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Summer in review

The sad but unavoidable truth here in Norway is that the fall is on its way. I see the birch in our yard is starting to drop yellow leaves on the grass, the nights are colder and my sweaters are getting more use…

So before we wish summer a final goodbye let us look at our photos and remember the summer we have had.

Kyle white water rafting

Kyle white water rafting

My youngest son Kyle went white water rafting with friends. This is not him entering the water…hehehe but they did all go in once or twice.

Waffles on a warm summer day

Waffles on a warm summer day

A treat of waffles and ice cream in over 85 degree weather!!!

Incredible beaches we visited often

Incredible beaches we visited often

Wonderful trips to the beach and enjoying the sun with friends and with family, and sometimes alone. The summer must end but it will come again. The memories remain as unique as a snowflake, or a dream, a butterfly, or a warm summer day!!


Comments on: "Summer in review" (22)

  1. We hope to take a Baltic Cruise some day and visit Norway. Looks like beautiful country.

    Well however you get here you are welcome to drop in. We will even show you around Oslo.

  2. Maybe a bit sad as the season is short and intense, but then again we learn not to take it for grantee and to appreciate every moment – like you’ve done here my dear.

    Every season has its charm you know, and soon we’ll have the wonderful and colourful fall 🙂

    DianeCA: And I know you will help me make the most of it.

  3. I’m so glad that you had an awesome summer! Those are beautiful pictures… I want waffles right now 😀

    I think we appreciate the summer a lot more because it only happens for 3 months in a year… But I don’t think Autumn is that bad… I love stepping on crunchy leaves and smelling seasonal candles… I bet it will be fun for you too!

    DianeCA: Yankee candle fan?? My mom used to send them to me. I like the fall as well, but here in Norway it tends to go quickly.

  4. Looks like you had a very eventful summer! Those waffles do look delicious. I am looking forward to the autumn weather though and I can’t wait to pull out my cool weather clothes…

  5. We have a couple more months of great weather and then it turns cold here too. It has indeed been a fun summer for you in Norway and for us here in California. Thanks for sharing your summer adventures. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

    And thank you for sharing your good sense of humor! I always know where to go when i need a laugh.

  6. Looks like you have had a wonderful summer! The pics are wonderful!

    DianeCA: Thats one of the best parts of having a digital camera. You always have lots of pictures to remind you of the good days you have had.

  7. The pictures are lovely. Yes, it is sad to see the summer end! Now to look forward to Autumn!

    DianeCA: It’s good to look back to see what fun we had though.

  8. The beach is beautiful!

    DianeCA: I didn’t actually go swimming that day because it was a bit cold, but the sun was just right and the sky was blue for good pictures.

  9. Norway is so very beautiful. Itis on my list of places I want to see.

    Those waffles are making me hungry. They look so delicious. I haven’t had waffles with ice cream in ages.

    The scenery in Norway is very captivating. Awesome photos.

    DianeCA: Let us know when you are ready to make the trip! The best part of the waffles…I didn’t make them. We were at a charming cafe.

  10. it’s hard to believe they are back in school and cool weather is around the corner. we’ve had a very mild summer anyway. looks like you all have some special memories from this summer. 🙂

    DianeCA: We had a cool summer as well except for a couple hot weeks. We have very good memories.

  11. Looks like it was a fun summer – but far too short!!

    DianeCA: Far too short!

  12. You definitely enjoyed summer to the fullest!

    We were in Finland (again!) on our way back on Monday and we were shocked to see how cold it was. True, Beijing was extremely hot but in Helsinki, it was barely 10C and people wore thick winter jackets.

    Here in Ottawa, it’s still summer with a high of 30C. Lucky us!

    DianeCA: Lucky you….I do miss the longer summers we had in NY. Yep sorry to say 10C is about right….here too many days. But the air is crisp and clean and we do love our wool sweaters!

  13. I’m always sad to see summer go, although here we still have at least a few weeks of it ahead of us. But there are signs that fall is coming. I love fall, I’m just not a winter person.

    I love fall too but sometimes it tends to be cold and wet here….

  14. Oh Dear,
    I’m not usually very sentimental.
    with 4 season hard to leave and also to be happy to get rid of –
    gggrrrr- I miss the beauty of each of the 4 of them.
    Crazy? But true.
    Your summary, with 3 photos capture the Nordic summer in a fabulous way.

    btw. See you soon. With friends you would like. Anna I know. Surprises.

    Let us say ‘cheers’ or ‘skÃ¥l’ for the summer that was and the good memories we 4 have shared!

  15. If automn already starts in Norway, I better stay with your summer pictures ! I hate automn, it tells me that winter is coming ! I think I do like the bears I start my winter sleep and come out in spring !

    DianeCA: I have a feeling that I am getting ready to hibernate too!!!! However I think it has more to do with more life in the mornings now that the schools have opened….

  16. Hey that waffles certainly makes me hungry Diane and I’ve enjoyed all the lovely photos…..:D

    DianeCA: Norwegian waffles are extremely good too!! I love them fresh, and I like mine a little well done because I think they are best when they are a bit crispy!

  17. Very well written, Diane! Ah, fall is definitely here. The air is more crisp and the wind is chilly. Beaches, barbecue grills, and ice cream on waffles are just memories of a summer that went by so quickly.

    Well I don’t know if I am ready to put the grill away…..might barbecue if it ever stops raining.

  18. i admire your beautiful beach on the picture and so much fun with rafting!
    Here the temperatures are always hot! The feeling is different than july or august! sounds a little storming but without rain and always sun ! And we are moist day as night!!! It’s not Africa, of course but I would be very stressed if it was raining because I haven’t no more closed shoes and must buy new ones and with the hot temperature I never think to buy them! Each place has got its charm, I think and the most important is to take the best you can but of course with our social life and work it is not always possible that’s why we must preserve a timing just for us and enjoy the life all along the year in harmony with the nature each mal it is possible!

  19. Gosh…. the beach is so inviting! A lovely blue, it looks very clean and unspoiled.

    Glad I could get ice-cream everyday … because we have summer all year round. 😛

  20. Autumn is such a beautiful season. It’s my favourite time over the year where everything seems to turn colourful and the air is breezy. As you welcome the beautiful season on your end, our weather is just starting to get warmer. I look forward to a beautiful spring.

    Hello, first time visiting your blog. 🙂

  21. Ah, yes the lovely summer and lovely photos making us remember the short time it’s here…. *sigh*

    The Water rafting photo is very cool with one of them going overboard like that. Nothing for me, I assure you…. *giggles*

    Looking forward to see you both soon, we’ll have a blast 🙂

  22. Oh that looks like incredible memories.. Now my question to you is, do you take all of these photos? Or is Renny the photo taker? I can just imagine you both with phones or cameras around your neck. 😉

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