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What makes them tick? What keeps them going? What inspires the hopelessly hooked on blogging? That is what Kaunyin is looking to find out in her series on Bloggers. Check out her latest post, its an interview with none other then the blogsphere famous RennyBA! A household name in blogging (okay in our house anyway hehehe)!

Blog blond

Seriously Renny made a nice subject for Blog-Blond’s series on bloggers, her first interview was with Deborah of Life in the Fast Lane. Read both interviews and stop in to tell Renny what you think of his responses. Have a great week my friends!!

Still on vacation here hahaha!!


Comments on: "A blog series about bloggers!" (8)

  1. Well, I’m glad I am at least A Household Name in THIS house 😆

  2. RennyBA: You will always be a star in my life!!

  3. Hey, I know this guy! Can you get an autograph for me? 😉

  4. Zhu: Can do! I personally like his autograph best on his credit card LOL!!!! (Bad bad and I call myself a feminist!)

  5. just catching up since i was away. i love your version of a strawberry place. a beach is so relaxing! also your reflections on july 4th and thanksgiving in a ‘foreign’ country. i have to say one of the most special thanksgivings was my first in trinidad because we invited the friends who had helped us settle in. they asked why we celebrate that day and as i explained it to them i relaized how much i was capturing some of the original spirit since we were sharing the bounty with the ‘indigenous’ folks who helped us thrive in a new place. 🙂

    thanks for that potato salad recipe too. yum!

  6. i just come back from blogs blond! I am fan, you know, a time I imagine I was reading an interview on a famous magazine! i love this way to post ! I am on vacation too and after an hard schoolyear I could dream I am on paradise!

  7. Ah, I must go read the interview with the famous man! 😉

  8. I want an autograph too! Serious. Send to me. I’ll email you my address.

    Great interview that Renny gave. 🙂

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