to get contact with the ones who come out of the situation on their own. I have a feeling that the women who have contact with a shelter, either by living there or coming there for therapy and guidance, or support groups can come out of the situation in a more stabe and controlled way and have opportunities to talk about their feelings and get support. However there are certainly a lot of different strategies for coming out of dangerous relationship.

  5. Sounds like a very interesting and important project. I work with women who have been victims of deomestic violence or who were victimsin childhood. The road to healing is a rocky one.

    DianeCA: I so much agree, its sometimes a difficult job, but sometimes a very rewarding one too. I feel the project is important because I will document the effect of help from a shelter, and I also want to show how womens coping strategies help them succeed!

  6. Hi I admire your dedication and passion. I wish you all the best in this project of yours.
    I actually have a tag for you but it’s okay if you do not have the time … ^-^

  7. This is a very noble project Diane and in this process of discovering you’ll learn so much and I hope you would be able to share this with us so that we truly understand why all these women suffered.

    All the way Diane and good luck too.

    DianeCA: I am certain I will be sharing on my project from time to time…right now I am just writing the project description, and have spent most of my time either writing or at the shelter. If I ever understand why these women ‘must’ suffer I will share it with the world, but I am afraid that is a big mystery.

  8. That sounds like a wonderful research, well I don’t mean that it’s wonderful that they have been abused of course, but to actually follow up what happens after that. It should already have been done! good of you to take this on! *applaud*

  9. You know I wish you good luck and give you all the support I can on your Masters Thesis.

    This is a very interesting theme and you know I’m proud of you!

  10. I just have to send one more to check my avatar 😆

    Still love you – still proud of you 😉

  11. Lifecruiser: Thanks for the round of support! I talked to a fellow researcher at work today who is doing a project on houseing and I am really excited to get going on my research.

    RennyBA: Of course I feel your support every day. I have you to thank for pushing me to get my education, so I guess you now have to put up with it!! Thank you for all your help over the years, and all your patience.

  12. Bravo. It would be really interesting to see if you find connection to other people who may be working in similar lines of research through this thread.

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