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Fall is here in Norway

There is no denying it now. Fall is definitely here for us in Norway. I went for my weekly hike with my girlfriends today, and swimming season was clearly over. Today’s high was 12 C er about 55 F, which is about the same as it has been the last week or so. So now its time to focus on the fall, lets think about the positive side of autumn.

Fall lake

Fall lake

Ten things I like about fall:

  1. Warm soups and stews are in again. Warm food inside to beat the chilly weather outside. On Sunday we had lamb and cabbage stew, click here to see Renny’s article about this Norwegian tradition.
  2. Candlelight! In the summer months we don’t light candles as often because the daylight lasts and lasts here. Now it is dark in the evenings again, and I love the warm glow and feel of candles in the room.
  3. Fireplaces. I love the smell of a fireplace, the warmth, the light, the comfort!
  4. Wool. I love wool socks, wool sweaters, wool shawls, wool blankets and even scarves. Wool is a comfort material, warm and fuzzy inside and out.
  5. Our down comforters, or duvets, I think that’s the modern word for them. We still sleep with the window open for a little fresh crisp air, and its so lovely to curl up under a down comforter when its just a bit cold.
  6. Back to school. I hate to admit it but I like the back to school time of year. Especially this year. My two sons are beginning in new schools and are really enthusiastic about their studies right now, and I am in my last year of my Masters and doing my best to have fun with that.
  7. The new TV season….okay nobody’s perfect
  8. Apples. I really only like apples when they are in season. The fresh fall apples are so much better then the dry stored variety we get the rest of the year.
  9. Boots. In Norway its important to have several types of boots. Rain boots or Wellies as they seem to be called in English these days. A pair of snow boots, a pair of hiking boots, and at least one pair of dress up boots…which Norwegian women live in most of the time.
  10. Fall colors of course!! The significant four seasons all have their charm, and the fall colors are natures final gala before the plants go to sleep and the snow covers them all like a crystal blanket. Without all the other seasons, no one season would have the same value by itself.

What do you like about the fall??


Comments on: "Fall is here in Norway" (16)

  1. You have all my reasons already down. We still have more hot weather to endure before we really feel fall. I love summer, but I’m tried of the heat. Have a great day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

  2. Oh pretty… pretty pretty!

    I looove the cool weather (but not too cold) and I can garden all night long!

  3. there’s no ‘fall’ season in malaysia.. it’s summer all year long.. how i wish we have 4 seasons too.. =)

  4. Oh goodness, wool and boots are two of my pet hates associated with living in Norway in Autumn, Winter, Spring! We can’t risk lighting a fire because of The Toddler BUT warm soup sounds wonderful. Lovely photos.

  5. i love the colors and the crisp air. i was also so happy to be able to put my quilt back on the bed. fall is my favorite season. the only part that makes me sad is saying goodbye to summer fruits and veggies because i love them so much.

  6. I think every season has its charm and to me fall is the great collar season. Like Lime I love the crisp air and of course the golden beauty of nature.

    But most of all I love to experience it with you – whatever season 😉

  7. I love fall colors, eating soup, be lazy at home (fall is a great excuse), cooler weather (esp. after Beijing), beautiful sunsets…

    It’s a great season in Canada.

  8. thepinayblogger said:

    Hi Dianne,

    Reading your list, it made me kinda miss Holland. I love the color changing of the leaves too and eating pea soop (erwten Soup).

    And also I could wear my boots again….well it’s not gonna happen here in Asia.

    “But most of all I love to experience it with you – whatever season ”

    Your husband is so sweet huh;)

  9. I liked your reasons for liking fall….I guess we all have things we like about each season. I like the leaves changing myself.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week

  10. Gosh I can imagine just how beautiful this is just by reading this Diane 🙂

    I remembered staying with our friends in South France and they have this lovely fireplace….ahhh…I wanna join you & Renny Diane 😉

  11. Ever since my sister lived in the Caribbean I learned to appreciate the changing of seasons through her. I remember her getting all excited about wool items and wanting to buy a sweater and trying on gloves!! she lived in shorts and t-shirts all year ’round.
    Your list is very complete. I like the fall because it means the ski season is around the corner and that’s the family sport, which I hope we can continue practicing for many years.

  12. Fall is so beautiful! We never have it in Singapore. It’s summer all year round.

    I can imagine you and Renny drinking steaming hot soup or stew in front of the fireplace. sigh…

    Please take more photos of colourful Fall.

  13. Everything you mentioned sounds amazing! I love eating soup in the fall and clam chowder and jambalaya are my favorites! And even though I don’t watch TV, I love it when there are season premieres because there’s always the promise that I might actually follow a TV series. 😛

    One of my favorite parts about the fall is stepping on crunchy leaves. Sometimes, I walk out of the pathway to step on a crunchy leaf on someone’s lawn! Haha Because it rains too much in Seattle, it’s sometimes close to impossible to find leaves that aren’t drenched so it’s always fun when I come across a few that have a good crunch to them.

  14. I love fall best too for many of your reasons as Canada is so similar with its colours. You look like you have more colour and are a bit cooler than we are at the moment but we are going to a summer cottage north of us so we may see more colour there. We are at about 15-23 and sunny recently and for the next 2 weeks but a few nights are down to 1C! Frost may kill some of the plants soon!

    I love the smell of turkey dinner when you walk in the door from a walk on a sunny day. Love an Indian Summer day too, which is such a gift of hot temps after a frost!
    I love all the decorating colours for our homes, outside and inside. I’m finishing up today with pumpkins and gourds! Our Thanksgiving is in 3 weeks!

    Happy Fall!

  15. Diane,
    your words about the Fall is wonderful. It describes just as most of us here in South East Norway do experience this fantastic season.

    I would like you to describe, sooner ot later, how Autumn Leafes and the Fall felt likefor you in Up-State N -Y. Is is very different from where you now lives?

    btw. Guess we are looking forward to see the both of you on Saturday.
    — and you’ll pick up some very special people from Holland. You all have lot’s in common. I say no more here.

    and – you know – why did I presented so late on Anna’s Guest Presentation on my blog:
    Grande Finale

    For our blogger friends alll over this tiny Globe

  16. 55 brrr. High of 80 here today.

    In later fall, I like the smell of crunchy leaves underfoot, hot chocolate, and the approach of Christmas.

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