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For anybody who hasn’t heard, Google has introduced a translating tool which can translate text into a large selection of different languages. You can even enter a url and translate an entire page into your language. I have been testing it and the translation is word for word so sometimes it comes out a bit funny, but it is at least understandable.

I think this is a wonderful tool for an international blogsphere, where people from around the world meet and communicate with each other. It is also an important tool for making information available to areas where local news might be for example censored.

Joining people around the globe

I found a good use for it in my own workplace. As a social worker we have people who use our services from many different backgrounds. Some of them speak very little Norwegian or English, then we really have a challenge. When we have a larger meeting we hire a translator to come and assist us, but giving a simple message can be difficult. However I found a creative solution. I typed my message in English into Google Text translator. Then I simply translated it to Arabic and printed it out. The print showed both the English and the Arabic text so hopefully my client could understand some of the English if necessary. It worked, she understood what the message was anyway.

A friend of mine used Google to translate a page which was in Italian to get more information on her summer vacation destination, and my son uses it to translate English to Portugese and back so he can talk to a friend who lives in Brasil. It’s a bit slower but it gets the message through J I’m sure Renny wouldn’t be quite a good in English if this tool was around when we first met hehehe!!

Check it out and connect with new people!!


Comments on: "Google Translate – making the world easier to understand!" (11)

  1. Your are such a good girl using the accessories on the net for important communications my dear. You know my saying: Blogging connecting People and of course that goes for the net in general.

    If I had Google translate when we met on the net: Well. that would be cheating, wouldn’t it? 😆

  2. RennyBA: Of course I learn from the best 😉

  3. Internet is a marvelous way to know the world, people … I use Google translate fast every day! Less than the first time I began my blog but still often. My daughter began to learn finnish language before her travel for ten months. And of course she uses the translate. All my friends around me are looking at me as I was a strange girl with my blog in english! It sounds french people live as their hexagone was the center of their life, taking pleasure just to visit and close their mind to others as soon they are back at home! I wanted to live in Germany when I was 19 years old and enjoyed to know other culturs. And I met Pierre and staid! But, but when the girls will have their own life this time I won’t miss to discover all those different and marvelous lands I dream in secret!!

  4. I installed the link on the front page of my blog. Now I can connect! Thanks Diane!

  5. I think this is fabulous and it certainly helps for us to read more widely once we get them translated ;d

    Have a wonderful weekend Diane 😀

  6. I’ll start by saying I’m all for translation, but I still see glitches in the software.
    There is still improvement needed. The direct translation of some words never works correctly for me when I use French to English or English to French. I know this is also the case in German.

    But I do agree, it does bring people closer. I started using this tool back in 2000 or a bit before, known to me as Bablefish. But today there are many different translators available. I’ve yet to find one which works 100%… Maybe you know?

  7. I used to like Babelfish because they even translate Chinese slang which isn’t in dictionary (nothing rude, just some neologisms!). I give a try to Google!

  8. I found an internet connection in Italy. Your Google translator is real fun ! The translations are sio bad that they are the best jokes. I really had a lot of fun to play around with German Italian, French and English because I could understand the translations. Geez what we laughed !

  9. hey that’s a pretty handy thing! so glad to know about it and i have no doubt you were glad to be able to communicate with your client.

  10. Yes, it really comes in handy sometimes. And I even think the mis-translations is FUN *giggles*

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve been needing this for a long time now. Awesome! 😀

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