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Happy 17th of May!

Thank you for your good wishes for our national day here in Norway!! Poor Renny’s blog was down half of the day and he was a little bit uneasy about it, but now everything is okay again and all in all we have had a good holiday! We had a nice family breakfast, the traditional hot dogs for lunch, and poached salmon for dinner…not to mention a chocolate cake which I decorated to look like the flag of Norway 🙂

This video is actually from 2 years ago and if you watch closely you can see Kyle (okay maybe you won’t spot him but he is playing the drums) plus myself and my mom in the parade. Mom thought the 17th of May was quite fun and she came back the next year as well 🙂 Renny took the video of course!

Wishing you all a good weekend!! Diane

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  1. Thanks for a wonderful celebration my dear – you know I love to experience these special days with you!
    Thanks also for putting up with me while my blog was down! Your such a great supporter!

    I so much remember how lovely it was to have your Mom visiting – two years in a row – on 17th of May – those are good memories!

  2. How lovely that your Mom was able to celebrate with you and that you have this video. I spotted Kyle!

  3. Oh oh, it’s always stressful when blogs go wrong… I hope Renny wasn’t in a bad mood 😉

    I had no idea your national day was in May. For most countries that I know, except for China (Oct. 1st), it’s during the summer.

  4. That’s a nice video – good to have picture and sound too!

  5. RennyBA: Thanks for sharing those good memories…and many more 🙂

    Maribeth: Good girl! Actually he’s not that hard to spot even if he was a bit bigger, Renny took a shot of him.

    Zhu: It’s our constitutional day. There was no revolution or anything in Norway so we celebrate when we signed our constitution. May is a beautiful month here too!

    Tinsie: Thanks! And of course my son was playing in that band so the sound is important!!

  6. ah wonderful video. i know i am late to make it here but i wish yo ua happy may 17. hope it was a lovely day!

  7. Happy belated National Day! 🙂

    I love your video ~ I saw you all. ((()))

  8. Hi Lime and SwordMama!! Thanks for your well wishes! We had a lovely 17th of May, and I am glad you all can pick us out in the video 🙂

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