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I would like to begin today by congratulating the Chinese people on a fantastic opening ceremony for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing!! We have been watching through out the afternoon and now we are seeing the highlights on television. The whole world had high anticipation to the opening ceremony, and I would like to congratulate China for a perfectly synchronised and amazing performance.

What I found most fascinating with the performance is the human element. Synchronised movements with something as simple as thousands of small lights were used to create elegant scenes when watched from above. I feel they also did a lovely job of highlighting their cultural contributions to the world, as well as the diversity of ethnic groups within China. I admit that I am guilty of seeing the Chinese people as a whole and have not had a proper appreciation for the ethnic diversity within the enormous country.

Opening Ceremony in Beijing

Opening Ceremony in Beijing

As I hope most of you know I am a supporter of equal rights, and do not support censorship and strong governmental control. However I as an American feel that I cannot always stand for the actions of my own country. I do not agree with the war in Iraq either. I feel that we cannot judge all the people who have worked so hard to make this show a reality by the politics of those in power. When China is finally opening its grand doors to the world, let us embrace the positive, the beautiful and the amazing which can be found within.

Now on a more personal note, my humble blog has been awarded the Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 from first my good friend Sandee at Comedy Plus, and soon afterwards my partner in blog-crime RennyBA. My blog is still quite young and I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for feeling that I am worthy of this honor!

Brilliant Weblog!!

Brilliant Weblog!!

The rules for this award are:

* The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.

* Link to the person you received your award from.

* Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

* Put links to those blogs on yours.

* Leave a message on the blogs of the people you have nominated.

I now have the honor of sending the award on to seven other bloggers. Here are my picks:

Claudie at Lazaza83

Citizen of the world at A little off Kilter

Marybeth at Dackel Princess

Lisa at Fleur de Lisa

Diane at Much of a Muchness

Pinay Jade at Life and Me

Mar at Maremagnum

These are blogs that I read and enjoy..and they are not listed in any particular order you are all favorites of mine!! Congratulations I think you are Brilliant!!


Comments on: "Opening ceremony in Beijing, and an award for me!!" (18)

  1. I was most surprised during the ceremony when I realized when inside each of the printing blocks was a person. Then I remembered, China’s greatest resource was people! And I believe the ceremony highlighted very well how many people have put in hard work and want to see this Olympic be an excellent one.

    DianeCA: I also thought that performance was fantastic. I think that they did a good job of representing the collectivist spirit of China. So many people working together can do anything I guess!

  2. I watched the ceremony – it was awesome and has set a new benchmark that I fear London is going to struggle to meet, never mind exceed! We shall see. We have 4 years to get it right. I’m not holding my breath…

    Congratulations on your thoroughly deserved award and thank you SO much for passing it on to me *blushes profusely*

    DianeCA: You deserve it without a doubt. London isn’t so far away, maybe we will be lucky enough to travel and see some of the Olympics. I would like that! Hubby would go nuts!

  3. I haven’t watched any of the opening ceremony yet. I hope to catch some.

    Oh, thank you very much for the award. That’s high praise. 🙂

    Hope you and Renny have a wonderful weekend.

    DianeCA: You deserve the award. I am so glad you didn’t give up blogging, we really enjoy visiting you. I am sure you will have no problem catching the highlights from the opening. They are really worth seeing.

  4. I didn’t see the ceremony I was on the beach all the day swimming in waves against the wind and we came back in the evening.
    I hope to see more tomorrow on TV.
    Like you I am a supporter of aqual rights. I am really glad for chinese people who receive for the first time the whole world. A wind of freedom wich could open the minds. I wish after this fabulous event things will progress in the good way.
    Congratulation for the beautiful award you received and I have no voice still so much I am glad you passed it to me!

    DianeCA: Hope your voice comes back soon. The beach is a better use of a wonderful day. You can catch the highlights on the news about every hour hehehe.

  5. Diane:

    Thank you so much for writing on the opening! I haven’t seen it myself, but sure I will.

    Congratulations on your award!!

    DianeCA: The opening is really worth seeing, you should at least catch the highlights.

  6. ‘O goofy one. I’m glad you found my gift (and how nice you got some more)! You know, I didn’t intend to stow it away so you wouldn’t find it…but I understand what it means to lose sight of reality sometimes…all the time…

    BTW: I’m writing (yay) so I won’t be visiting for a while and since you’re having a tough time, I thought I’d better let you know, as you may not find my current post *giggling* For the heck of it, here’s something else for you. You should take it home and put it up on your wall: WW #31

    Have a gr8 weekend!

    Hahaha I will have to save that one for the days when I can’t quite ‘get’ what I am supposed to be learning in my studies hehehe. School will soon start up and I willl be busier as well. Just pop in when you can! It’s great you’re writing now!

