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Sand in my soul

Yesssssssssssss! I am now on summer vacation. We cruised in to our summer place this afternoon in hot and sunny weather, and with no air conditioning in the car there was just one thing on my mind….BEACH DAY!!! My Dad used to say I was half fish. I loved the water from the very start and nothing made me happier then a trip to the beach. I would swim until my little fingers were blue and my teeth were chattering, and when my Mom asked me if I was cold I would stubbornly say I was not! Water is a soothing balm for my soul. As an Aquarius that should be no surprise.

Renny has talked recently about his “Strawberry Place”, that place we remember from our childhood where we can go to in our imaginations and relive that free good summer feeling. For me my Strawberry place is a dock at the summer house we had when I was a child. It was a floating dock with barrels under it which were used to keep it afloat. Our white motor boat tied at the end. When I need a meditation point I picture this place, I close my eyes and remember how it felt to be around 12 years old, laying in the sun on the dock. Waiting for my Dad to come down and take us out in the boat, I would lay there and close my eyes and listen to the waves and the gentle clang clang clang of the barrels bobbing up and down in the water.

Being on a sandy beach again brings all these memories rushing back to me and takes me immediately back to the lazy days of summer. This afternoon the sun was warm on my face and the sound of laughter and water washing in on the shore brought me back to being 12 again. It was a nice place to visit for a while….Happy Summer everybody. Enjoy it while it is here 🙂


Comments on: "Sand in my soul" (6)

  1. Yea honey, your a true mermaid 🙂

    Glad I could recall your Strawberry Place too – sounds terrific and of course it is: it’s yours and no one can take it away from you.

    Btw: Did you remember to to clean your sandals before you came home today? 😆

  2. What beautiful pictures! I grew up on Cape Cod and I also have a great love of the ocean. In fact my mother had to keep a clothes line tied to me because she feared I would swim away and drown. I never did, of course, because like you, I am part fish!

  3. RennyBA: Yes of course my sandles were sand free before I left the beach. they took another dip you know. I am happy I can share my strawberry place with you sometimes, you are my favorite guest there.

    Maribeth: I envy you growing up on Cape Cod. We were mostly swimming in lakes but we made summer trips to the coast to enjoy the lovely salt water. My mother tells the same story about being tied to a line so she didnt get pulled out with the waves…to me that sounds just crazy, that must actually be more dangerous. I think just that if the child got towed under they would be held there by the line. Of course I haven’t heard many horror stories about it, so apparently you all survived hehehe.

  4. I am on summer vacation, too!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful time in perspective! I wasn’t still at beach but saturday I plan a beach day with picnic! What a beautiful picture with water and sand you took! I am a fish too but no Pierre! He thinks it could date from a bad experience he had when he was kid at the beach. but he’s a fisherman! Have a beautiful weekend, Diane!

  5. Claudie: Hope you have a wonderful beach day! Renny isn’t always along for my beach trips. He does like to swim, but laying around on the beach he quickly gets bored. The man needs entertaining hehehe. So this year I have had a ritual of going down to the beach for a little over an hour each day while my sweetie takes his nap. Of course our summer pleace is 1 km away from the beach, that helps. Have a great weekend.

  6. Oh, I envy you!

    This is one thing we don’t have in Ottawa: beaches. Well, I guess Canadians call the shores of the river “beaches” but I know what a beach looks like! 😆

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