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Hi folks! Yes I am still alive!! I haven’t gone into a major depression or anything after Mom’s birthday. The truth is much less interesting then that. I have been doing a whole lot of studying for my exam in research and design, and I worked the weekend. Thankfully a very quiet weekend at the women’s shelter! Then I came down with a spring cold and feel I am not getting nearly enough sympathy around the house. I think everybody *SHOULD* stop and give me a hug and say ‘poor mommy’ however they mostly say “mom there’s nothing to eat in the fridge”! That is because the food fairy is sick when mom is sick LOL!!

Having nothing at all to post about until the results of the Democratic primaries come in from Pennsylvania…I decided to blatently tag myself from Lime’s blog to a Meme which seemed kind of fun. She won’t mind (I hope) as long as I give her a link 🙂

1. About to take my language test to get into college.
2. Working at the Preschool with a handicapped boy
3. Yet to meet a very good friend
4. Way better looking
5. Under 40!

1. Nachos in the micro with melted cheese and guacamole
2. Cheese and crackers, prefferable with red wine
3. grilled cheese sandwiches
4. any kind of bagel I can get my hands on
5. Oreo cookies!

1. Start a school in Africa.
2. Travel to all the continents in the world.
3. Put aside money for my children’s future.
4. Buy a house in Provance, France.
5. Invite all my friends to a big party…on a private island 🙂


1. Retouching photographs for a studio.
2. Working in a bakery.
3. Special Ed teacher in Preschool.
4. Jo-Annes NutHouse
5. Receptionist for WANG electronics

1. Across from a church in Cohoes.
2. Tiapei, Taiwan.
3. Walking distance from an outdoor concert facility…saw lots of concerts then!
4. Troy, NY
5. Norway – who’d have thought!!
It\'s not SO cold!!

1. Come on in, the water is fine!!
2. Chocolate is better then sex.

3. I don’t have anything to wear.
4. I didn’t eat the last cookie………
5. I have full controll over the situation!!


Comments on: "Meme from Lime…lucky five" (8)

  1. Hey Diane, love your lucky fives and by the way, if you start a school in Africa pls call me 😀

  2. glad you’re mostly ok and i hope that cold is gone by now. you’re always more than welcome to steal any meme i do. i usually don’t tag people because i don’t want to annoy them if they don’t want to do a meme.

    i’m curious about the availabilty of bagels in norway. i know i missed them terribly when i lived in trinidad. i have a daughter who wants to teach in africa so let me know if you ever hit the lottery. 😉

  3. By language test… do you mean Norwegian?

    I love your lies. We share at least… 3!

    You lived in quite interesting — and different! — places.

  4. That water looks frigid! And I’m not too sure where I stand on the chocolate issue! LOL! Depends what day you ask me and if I’m tired or stressed out! You mean, I can’t have both chocolate and sex?!!

  5. Those are wonderful! I love the picture at the bottom too!

  6. Shionge: Maybe I will start a school in Africa, I already have volunteers!

    lime: more volunteers for my school 😉 super! Ok the deal on bagels here, they have bagels a few places – and basically they suck LOL! Okay they don’t exactly suck but they just don’t taste much like bagels. I tried baking them myself at home but that didnt work out so good either…so I attack them when I get in the US.

    Zhu: Yep, I had to take the high school equivalency test for norwegian to be allowed to study here. Hmmmm wonder what lies we share???? Mysterious….

    Ruth: Yes you can have chocolate and sex hehehe!! And yes the water was fridged – as it almost always is here. THAT water was cold and clear!!

    Maribeth: Thanks! My other son was the photographer.

  7. hugs…

    you really love teaching. and i hope i’ll get invited to that party 🙂

  8. Hey; I think I know those guys skinnydipping in that picture 😆

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