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The AP wire is reporting that today, Tuesday 12th of August, after five days of air and land attacks Russia has ordered a halt to the military action. This sounds like very good news given the photos in the newspaper when I work up this morning. However the next report says that Georgia insists that Russian forces were still bombing and shelling.

Russian Soldiers on the way to Tskhinvali

Russian Soldiers on the way to Tskhinvali

Back to that interesting question lime posted: “it makes me wonder what is so strategic in that little corner of georgia that makes both the georgians and the russians want to fight over it.”

Georgia sits on a strategic oil pipeline carrying Caspian crude to Western markets bypassing Russia, has long been a source of contention between the West and a resurgent Russia, the dominant energy supplier to Europe. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm could this have something to do with the hostilities??

I don’t know, I also see Medvedev’s point, he denounced Georgian attack on South Ossetia launched late Thursday as “genocide.” And harshly criticised the West for supporting Georgia in the conflict, saying it reflected hypocrisy: “International law doesn’t envision double standards.”

I must admit though that even the most libereal left wing in me is starting to get a bit worried here. I do hope this is the end!


Comments on: "Confusing reports on War in South Ossetia & Georgia" (8)

  1. ah, oil…i should have known. sigh…

    And Georgia is housing a nice fat US military base too, apparently!

  2. Of course, oil. 😦 Funny to see people never seem to fight about Easter Island or the Chilean Desert. Natural resources, it always comes down to that.

    DianeCA: Yes the sad truth of the world still seems to be – whats in it for me!

  3. I don’t like oil.


    Can’t we just all blow bubbles together and whoever has the biggest bubble wins?!

    Sounds like a more logical solution then war – I mean blowing up bubbles instead of blowing up eachother!

  4. I have a feeling that the West doesn’t so much want to support Georgia as they want to be in a weird fighting position with Russia. I feel like we’re trying to make up excuses to be mad at Russia.. why? I don’t exactly know. But doesn’t Russia sit on a huge, untouched field of oil? I might be mistaken but that’s what I think based on what I know.

    DianeCA: The words ‘cold war’ come to mind. Biggest dog on the block…. and whoever dies with the most toys wins.

  5. A crying mother pictured on Monday’s paper stopped me from buying the paper this week…can’t handle those devastating pictures of people in sorrow, pain and danger. Just terrible…

    DianeCA: I think it is important that we do not grow numb to the news of war. We must remember that every person who dies has a family which is missing them…

  6. yeah,i really do hope for the end of all of this…


  7. I can only say one thing: I’ll never, ever understand war and will never ever accept it either. In an enlightened time like this? Madness. Pure madness.

  8. People usually don’t need good reasons to start a war. I don’t like war, why can’t people sit down and talk it over.

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