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Renny and I have often talked about how we experience the world differently. Each person has his or her own individual lens through which we perceive our world. Renny is very facts and figures, history and cultural relevance – while I am feelings and experience, sensuous, sensitive and creative. “Viva la differance”I say, we balance eachother out in a unique way. Just for fun I am publishing my impressions of the Norwegian Opera House. This is from the same Saturday morning date as his post, but through my lens πŸ™‚ All photos taken with MY Nokia mobilephone!

The New Norwegian Opera House

Renny and I agreed to take our Saturday date to the Opera house together, neither of us went before the other so that we could experience this exquisite work of art together. The new building to me is an image of Norway. Nothing in Norway is flat and ordinary, Norway is a country of dramatic landscapes, high mountains, deep valleys and wild nature. The building itself is a reminiscent of snow and mountains, the windows like a crevice in a glacier, you wonder what is down there in that crevice and peek in to see a whole new world! Beautiful oakwork reflecting Norways massive forests. An elegent wave of oak wraps around the main lobby and continues into the stage area itself. On the outside you meet the sea reaching up to embrace its icy beauty and the sun reflecting on its gleaming white surface.

Looking through the glass window from the roof of the Opera

The inside is minimalistic, the woodwork immediately catches the eye, but you soon move your gaze to the simple but lovely details. Classic styling meets AdvantGuard. Tremendous walls of windows give the entrance hall a feeling of light and space in the daytime and a view of the midnight sky and shimmering lights of a passing ship at night. Somehow when walking on the marble roof, as it is designed for, I had both a feeling of awe at this immense sculpture of a building, and a feeling of that it was fragile somehow. For one wild second I had to the urge to chase all the sightseers off the roof, to protect it, don’t get it dirty, don’t harm this beautiful work – however in reality the marble stone is older then I am and probably will survive till long after I am gone from this earth.

I spy a cute guy...RennyBA on the roof

Beyond the sheer beauty of the building is the excitement and magic it holds inside. The lights, the stages, voices, dance, life, movement, creativity and music to give me goosbumps, or bring tears to my eyes. To enter this magical icemountain and escape to another place in time…dressed up in my finest clothes, on the arm of my handsome man, sipping a glass of wine in the intermission and traveling together to magical places I have never been in the land of long long ago and far far away.

The Opera house is where dreams and reality meet, where hard work, sweat, hours of rehearsals and planning meet art – the art of the theater – something beyond reality, beyond dreams. A dream that can be shared and experienced together. It is indeed a worthy monument!!

Now stop by RennyBA’s Terella if you haven’t already been there and see his wonderful pictures and historical information about the same magical place!!

Comments on: "Oslo Opera house is cool as ice" (23)

  1. […] Oslo. So this is another reason for you to visit Norway – when are you coming? Update: Go visit my wife’s post about the same trip and see it from her – different and very interesting – […]

  2. It is indeed magnificent! I’d love the combo of wood and Ice look! Where’s the pics of you guys dressed in your fancy duds?!!!
    As I asked Renny, dod the grandeur reflect the price of admission? Did you think it was expensive? I don’t go to operas myself but mostly musicals.

  3. Your sooooo right my dear, we ‘we balance each other out in a unique way’! That’s why I call experiences like this our ‘quality time’. You always gives me new perspectives and enriches the moments and experiences. You are a lovely wife, a good friend and a wonderful life companion πŸ™‚

  4. That was very well done, Diane. I loved reading Renny’s post yesterday and now yours today. Very interesting. I love the old opera houses. I loved going to them in Prague and Vienna and Budapest. But when I come to Norway I will enjoy this also, I am sure!

  5. Ruth: We only went to see the building, it was right after the grand opening – so there were no fancy duds this time. We do however plan to go to the Opera sometime. The tickets are around 100 dollars a piece so we wouldn’t go often. However the Oslo school of Ballet has student performances there. A good opportunity to enjoy music and dance at lower prices.

