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Happy Anna Day!!

 May this day in the blogsphere be known as Anna’s Day!! As many of you already know our good friend Anna, TorAa’s lovely wife is celebrating her birthday on Saturday with a ‘star studded’ party! See TorAa’s blog for details of the exclusive guest list!

Happy birthday Anna

Happy birthday Anna


My bags are packed and I’m ready to go, evening wear all picked out…I spent the evening trying on dress shoes trying to decide which ones hurt least!! Now you learn something about me, I hate high heels, yes I do admit I am a comfort shoe person….but since my dress is truly an evening dress, then I do need shoes! What we go through to be beautiful!!!


Anna doesn’t have to go through quite as much to be beautiful. She is lovely inside and out. We have had many good times together, especially on our little vacation trips. Anna is a fabulous cook and together we can cook up a lot of fun! And she is just as crazy about swimming as I am, so us water angels have something to do together when the boys can’t get their heads out of their laptops hehehe!

Captain Anna paddles us in

Captain Anna paddles us in


We both also love the great outdoors. I so much remember when Tor and Anna brought their canoe when they came to visit us so we could get out and paddle about. Anna naturally had to be the captain since I haven’t actually paddles a canoe since I was about 7 but it all went on very well and nobody fell in! My boys love Anna because she spoils them so much. She is always sneaking them in candy, and really enjoys talking to them both. She is a good listener and takes these young men quite seriously. She also gathers us all together and gets everyone off the sofa for a trivia quiz…and the later it gets the funnier the answers are!!


So we want to wish you a Happy Birthday Anna! We are very glad that we have you as a friend. Life is definitely more interesting with you in it!! Cheers!!!!

Birthday Cheers my friend!

Birthday Cheers my friend!

Comments on: "Happy Anna Day!!" (8)

  1. Have fun at Anna’s gala event! Please send my love and best wishes to her!

    DianeCA: Thanks! Anna recieved well wishes from all over the world and she was very happy for them!

  2. […] wife Diane and I are invited to celebrate Anna’s 3*20s Birthday this weekend. A great honour for both of us, […]

  3. I’m so looking forward to celebrate Anne together with you darling and now my post about this great event is up too 🙂

    So now: off to bed and a good night sleep – I guess tomorrow will be all but sleeping 😆

    DianeCA: No there wasn’t much sleeping going on, but we had a great time!!

  4. oh it’s lovely to see anna through your eyes a bit, diane. i feel know i know her a little bit better. and the picture you chose of her just seems so full of life. just how she seems to be. have a wonderful time and i wish her a very happy birthday.

    DianeCA: The party was great, and you are so right, Anna is very full of life as is her husband!

  5. You are both lovely on the inside and out! I hope you have a wonderful party today. 🙂

    DianeCA: Thank you 🙂 We had tons of fun into the early hours of the next day.

  6. What a beautiful tribute to your dear friend. We had a little party for Anna on the back of our boat on Saturday evening and toasted Anna a Happy Birthday. 🙂

  7. Dear Diane,
    what a remarkable tribute to Anna. This signifies true friendship.
    We can not remember a second without enjoying our moments together.
    Even the Day after the 3×20 celebration, when you for the first time did visit our Summerhouse. Together with Wim and Marjolein, Mr and Mrs Lifecruisers and our Cats.

    Thank you for bringing our Dutch friends to the place of the event and then back to the Airport Train. It seems like you very soon found the melody.

    btw. We are deeply sorry for posting this comment a week too late – no excuse but this: We have been extremely busy. And hosted our wonderful friends from Sweden until Tuesday.

  8. […] Under (Terella) by Mike on 20-09-2008 My wife Diane and I are invited to celebrate Anna’s 3*20s Birthday this weekend. A great honour for both of us, […]

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