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Making a statement

I am still putting along on my studies. My 6 hour in school exam is on Wednesday, so my Norwegian Constitution day celebration (17th of May) will have to be disrupted by a bit more reading. I will however be taking time out to have some good meals with the family and our traditional morning trip to watch the parade. We will be watching the marching band which my son Kyle played in for 6 years.

My little drummer boy!!
Kyle 8 yrs old first drum

Couldn’t resist adding a picture here, lil Kyle is now 16 years old, and I’m not sure I will mention the picture, although it still hangs in our house.

Now to today’s news! I was asked by a collegue to write an article for the Norwegian Feminist Journal, Fett, in a special issue on Christianity and Feminism. I have long been interested in writing an article on Women’s sexuality as property…so stay tuned. The article will be in english and when it is published I will be putting it out. I was especially flattered because my collegue thought I would be a good person to write the article because I am reflected and have a balanced view. This will of course have to wait until after my exam but it is great to have something cooking on the back burner. This should be fun!!!

I’ll be more active in the blogging world after my exams. In the mean time stop in and visit Renny and wish him a happy 17th of May!


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  1. I know its kind of hectic for you at the time dear, but thanks for your help in preparing the house and planning the menu for tomorrow.

    I’m looking forward to discuss the subject for your paper – great idea writing an article about it!

    Ha en God Syttende Mai!

  2. Dear D, you have so much to think about these Days.
    Sometimes, well, this time:
    The most important for you know is the Exsams. I do believe your wonderful kids and husband will respect and understand.

    But the Weatherforcast – grrr

    We can survive ;-))

    Best wishes and luck from the Summerhouse

  3. Whispering so he can’t hear: Kyle is very cute in his uniform 😀

    Ah, sounds interesting with the article!!! Congrats!!!

    …and Congrats & Cheers on syttende Mai!


    (Thanks for the bday greetings for Mr L, highly appreciated!)

  4. You sound very, very busy! Love the picture of your boy, have a wonderful 17th of May and weekend!

  5. Most likely it is just me, but I keep getting an error message while trying to visit RennyBA:
    Error establishing a database connection

    This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can’t contact the database server at mysql.egoria.no. This could mean your host’s database server is down.

    So here is to wish you two and family a wonderful day today!

  6. RennyBA: You know I do everything for you, dear!

    TorAA: I do agree my exams are important, and the guys are giving me a lot of room to work. Thanks!

    Lifecruiser: Mommy thought he was just adorable of course, and still does! Thanks for the congrats and have a lovely weekend!!

    Mar:17th of May is underway, the flags are out and we had a lovely family breakfast to start the days activities. Yes, Renny’s server is temporarily down, I’m sure it will be back up soon 🙂 Thanks for visiting us both!

  7. Just thinking about that pic and my sweet son. The pic was from the day he got his first medal for playing in the band. His last year in the marching band he had so many medals that they covered both sides and we started running out of room on his uniform. I remember one time he took some off and pinned them on a little boy about the size he was in the picture so the little boy would feel extra flashy for the parade 🙂

  8. How wonderful about the article, Diane. You must be so pleased!

    I had a dream about you and Renny last night. Funny dreaming about people you feel you know, but have not met. I guess this means that we will meet soon!

    Your son is adorable!

  9. How wonderful to be asked to write an article! Congratulations.

    Don’t worry about getting back to blogging in too much of a rush. I think you’ll need time to draw breath 🙂

  10. Maribeth: Thanks, I am extremely pleased about the article. Also because others are begining to see my viewpoints as interesting 🙂 How nice that you dreamed about us, I do hope your plans will soon include a trip to Norway – if not we will have to remember you when we next travel to North America 😉

    A: Thanks for your support, I feel like I have a lot of weight on my shoulders right now, but the bright point is like it or not it will be llifted from my shoulders next week! I’ sure I will do okay on my exam, but you know us girls always want to get top marks !

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