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Life is a Beach!

Today when I again sat on my favourite rock and sunned myself on our local beach I thought about all the memories in my life I have tied to the beach. I remembered being a child and competing with my brother on who could stand on their hands the longest, who could swim under water the longest, who could hold their breath….playing Marco Polo in the water and having lots of fun.

Ekudden Beach, Mariestad

Ekudden Beach, Mariestad

As I got a bit older there was my Dad’s boat and waterskiing. I remember being so sore after waterskiing for the first time of the year, but not being able to wait till the next day to do it again! Swimming across the little bay where we had our summer house, and of course checking out the boys – while they were checking out us. I remember the summer I suddenly had breasts and got my bikini “banned” hehehe because my parents weren’t ready for the sudden developments! On the beach today I saw 2 teenage girls swimming out to the floating dock to get the best position to show themselves for the boys and check out the boys on the pier. I thought, ah ha, I know what they are doing, I remember doing that with my girlfriends too.

Floating and flirting

Floating and flirting

Then I saw some small children playing in the sand with buckets and I remembered being a young mother with my two sons. Taking them to the beach and watching them like a lioness while they played in the sand and the water. Now my boys are almost grown…well okay one is 20 and the other is 16. They don’t go swimming with me as much anymore. They still go to the beach of course but now it is with friends, checking out the girls in their bikinis…ah the circle of life.

Beach Essentials

Beach Essentials

Being on the beach still keeps me feeling young though. I don’t feel a day over sixteen when I am lying on the sand, or floating on the waves in the cool water. Its kind of a constant in life, it doesn’t change and it’s always there every summer…I just have to put on my bikini and go.


Comments on: "Life is a Beach!" (10)

  1. This wonderful post brought back so many memories for me as well. I have always been a beach person, utterly homesick whenever I have attempted to live inland. And you are so right – beaches make everyone the same age!

    Putting on a bikini takes off the years as I have never worn anything else, even when pregnant. Water skiing is one of my greatest pleasures, but just walking in sand and inhaling the salty air brings me peace as nothing else can do.

    DianeCA: Ahh we are twin souls! As you say nothing brings me peace as the sand and water, the smells, the feelings, the memories, and the sensation of it!! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I agree. Water and boats make me feel young. Love all the pictures. Have a great day. 🙂

    DianeCA: Thanks Sandee and laughing makes me feel young too so keep it coming with those good jokes!

  3. That was a beautifully written post 🙂 I love the beach so much too… And I still love playing Marco Polo when we go swimming!

    DianeCA: Ah ha! I didn’t actually know Marco Polo was so wide spread. I was sure that nobody was going to get that, at least outside of New York State! Maybe we should start an Olympic Team??

  4. What a lovely day at the beach and ‘walking’ down memory lane Diane. I must say your beach essential is so cool 😀

    DianeCA: Yes, I’m a pirate Wench hehehe! I will tell my girlfriends you liked it. It was a gift from “the sandbox mafia” which is a group of friends I meet regularly for a walk in the woods, and we travel a couple times a year.

  5. I love this new blog look, very nice! So right for the summer…
    I’m amazed to see how clear the water seems in the first picture.
    Even though I have never tried waterskiing, like you, I’m a beach-addict and it bring back so many memories…

    DianeCA: Thanks, my son and I worked on the new theme yesterday. Actually I worked on it and he gave it a thumbs up hehehe. Renny helped me fix the side bar last night. We are talking about moving my blog to my own domain and setting it up with the same host Renny uses, then I will be in to see you for tips and treats on blog designing!!

    Being a beach babe is the highlight of summertime if you ask me, and what I remember most when I look back in the winter time.

  6. Just notice your theme’s name is “Ocean Mist” 😉

    Well its not so strange the colors appealed to me then hehehe.

  7. You know, Diane, I was in 5th grade when my father proclaimed I could no longer dress as I always had because I had grown into being a woman. I was not allowed out of the house until my mother could cover me up. I cried and cried and shook my fist at the Gods. I wish my parents had embraced my coming of age, instead of hiding me in the attic!

    DianeCA: My mother was pretty cool about it, it was my dad that had a tough time. I remember the bikini banning episode very well. I had bought a white bikini just like one that was on Charlies Angels, with a big tropical flower on one boob. The kind that went around like a tube top cinched in the middle and with just a string around the neck. More for looks than support. I felt just like Farah Fawcett!! Had the blond hair feathered back and all!! Thought I was pretty hot myself, and apparently I was right because I was ordered to change back into my pink one piece. No worry though, being the “angel” I was I descretely jammed the bikini in my purse every time I went to my friends house and we took secret beach trips. Thats what friends are for!

  8. Great post, lovely memories and thoughts. I too love the beach, the sand and everything that comes with it. I just have one question. Why do you need to put on your bikini?! *huggies* and thx always for visiting me.

    DianeCA: When I am on a secluded beach, or just with a couple good girl friends after a hike in the woods…I DON’T!!

  9. Looks like a fun time at the beach 🙂 I love all the memories and pictures to go along with it.

    This theme is cool 🙂

    DianeCA: Thanks, being that you are designer for DackelPrincess that is a great compliment!

  10. i’ve heard it said you are either a beach person or a mountain person. i really don’t think i could choose. give me the beach on the summer and the mountains in the winter…or better yet a beach that descends from the mountains;)

    DianeCA: I am probably more of a beach person, but I am definitely both.

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