    RennyBA: I’m blushing!! Thank you and the same!

    Maribeth: I am also a big fan of classical architechture and think many of the old buildings are of a quality which is seldom found today. However the new Opera house is stunning and in a class of its own.

  6. it’s really great to be able to see it through both of your lenses as it gives me a fuller view myself since i can’t experiences it in person. like i said at renny’s, those slopes along the outer edges make me think someone would want to go skiing down those ramps. i never thought of the glacier crevasses (since i’ve never seen a glacier) but that really makes sense and the explanation of the oak interior….thanks for helping me understand the symbolism in the architecture even better. it really is a marvelous building.

  7. It looks like a nice place. I’d say like you, the place looks like Norway — or at least, the mental picture I have of Norway. It looks like “cold countries” architecture for some reason!

  8. I love it when you mentioned dreams & reality meet, I always believed that dreams do come true and with that this is the place to visit for sure for all my dreams to come true πŸ˜‰

  9. lime: I’m glad you like our “full picture” I think when you put the ‘his’ and ‘hers’ halves together you get a much better idea of how a situation is.

    Zhu: I so much agree, I would definatly define the buildings appearance as cold, interesting enough I would define the inside as warm….much like Norway also πŸ™‚

    Shionge: I love the dreams of the theater because instead of disappearing, you can experience them again and again if you like. (or can afford it hehehe)

  10. Hello Diane,

    I just came from your husband’s blog; and you are right: you two saw the Opera house with different eyes :)! And mind you that I like both viewpoints :D!

    Your text was so beautiful, I loved the way you described the house and it call to my senses too!

    The Opera House is indeed a magnificent building and I hope to visit Norway soon so that I can contemplate the House even better :D!

    Great Pictures!

  11. Hi Diane!

    Its been a while,how`ve you been doin?

    It is very interesting that the same posts(i had read Renny`s post) contain diff. insights.And yes,so I`ve noticed that Renny is more on history and cultural things while your specialties are maybe similar to mine,LOL!

    both of you are good writers,of course,but i am impressed the way you elaborate the place and the emotion you had on that time.your post reminded me of my favorite pocketbooks ^_^


  12. Sorry to interrupt my dear, but I’ve found a new feature (text box editor – an addon to Firefox) and just have to try. So I say:

    I love you and
    Thanks for sharing this adventure with me!

    If this works: there must should be a link in here too πŸ˜†

  13. Max Coutinho: Thanks for the compliment. I love to use all my senses.

    ghee: Maybe its the feminine mind we have in common. Women are all fire and emotion…and we like it that way!

    RennyBA: yes my dear, your new feature is working just fine. Just don’t forget the original features because they don’t need updating, i like them as they are πŸ˜‰

  14. Excellent post with a very different view than your husband. Maybe he take something for granted: How the building describes the Norwegian landscape. As you so brilliant points out.
    I’m looking forward to the day when all the neighbouring area as well will be ship shape.

    btw. Have a wonderful time in Mariestad

  15. That second photo is brilliant — the best of the husband/wife bunch, I must say — sorry Renny!

  16. TorAa: Thank you, I too am looking forward to the makeover of Oslo’s harbour πŸ™‚

    BettyC: Now that is a compliment heheh

  17. Both are excellent descriptions but as you say they do come from a different perspective.

  18. Sueblimey: Thanks, I’m glad you liked our contrast. We do see the world from different angles, its fun to compare sometimes.

  19. It is so gorgeous! You give such a poetic description of it, and I can see the beauty of it through your eyes. Thanks for sharing it’s magic! πŸ™‚

  20. Hey SwordMama! Been awhile! Thanks for dropping in and joining us at the opera!!

  21. i love opera houses. used to watch theaters here but now i don’t have the time

  22. I love your review! It makes me want to visit πŸ™‚

  23. Like tinsie you really make I want to visit it!

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