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I have been away for a few days as we had a visit from my mother and father in-law as well as Renny’s sister Trine. Today we were on our own again and decided to take a little drive to a neighboring town about a half hour away from Mariestad. We really didn’t have any special plans, but you see our car is in the shop for repairs and had a new Skoda on loan that we just had to check out.

Its amazing what you can find when you aren’t really expecting anything more than to see what there is to see. Skövde was just full of hidden treasures. Lovely fountains and sculptures, lush green parks and sidewalk cafes, a really fine place to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Sidewalk Cafe

Sidewalk Cafe

I loved the look of this sidewalk café outside a classic old building on a cobble stone square. The weather was perfect for a latte or a beer, whatever your preference may be.

Beautiful Fountain

Beautiful Fountain

In the town square there was this gorgeous statue on the edge of a fountain surrounded by beautiful flower plantings.

Town Square

Town Square

And on a side street we found a beautiful park behind an old church. This was a peaceful place to sit and enjoy the fountain and the quiet nature.

Church fountain

Church fountain

The town had a true European flare, with cobble stone streets and beautiful old buildings. It was the perfect place to do nothing, except be on vacation with my family! Drop by RennyBA’s Terella and see what else we have been up to while I have been away!


Comments on: "Joy riding and hidden treasures in Skövde, Sweden" (5)

  1. And you know the best thing my dear: To experience this things together with you and now to see it through your eyes. You always have an eye for the beautiful details.

  2. what lovely shots! makes me feel like I’ve been there, too! 🙂
    thank you so much for sharing …

    … when we went out of the mall it started to rain! now we’re here inside the house … just lazing around. 😀

  3. awww…. at Renny’s comment. This blog is filled with sweetness, it’s attracting ants! hehehe…..

    Family has to support one another. It’s great that your family is so closely knitted.

    It’s so wonderful to be alive when we are with our love, sharing everything in our life. Diane, you and I are blessed with good husbands.

    For the women who are hurt by your man, you will find one who would cherish and treasure you.

  4. RennyBA; It is the best thing for me to, experiencing such things together. And our time together is only just begun..we have our whole lives to explore the world like children.

    Maiylah: Well maybe it was best you were in the mall after all hehehe. Thanks for stopping by

    eastcoastlife: Sorry to attract ants hehehe! I happen to be afraid of ants! I so much agree that we are blessed, and wish the same blessing on all the women of the world. It is as love should be.

  5. My daughter had a friend on msn from Skövde! I enjoy to look at your photos and realize it is a beautiful town!

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