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Friday Fill Ins

Hi friends! I have had a busy week, with a lot to do but not too much to write about if you know what I mean. The long summer vacation is really over now. Kids are back to school, I am back to work, and we are starting work on our research for our Masters thesis which will hopefully be finished and published in the spring.

Having mostly routine things going on during the week I decided to pick up a meme so we have something to write about on Friday night. You are all welcome to play along!!

Summer feeling

Summer feeling

Friday Fill-Ins #87

1. When I’m sick I’m ___usually at work anyway. I have a tough time disappointing others, so I usually carry on and complain – a lot hehehe!

2. When I take a walk, I think about __everything, life, friends, family and God. Taking a walk is my favourite way to pray. It helps when I need a good ‘talk’.

3. Money can’t buy happiness but it can __sure make me feel a lot better temporarily. I have a bad habit of depression shopping when I am down, and I love to go to a café with my friends for a pick me up.

4. Cotton makes me ___feel comfortable_______ and leather makes me __feel sexy.

5. The strangest person/character I’ve had lewd thoughts about was ___Batman, definitely Batman. I think the whole black suit, masked man thing is really sexy…and its easy to fall for the strong silent type!!

6. My favorite color these days is __turquoise__ because __it looks good on me!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to _sleeping at home after two night shifts in a row_, tomorrow my plans include _going to the mass transit museum and visiting my girlfriend__Sunnday, I want to _work on my thesis for my meeting next week_

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


Comments on: "Friday Fill Ins" (11)

  1. Ah you’re doing the Friday Fill Ins. Did you know that the originator of this, Fondofsnape, Janet is my cousin? It’s a small world!

    DianeCA: I did not know that! Cool!!

  2. Hey! Maribeth beat me here…and she doesn’t even play!

    LOL um…we had kind of similar answers for #5…well, from the same movie, anyway!

    Thanks for playing, have fun this weekend 🙂

    DianeCA: Oh yeah everybody knows Batman is hot LOL!

  3. Wow. Talk about having lewd thoughts about a man…. hahaha…. too many for me.

    Funny you have lewd thoughts about Batman, he’s all covered up! … That probably makes you curious as to how he looks under that suit and mask! 😛

    DianeCA: Well aren’t you curious??

  4. As a kid I always LOVED the Batman Comics and I thought he was ver sexy back then…LOL!
    MEME’s are very interesting because you do get to know interesting things about a person that might not come out in any other way.

    DianeCA: And sometimes you give out wayyyy more information then you planned hehehe.

  5. Wow! Batman! Interesting – I’m more of a Spiderman person.

    DianeCA: So you like men in tights huh??? Hehehe

  6. i just can’t believe school starts next week for us. summer os over.

    DianeCA: Ours started a couple weeks ago…you get used to it.

  7. Oh that was good! 🙂 I loved the leather thing and the Batman sexy one. 🙂 Nice answers!

    DianeCA: very revealing 😉

  8. I agree about walks, it’s a great time for reflection!! 🙂

    DianeCA: That is my best way of connecting with the universe around me.

  9. A great way to know you even better darling – besides: You look sexy in cotton too 😉

    DianeCA: Oh Now i am blushing!!!!

  10. Liked your answers. I will have to play this one Friday. You sure sound like you have a full time life. If I try to do too much I get really sick from pushing too hard.

    Walking is a great time to reflect on life. 🙂

    DianeCA: I do sometimes get sick when I over do it as well. Negative stress effects our immune systems significantly!

  11. Enjoyed your fill-ins. Hope you have a good week.

    DianeCA: You too, thanks for stopping by

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