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What did you buy today? I’m curious to find out! In this meme, you have to list four things you bought during a day.

Renny and I were sent this meme by Zhu, who Is curious enough to send it to folks around the world to find out what kind of crazy stuff we are buying. Good idea! I hope you won’t be disappointed as my list isn’t too exotic hehehe! Since I am the shopper in the house, my husband HATES shopping….I will let you take a peek into my shopping bag today.

First item, definitely not glamorous! Nasal spray….grass allergy got me started, and now I am sorry to say I am hooked. I will have to beat it sometime, but not in the middle of allergy season and my summer vacation – Renny you are not allowed to comment on my bad habits!!

Addicted to spray

Addicted to spray

Second item: To the state run liquor store to buy some Chardonnay. We are having a record hot summer, and its just not summer without my favourite indulgence, and my greatest sin….

Cold white wine....mmmmm

Cold white wine....mmmmm

Third Item: Now we are getting exotic, are you ready….herring!! Hehehe this is actually a favourite old fashioned summer dish in Norway. The herring is preserved and served cold, along with onions, beets, egg, sour crème and potatoes. The only ‘cooking’ I had to do then was the potatoes, the rest of the dinner is a cold dish which we enjoyed on the balcony. Normally one would expect us to drink that white wine with fish, but the herring is salty so its better with beer and aquavit!

Sild (Herring) dinner

Sild (Herring) dinner

And the fourth item is: A health and fitness magazine!! I thought that was pretty funny after reading the other items on my list. Maybe if I lay off the Chardonnay (and beer), break my nasal spray habit and cut out the sour creme I might not need the last item!! Hehehe but you know summer time is a time for enjoying life and dreaming. So I am enjoying life and dreaming about being thin thin thin for next years bikini season, cause this year its too late 🙂

Swedish health and fitness mag

Swedish health and fitness mag

Or maybe its the last item on the list which is the worst habit, the most unhealthy of all. I mean I consider myself a well read, well informed, modern feminist. I hate the super skinny female sex object ideal which commercialism sells us, and yet here I am….just like all the other girls, looking for that last piece in the puzzle that will solve my body issues and finally turn me into the Barbie doll that I ‘am’ on the inside but not on the outside.

Well my friends that is the glamorous, mysterious, exotic real me…. maybe not quite what you expected, but well, the week is early. I’m sure I will do something much more exotic in the next few days!! If you would like to know more about Norwegian sild, or herring, then read Renny’s article from last summer.

Comments on: "Meme – a look into my shopping bag!" (17)

  1. You two really know how to live. White wine, beer (okay, not so much) and the food is always delightful. What a wonderful post (meme). Have a great day. 🙂

    DianeCA: Thanks…its just the real me.

  2. Thanks for letting peek at your shopping bag!

    Nasal spray… yep, here too. I bought one just last week. I used to buy a lot of magazines but I read them too fast, so now I just borrow them from the library. I find magazines were much cheaper in Europe too… here most of them are at least CA$5.00!

    I don’t drink wine but have a glass on me 😉

    And the food looks lovely as usual… the mix of hot and cold must be perfect for the hot summer.


    DianeCA: Yep the nasal spray is hard to get away from!!! Our magazines are pretty expensive too but I usually only have time to read them on vacation. I peek at others mags when I work the night shift sometimes too….

  3. Where do you live in Norway?

    We live just outside of Oslo, Norway. I have been here for almost 10 years now.

  4. i just went grocery shopping today and came back with all sorts of fruits and veggies. oh and a container of ice cream, but thats’ allowed if i eat my fruits and veggies right?

    That’s right…if you eat your fruits and veggies the calories don’t count!

  5. Besides the nasal spray the rest I would also buy ! especially the Chardonay it was my favourite white wine.

    DianeCA: My favourite too! Not too sweet, not too sour, and very refreshing when served cold.

  6. Funny mix of stuff in your bag! Good food and wine – you’re speaking my language.

    DianeCA: What no fitness magazine hehehe!! When I lived in New York I used to play a little game if I went to the store after 8 pm. The game was which item on the rollerband did the person in front of you run out for! Melk, break and TP are easy ones, but then you would get a person who had like – watermellon, lettuce, toothpics and paper plates….your guess is as good as mine. Is dinner stuck in their teeth? Are they going on a picnic tomorrow, or do they have a lettuce craving??

  7. I thought it was funny that, after scrolling down the 3 items you had in your shopping bag, you had the fitness and health magazine. 😛

    DianeCA: I did too!! Shows the kind of fantasy world i live in 🙂

  8. Hey really cool Diane, Zhu tagged me too and it is fun to see what you’ve shopped too.

    The herring sure looks interesting 😀

    DianeCA: Oh I’ll be over to look at your list 😉

  9. Oh my gosh that meal looks wonderful!

    DianeCA: We now have so many photos of my meals that I think could start a cookbook hehehe.

  10. I’m very adventurous so even though cold herring doesn’t exactly sound like something I would normally eat, I wanna try it!

    Oh haha and I love buying fitness magazines as well… as I buy like cookies and other unhealthy food 😛 I don’t think I’m aiming to be like the impossibly skinny women on the covers on those magazines. I just love to stay informed and part of that means knowing the most nutritious foods out there and what exercises I might be able to do in my free time.

    DianeCA: I think I am usually looking for inspiration in the magazines. I need to start training!

  11. Oh, a cold glass of wine sounds delicious!

    DianeCA: I’ve already had a couple…her I’ll pour you some!

  12. Cold beer and food sounds really good right about now. Yum! I wish my family liked beets. I LOVE beets.

    DianeCA: I never ate beets before I came to Norway, but I tried them with some foods here and found out I liked them. They are super healthy by the way, all colorful vegetables and fruits are.

  13. So if not on your bad habit, let me comment on your good then: Great mood, wonderful chef and a magnificent wife 😉

    DianeCA: Awwww now I’m blushing!

  14. That cooking with cold white wine!!! Sublime! I can’t resist just watching at it! and of course after such table’s pleasure just reading fittness and calories go away without a doubt! Ha! ha!
    In my bag there was today a fountain for water filtration. Now I haven’t to buy each week plastic mineral bottles. And I have pur fresh water at home! Mélissa bought a bottle of monoï oil for the beach with the flower inside (the flower is very important) and a pink Rosé de Provence, fresh wine to taste with the parfumed tomatoes of Pierre’s Garden!

    DianeCA: Congratulations on your water filtration system. And I am sure that Pierre’s tomatoes taste wonderful!! And they have almost no calories of course!

  15. That was quite an eclectic selection. 🙂
    I love fish. That looks delicious. I would do this meme but I only shop once per week and it is far from exotic or exciting.

    Mine would be:

    1. cat litter
    2. Coke Zero
    3. Condtioner for my hair
    4.Printer Ink Cartridge.

    I am so embarrassed! 😛

    DianeCA: I see shining beautiful hair. A cat, a wonderful companion. Printing out something good…with a diet coke! Nothing wroing with that!

  16. Oh joy!!! I’m coming to your house, I swear. Some day. Soon. B4 I die. I love the way you 2 live *big huggies ~n lovies*

    Now, stop on over when you can and pick up your gift. It’s here: Perfect Blend of Friendship

  17. What a fascinating shopping bag. And what a diversity. I’m impressed.

    My shopping bag the last days here in Michigan: Everything from crushed bricks, via Majestic Palms to Pork sirloin to white wine, wood for bookshelfs, screws, soil, Nikon D60, 240 GB portable disk, ice cream, corn, olive bread, butter, bradshaw etc etc etc

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