  7. I watched the opening ceremony and it was truly amazing!! so much hard work and discipline behind it.
    Congratulations on that well deserved award!! Thanks so much for passing it on to ….me??? really?? I feel very honored, thank you very much, Diane! Have a lovely weekend,

    Glad you accept the honor! We have been following the Olympics through out the day. The Norwegian girls soccer (football) team won again today. One step closer to the semifinals.

  8. I’m watching as I write and the Zhang Zhimu choreography is quite amazing. I missed it this morning (8am for us) because I had a class to teach!

    I can’t wait to be there next week.

    I can tell I know China pretty well now (it will be my fifth trip, been learning the language for 12 years) and the misconceptions and stereotypes make me mad. I hate the current China-bashing.

    They were a lot of documentaries about China on TV this week and they were all so negative: the pollution, the Tiananmen massacre, the only child policy effects, the small hutongs (old neighborhoods) being destroyed, Tibet, Taiwan etc.

    Er… when the USA hosted the Olympics, I don’t remember seeing anything about slavery, the KKK, the wars and dictatorship sponsored by Uncle Sam etc!

    Sorry for the rant. I’m not anit-American at all. I despise the current gov’ but I love the country, its people and its culture. I just don’t think it’s fair China is being blamed everywhere.

    Sure, the country isn’t perfect but people have to realized China was a feudal country till 1911, invaded by England, France, Russia, Japan, Germany and others. It has come a long. Let’s let the country decide what’s best for him. We can suggest and have an opinion but ultimately, I don’t think we are any better.

    DianeCA: I don’t feel it is Anti-American either. I do agree there has been a tremendous amount of China bashing the last couple of years. I know that not everything over there is perfect and there are lots of things that need improvements but nobody has a magic wand which can change everything in a day. Change is gradual and usually with good reason. However opening the nation to the world after so many years behind closed doors is a major step, and we need to be better at embracing other ethnic groups, cultures, and ways of viewing the world. I felt the opening gave a beautiful example of the community thinking of the Chinese people. Collectively working for a grand result, each person playing a small roll in something great and amazing!

  9. I’m watching now, as you know they never show anything live here in the USA unless it’s taking place in the USA.
    Thank you so much for my award. I will be passing it along to other tomorrow night.
    Hmmmmm, let me see…..

    DianeCA: You’re welcome. You have a lot of Brilliant blog friends, some of them I have started to visit as well….so you will have fun with this one.

  10. I fully agree with you !! Politics have nothing to do with Olympic games and what the Chinese have done for the opening of the games was the best show I have ever seen. So beautiful and so special and what a hard work there behind !

    DianeCA: I agree, I know myself how little control I have over my own countries politics, I don’t think everyone should suffer for them. The show was wonderful, and flawlessly done.

  11. Glad that you enjoy the performances at Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony. It’s 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture in one night. If there’s any one who is studying Chinese history, you would appreciate the massive effort put in my the Chinese organisers. It’s not an easy job!

    I’m very happy and proud of them. They did an incredible job!

    To the Chinese, Face is very important. We have to make sure we do our best as a host whenever we have visitors. No expenses is spared and nothing is considered troublesome … we will go to great extend to make our visitors feel at home.

    See this Olympic Games as a time to bond and make friendship, don’t mix politics with sports and it would be a great moment in human history.

    I am sure that the Chinese people have given us their best Face and are feeling a great deal of national pride today. They did a very good job of expressing a lot of their history into a relatively tight program, and the word I think best describes the performance is Perfection.

  12. Yea a great Olympic Ceremony and lovely to watch it together with you!

    Congrats with your award – you deserves it my dear 🙂

    DianeCA: Thanks for encouraging me to watch and participate in the joy of the Olympic games with you!! I like the girls football team too!! hahaha

  13. I agree, the opening ceremony was fab. Congrats on your award too!

    DianeCA: Thanks!

  14. it was a grand ceremony for sure. it’s funny you mention the synchronization. i was watching with a friend and we were debating whether or not the printing press segment was automated with hydraulics or if it was people underneath. i was sure it was people he said automated. when all the guys popped out from under the cubes it was wild! i can’t even imagine the practice that took.

    The printing press segmant was amazing!! They did an awesome job!

  15. Congratulations to the award, well deserved Diane!

    DianeCA: Thanks!

  16. The opening ceremony was very cool, they did a great job!

    Congrats on the award – that’s awesome!

    DianeCA: Thanks! I do hope you enjoy yours!

  17. I definitely wish I could’ve watched the opening ceremony! I had just gotten home from work and I fell asleep. lol. But everyone who saw it has told me that it was AMAZING. Glad to hear that 🙂

    Congratulations on your award! You deserve it. I love dropping by your blog to see what’s new.

    DianeCA: Thanks, I’m glad you’re becoming a regular visitor. I’m sure you will see some of the highlights of the opening ceremony on reruns on tv, I think I saw much of it at least 5 times hehehe.

  18. I’m woefully behind and just now catching up on blog-reading. So belatedly, thank you!

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