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As many of you may already know our little summer home in Sweden is now overflowing with bloggers. My son just appeared and shook his head in disbelief. “You have got one more in the blogging world, how does it feels boys?”

Cute huh? How does it feel boys, having a rockin girl blogger in the house. Like everything else I have to make my place in the blogging family. These guys are pretty crazy, you know. And they don’t mean to take over the spotlight but they just get carried away.  So when you go in to the boys blogs, remember that its us girls holdling the cameras 😉

Tor and Anna arrived this evening around five pm with their car full of goodies for us and big heavy suitcases to drag up the stairs. We have had a charming evening sitting out on the balcony most of the time. Talking about everything from our families, to the origin for words, to the local wildlife, and of course lots and lots of blog talking. I remember definitely hearing a bit about Mrs. Lifecruiser, Claudie, Mother of Inventions, Lime, Eastcoast Life, Dackelprincess, ExpatTravler & Gattina just to mention a few!!  So ladies and gentlemen you are actually part of our lives and something that we talk about daily, and thats the Gods honest truth, you wouldn’t believe how much Renny and I talk about what you all are doing or have said, or have posted on. There is a lot of excitement talking about a bloggers meet at Claudie’s place next summer.

To welcome our guests we served Canadian Lobster, and Norwegian shrimp, already boiled and served cold in the Norwegian way. Here we often eat both lobster and shrimp on white bread with mayonaise, or butter, and a little lemon juice on top. We normally have ‘peel and eat shrimp’. While messy the taste and consistancy is superiour to ready peeled shrimp. Tor and Anna brought some lovely white wine and we enjoyed our dinner with lots of laughs and good conversation.

We had our favorite espresso out on the balcony with fresh cinnamon buns, and a lovely sunset. I hope you all will follow along for this little weekend adventure. Tomorrow we will be taking our guests out to Torsö, and using the cable ferry to come over to the little nature reserve island of Brömö. Stay tuned!! Follow our adventures at RennyBA’s Terella, and TorAa Mirror! As well as here of course!!


Comments on: "Overflowing with bloggers???" (13)

  1. For sure You Blogging Rock my dear and what a Link Lover you are too 😆

    Thanks for your contribution: It enriches the story of the evening and it was interesting to read all about it from your perspectives too!

    DianeCA: Our lives wouldn’t be complete without both perspectives 😉 And of course I am a good LINK lover too!!

  2. […] I’m still on vacation and having a good time in Sweden. I’m still in the mood to share some quality time with you as well; Today something special, since we have bloggers guest of honour and I do think my faithful readers will recognise right away

  3. OMG – after several hours of driving in the Heat of the Nordic Summer, Anna and I arrived in Heaven.
    Lobsters and Shrimps and the Best Wine the House could offer – and rest of the Evening you already have described better than I can do with my 1950’s School English.


    DianeCA: We are happy to have you, and your 1950’s school english is just fine my friend! You are too modest.

  4. That dinner sounds wonderful. I just found your blog, so will be interested in more stories from the Nordic area.

    Welcome and thanks for stopping by!! We post a lot about life in Norway and Sweden so welcome along for the tour!!

  5. I was there too, I was the Canadian lobster 😆

    DianeCA: I thought that lobster was looking at me funny!!!

  6. How wonderful to share time with Tor and Anna. Wish I were with you all!

    DianeCA: Someday you will be!!

  7. Hi Diane….It’s Naomi here…Tor told me that Life Cruiser had something about Bees today..(Because I have a post about Bees…And when I went to see her Bee….I saw your coimment!
    Since you LOVE Bees, you might very much enjoy my last Blogpost….All about Bees on a fabulous Flower Stalk…..I know you and Renny are enjoying your House Guests, Tor & Anna…but if you have a minute or two…Come take a gander at my Bees…LOTS AND LOTS of them!

    DianeCA: I’ll be in, thanks for the tip!!

  8. I was just over at Renny’s … looks like you guys are having a fab time!

    DianeCA: Even more fun today, so stay tuned. Only problem is I am burnt extra crispy!!!!

  9. Oh wow! Sounds like you had such a fun time!
    Lobsters and shrimp? I’d be on cloud 9!

    Haha and yes I agree, you are one rockin’ girl blogger 🙂

    DianeCA: I have to elbow my way in between the big guys but I get there!! The seafood dinner was fantastic, I love all kinds of shellfish! Thanks for stopping in.

  10. How lovely! And so nice of you to give me some linky love.

    I’m glad I’m news worthy. hehe…

    I want to meet all of you too! I hope to do that next year… if you all would have me. ha!

    I will introduce Singapore yummy eats! Get ready for Spicy Lady! 🙂

    DianeCA: It would be a great honor to have you…and your spicy Singapore treats!!!

  11. That’s a great gathering of the minds! 🙂 I’m sure everyone had a great time.

    Thanks and are having tons of fun. We had your kind of fun today…a sunny day at the beach!!

  12. I could see on Renny’s and on Tora’s site how much such a blogger gathering can bee. Who wanna come to Charleston…? LOL…

    DianeCA: Don’t goof around with us we may just show up. My brother lives in Asheville NC!!! Not so far away!

  13. upps…I forgot the most important word: …how much FUN such a blogger gathering can be. 🙂

    DianeCA: Fun it is, and we’ve got more to come!

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