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When we have guests at our place in Mariestad of course we like to show them the best the area has to offer. Today we took a trip through Torsö, the island I posted on earlier with the beautiful cottages – and out to Brömö. First I have to tell you that Tor was very excited about visiting his island. You see Tors ö means, Tor’s Island in Swedish….so we just had to show him that.

Full Ferry
Full Ferry

At the other end of Torsö is another island called Brömö. This island is mostly a nature reserve, and cars are very restricted. Only the few that have a cottage on the island are allowed to have a car with them. Most of the people had bicycles with them, or rented bikes once we got to the island. To get to the island you have to take a cable ferry, which is pulls us over to the other side. I have never experienced the ferry so full, and it was a real contest to get a hold of 5 bikes for our crew to ride out the The Great White Beach. Here is a pic of how full it was on the ferry boat, it had to actually cross 2 times to get everyone onboard. I also have taken a pic of Renny, positioning himself for the best angle to his pictures.

Renny at the Cabin
Renny at the Cabin

The weather was perfect for such a picnic. The sky and the water were clear blue with hardly a cloud in the sky.

Clear Blue Sea
Clear Blue Sea

The water is so clear you can actually see the small fish…..and take a picture of them!! With the Nikon camera of course.

Fish in the Sea
Fish in the Sea

The stones are just as fascinating to look at. Like a Japanese water garden.

Rock Art
Rock Art

The children on the beach enjoyed the natural sand, and made fantastic sand castles….


Some even wrote their name in the sand…to send a greeting to my readers of course.

Name in sand
Name in sand

The sand was so soft my poor son lost his feet! I am happy to report that we found them again before we left for home.

where are my feet
where are my feet

A more perfect day is hard to imagine. We had a wonderful time and everyone came home satisfied with the day…my only complaint is that I am burned extra crispy!! But then again that sort of thing happens on The Great White Beach!! To hear more about our bloggers weekend visit TorAa Mirror and RennyBA’s Terella!

Comments on: "Blog friends beach party in Sweden!" (17)

  1. How fun. Tor finally getting to visit his island and all. The four of you are such wonderful friends. How cool is that? Very! Have a fantastic time. 🙂

    DianeCA: It’s very cool…and we are up wayyy too late but you know summer only comes once a year!

  2. […] all of them…. as long as you stay in the present and live your life the fullest. My wife Diane has posted about the same adventure and so has our blog friend Tor who is visiting us along with […]

  3. Your pictures are all lovely, Diane, but I especially love the shot of Renny. 🙂

    Summer really only does come but once a year. We need to enjoy it while we can.

    DianeCA: I love to take pics of his crazy antics to get the best shot!! If people only knew what I go through sometimes living with that wild blog-o-maniac. I have thought about writing a book hehehe!

  4. A perfect Day – that’s for sure it was – on a very idyllic Island. Free Healthcare – of top quality, so to speak.
    Wonderful photos.
    The only tiny stress, you remember: the fuel. But we made it to the gaz-station. And I filled up – more than 10% over the capacity;)). The World is gentle to nice People.

    DianeCA: I think your car did very well on the few drops of fuel we had left.

  5. I have so enjoyed reading about your idyllic holiday and seeing the beautiful photographs.
    You are indeed a ‘Rockin’ Girl Blogger’!

    DianeCA: Thanks, it ain’t easy keeping up with these crazy guys…but I won’t be outdone hehehe!!

  6. You have very neat printing….even in the sand! (It’s the teacher in me!) Looks lovely and it does so look like Canada! I’m trying to transport myself to your deck in the last post awhere I could enjoy the sunset, coffee and sweet buns!
    Thanks for visiting!

    DianeCA: I have been a substitute teacher, and worked as a teaching assistant in the preschool.

  7. Hi Diane.. thank you so much for visitng. I am putting all the pieces together now.. and i realized that you are Renny’s wife..how nice for you two to blog together! I have enjoyed catching up with your side of the story for your vacation.

    I have been telling Renny that I have never been to the beach really or had wine….much less a nude beach!

    Thanks for stopping by again.
    I will be back!

    DianeCA: Yep, I am Mrs Renny hehehe. Your daughter is just adorable, I enjoyed your blog as well. We won’t push you on the wine or nude beaches, but you should really give your little sunshine girl a chance to play in the water and sand sometime!! Its so good for children!

  8. Your post is MUCH better then Renny’s ….. 😉

    Hello from SpeedyCat!

    DianeCA: hehehe thanks SpeedyCat, and Welcome!

  9. Lucky you, you have lovely weather! I still can’t believe how clear (and unpolluted hopefully!) the water is. When I lived in France by the sea, I don’t think I ever saw fishes like that…

    DianeCA: The water was quite still and is very clean. We spent a lot of time playing with the fish and watching them, but I was surprised they came out in the picture.

  10. I love how clean and clear the water looks! It looks like y’all are having such a blast. Yay! 🙂

    DianeCA: Thanks! It is the best summer weather we have had in many years.

  11. oh that water just looks so perfectly inviting! glad you all are having such a great time and thanks for sharing it with us:)

    DianeCA: We had a lot of fun, Now Tor and Anna have just left for home but we have a lot of good memories.

  12. Wow what a beautiful place. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad you did, otherwise I may have never been able to see what a nice blog you have. Keep up the great work. 🙂

    DianeCA: Thanks and the same….your blog is also very interesting and thought provoking. I recommend others stop by!

  13. What a great and fun post again! I enjoyed to read and to see your photos from your journey to the beach. I’m glad you’ve found your feet again…:-)

    Yep those feet come in handy on the way home!

  14. The beach is so beautiful…reminds me a bit of the lake that I used to go. Amazing photos:)

  15. Sun, good food and good companionship…what more can a gal want on a summer’s day?

  16. Awww that looks like so much fun! I love the photos of the sea and beach. Wish I could have been there.

  17. […] was said to be 24C (75F) and all ages participated. Some needed refreshment during the race too: Diane and I had our blog friend Tor and his wife Anna with us that day. Click to see the adventure […]

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