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Well its do or die now. Its over midnight so its officially the 21st of May, the day of my final in Research Method and Design. I feel like a total wreck just now, I think I may need a bit of luck on my test. I really have a tough time wrapping my brain around the statistics!

Well it isn’t exactly do or die…on the one side I think the exam form is harder here then it was in the USA (God I sure wish this test was multiple choice -or as my brother says multiple guess, I’d probably get an A!!) Here most of the tests are written essay form. Howeer I get more than one shot at it, if I do fail I can take it again after the summer…however I don’t really expect to fail it. I’m not expecting an A but I think I have got it down well enough to pass, and thats the most important part. At the Masters level lets face it, I am not competing to get into much else so as long as I get a passing grade and can move on to actually doing research then everything is fine and dandy!!!

Don’t be afraid that I don’t know what I am doing and am going to do reasearch…number one I won’t do it alone, number two I can use my books!!!, and number three most of the statistics are done by a computer these days…besides I am probably going to do qualitative, not quantitative reasearch 🙂

Wish me luck, no matter what my vacation starts tomorrow…so in the immortal words of Arnold Swarchenegger….”I’ll be back!!”


Comments on: "Do or die!!! Time for my exam!!" (8)

  1. So your taking an exam tomorrow !?!?! Well, I guess I should know since its been smelling exam fever all over the house 😆

    Good luck dear – looking forward to have you back 😉

  2. Oh yeah, European love essays… I couldn’t believe my hubby when he told me most of his exams at uni. were MCQ. I’m very proud European on this one, I value essays more! 😉

    I keep my fingers crossed for you… clear your mind and you’ll do great!

  3. Good Luck and do let us know how you do. I have my fingers crossed!!!

  4. Thanks for all your support!! I am finished, I am free at least until after summer 🙂 I definately didn’t get an A but I didn’t fail either, so now it is vacation from school until September 4th!! Now I’ve just got work…almost like a normal person….

    Yes, Zhu I have to admit that I do learn more from essays. It can’t be good for my blood pressure though hehehe!

  5. So I wish you the best vacation it can be. Après l’effort, le réconfort. After the effort the comfort. but you know now I am so sad since I learn the terrible new by Tor. hoping he will have the courage he will need.

  6. Tons & Tons of Luck going your way Diane ….. 😀

    Relax and take it slow and easy you’ll be fine!!! GOOD LUCK!!

  7. You’ll do just fine. Hope the sad news don’t interefere with your performance…

  8. Eulogizer says : I absolutely agree with this !

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