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Going green is easier then you might think and fun to boot. Yesterday in spite of a number of rain showers, I took my little reusable cotton grocery bag and instead of climbing into a vehicle with 4 doors and 2 wheels I opted for one with no doors and 2 wheels. In other words I put the bag on my bike and peddled my way to the grocery.

Biking away

Biking away

This isn’t exactly earth shattering news in Scandinavia. In fact the local area where we have our summer home, like most of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, has wonderfully developed bicycle and pedestrian paths and the Scandinavian people seem to bike everywhere. Not only do they bike everywhere but they bike at all ages. It is not at all unusual to see people over 65 or 70 peddling in to town to do their daily shopping. Just think how many illnesses and how much more mobility they have because of this habit. Of course most of them didn’t pick up their bike last year and start training! I am sure the vast majority has ridden their bike to town for the last 50 years and that is why at the age of 70 they are still able to do so!

Another thing I really like about it is that the bikes don’t necessarily need to be the newest or most modern. There are many well maintained and well used bicycles peddling around the streets of this little town. The relatively flat terrain makes biking a cheap, easy, and healthy choice for your daily errands.

Going Green to the Greens

Going Green to the Greens

Using bicycles as a means of alternative transportation is a great way to reduce the impact on the environment and save money too! In addition to that it is good cardiovascular exercise, burns up a bit of my vacation calories and is actually quite enjoyable. Much like my feelings at the beach, when you get to the top of a little hill and begin to coast down the other side it is still just as exhilarating as it was when I was 6 years old. The feeling of the wind on my face and the sound of it rushing by my ears, leaning down over the handle bars to go just a little bit faster. Its good, childish and fun…and tomorrow we will be riding our bikes to the golf course!!

UPDATE: To see how our golf trip turned out visit RennyBA!

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  1. i truly wish we had decent bike and walking paths for transportation not just in the parks for fun. around here to bike for transportation means taking your life in your hands sadly.

    DianeCA: Many local communities in the US are making bikathons, or bike activities to demonstrate for better bike paths, bike lanes and facilities for their community. Maybe one is being organized in your area?

  2. Wonderful and fun too! I’m afraid it is too far for me to bike (24 miles) to the grocery store, and a bit mountainous too, but I like your sense of adventure! Bravo!

    DianeCA: Wow you are living way out there aren’t ya!!! Well okay, you can ride your bike for fun!

  3. Very cool. I wish I lived in a town that bike travel – no shoulders on those twisty little roads!

    The environment needs you…and your body may like the fresh air too…tell you local government that as a citizen of the world you have a human right to shoulders 😉

  4. Oh, I’d love to bike more!

    I used to bike to the supermarket here but I’m afraid now… I live close to a big road and let’s just say that despite our government encourage us to bike/ walk etc. it doesn’t really provide a safe way to do so.

    I walk a lot once I’m downtown but around where I live, unfortunately, it’s drive or nothing. I feel terrible about that but I don’t really have the choice…
    I occasionally walk to the supermarket when I have time though, I stay away from the road. But it still takes over an hour there and back and I don’t always have the time…

    DianeCA: Good for you to make the effort…and I do mean GOOD for you! It’s healthy and fun. I hear a lot of complaints about the lack of bike paths. When I lived in the US I was lucky enough to be in a town that was nicely set up. I didn’t cycle along the major highways of course. I did bike in the road in residential and rural areas.

    I see a pattern emerging here. Despite gas prices there seems to be a plot to make people use gas driven vehicles. Why? Because it is still big business. It is still in the interests of the economy. That’s a big problem in truly capitalist society. On the one hand the government is saying don’t polute, go green, cut emissions….but ooooops!! We can’t have you not buying gasoline or cars cause then the economy will suffer. I do remember you live in Canada, and I give the Canadians credit for being a little less capitalistic. Canada runs closer to Social Democratic. But just think how it was in France, it was different there I bet. Why? Not everyone had a car or a license or a need for one. End of preaching!! (Preaching not directly aimed at Zhu, who is making a good effort…just kind of drifted out in this reply…)

  5. So get out of bed and lets go golfing then 😆

    DianeCA: Awwwww hun, its not even 12 yet….okay okay I’m working on it!! More Coffee Please!

  6. In Switzerland I know, they do some forced car free weekends and people have to use their bikes or the official transportation like bus, tramways and/or the train. And it’s healthy and better for all of us.

    : We have a car free weekend in Norway as well.

  7. That’s so awesome and smart. Not only are you saving money on gas, you’re getting some exercise too =) I need to get my bike fixed! Since we moved to a different house, it’s been broken because we had to sort of dissamble it to get it to fit in the car. 😛

    Anyways, as much as I want to, I don’t think I’d be able to bike around that much either. Most of the places that I have to get to are pretty far away. But if I just have to go to the grocery store, I’d rather walk. It’s an uphill battle. I always get kind of scared when biking uphill!

    DianeCA: Every litte bit helps, and just about all of us could use the extra exercise 🙂 Keep on Walking, I do that too!

  8. Ha ha ha! My local government would laugh me right out of the room!

    DianeCA: Take big friends 🙂 Just kidding, its really a shame though.

  9. […] and safe ride as in Scandinavia takes very good care of its cyclists with nice bike paths. Read my wife Diane’s post where she explains all about it! Let me share some of our adventures from our trip back and forth: […]

  10. You are so right – biking is pleasant – King of the Road. All under control. No pollution. No noise. Only the feeling of beeing free.

    We are really looking forward to meet and stay with you on Wednesday. Had a blast of a time with a childhood friend from Monday to Tuesday. And we are following le Tour de France everyday. For us, it’s really fascinating.

    DianeCA: We are really looking forward to your dropping in. Hope a lil girl like me can be included in the gentleman’s blogging club! We too find Tour de France extra exciting this year 😉 Welcome!

  11. Way to go Diane and what a great form of exercise too 😀

    I used to cycle every weekend near the east coast when I was a teenager. When I started working here (Refinery) I cycled from the Jetty to the office but decided not too because of the pollution 🙂

  12. Good for you! I keep thinking of how I can change daily routines in a way that’s better for me and the environment. I’m not ready to bike to the grocery store yet (too many hills separate us!), but pre-planning all trips about town for efficiency is a start!

  13. reading your post I taught immediatly to Vélib’ in Paris!
    Bike is a fabulous way to walk and even to go every where! In Paris, this is a real succes! People now change their way of life with Vélib’!
    And the other towns will soon adopt it!
    Finally this crise with energies will have a nice impact on us too and not only bad ones.

  14. I don’t know what the price of gas is there…BUT, if it is anything like what it is here, Well…there is a big savings by riding ones bike! And as you pointed out, Great Excersize, too!

  15. Good Luck to you on yer Bike ,glad to see you are making an effort. I have Cycled all my Life since 3 Years old and still Cycling ,I am now 56. We have Cycle Lanes now for a few Years in Dublin but no where near as good as Danmark or Scandanavia or Netherlands,they are twice as wide as ours. But a lot of People are taking it up again Lately to cut costs and get fit, It keeps you from getting Arthritis.
    My Regards Jack Dublin Ireland.

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