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Here I am, back again! Yes, I am still alive if you were wondering. Sorry I haven’t been around so much lately. Life has gotten just a whole lot busier for me now that school is in full swing. My research project is finally underway, and I have demanding classes plus a part time job – so honestly sometimes days go by without me so much as checking my mail. But I take time off when I can, and I am taking time for you NOW.

This weekend I also took a well deserved break with the “Sandbox Mafia” to visit my friend’s family place in the mountains. I have blogged on this as a guest blogger at RennyBA, click here for a look back at my earlier trips.

Coffee break!

Coffee break!

This time we made a fall trip and experienced the best of all the seasons actually. But lets take the trip a little at a time, shall we. On the way up we had a bit of rain, but it didn’t spoil our spirits or the lovely fall colors. The trees are making a dramatic display this year as we are having an especially chilly fall. Here is the Mafia taking a coffee break along the way to the mountain cabin.

Mountain view

Mountain view

Snow has already set in on the mountain tops, and the area where the cabin is was just 34 degrees F when we arrived. There is no electricity or running water hooked up to the cabin, and of course that also means an outhouse (toilet). However getting away from it all, and enjoying the quiet charm of the Norwegian mountains is well worth giving up the everyday comforts. There are some lights powered by solar panels, but these have to be used very sparingly as winter is on the way. There isn’t as much daylight as there is in the summer, you know.

Candles for light and warmth

Candles for light and warmth

The fireplace provides both warmth and light, and candles are placed all around the rooms and even on the outdoor table. Oh did you think we only sit outside in the summer time???

Lighting the night

Lighting the night

Come back in a couple of days to see our mountain walk and fall picnic along the shores of a sparkling clean lake…and a surprise which visited us in the night!!

Comments on: "Getting away in the fall mountains of Norway" (21)

  1. […] area of Telemark province. The nature there is so beautiful, I really hope you will drop in and take a peek. Sometimes it’s a shame she has her own blog because now she isn’t guest posting on mine any […]

  2. How beautiful, but it looks so cold. It’s 80 degrees here today. I’m still wearing shorts, thongs and a short sleeve shirt. Not for long though. Have a great day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

    DianeCA: Well fall is as it should be here. A bit early, just keep watching…the post will get a bit colder before we are done…hint hint.

  3. I’m totally sure of that you did have a marvelous time there! It’s so beauuuuutiful!

    Yes, I know about that alright, the fact that we’re not only sitting outside in the summertime…. We’re Vikings, right? *giggles*

    DianeCA: Yes we are Vikings! We put on our little helmets with horns and fur boots and drink mead and say SKÅL when we sit outside! hahaha

  4. Oh it’s beautiful!

    DianeCA: Since I am a guest at that cottage I can so much agree…it is beautiful up there in the mountains.

  5. The pictures are just amazing! We have similar fall colors over there but no mountain… flat country, I’m telling you!

    DianeCA: Well I have to admit when I had to run up and down that hill to go to the outhouse in the middle of night I wouldn’t have minded it being a bit flatter there either hehehe.

  6. Oh wow! The mountain view is gorgeous! How lovely to have a house in the mountain!
    *waits for next post*

    DianeCA: Good girl because there is more good stuff to come!

  7. Wow, that mountain view is gorgeous! Fall colours are so beautiful.
    I’ll be back for more pics and “the surprise in the night”; you made me curious! 🙂

    DianeCA: Good that was the plan hehehe. The colors are wonderful this year, the one advantage of a cold fall!

  8. newforestdailyphoto said:

    That looks soooo cozy! Lovely view/photos. Glad to hear you had such a nice time-it’s good to get out into the open sometimes. Reconnect with nature….

    DianeCA: It is a wonderful way to recharge my batteries.

  9. just such a beautiful time of year and such a charming cabin to get away too!

    DianeCA: And such fun girls to go with! Don’t forget that 🙂

  10. Hello Diane,

    Renny invited us to drop by and check your trip to Rjukan.
    Beautiful pictures…I also love the colours of Fall, it is magical, isn’t it?

    The cabin seems cosy although I could imagine the chill *Brrrr*!

    Thanks for sharing this trip with us :D!

    And good luck with your research!

    DianeCA: Thanks for stopping in. The weather was cold, but we were not…proper clothing and a beautiful fire does a lot and is actually quite wonderful to experience.


  11. Although I miss you as a guest blogger at mine, I’m glad you have your own voice in Blogsphere now!

    I know you had a great trip and it was lovely to have you back home to share even more details. You really deserved this fun weekend with the girls and I can tell you are really adjusted to love the rural lovely life of nature 😉

    DianeCA: Who can NOT love the Norwegian nature.

  12. Such a beautiful area!! 🙂 Looks like you had fun too!

    DianeCA: Definately, it was tons of fun!

  13. I really love the mountains. Especially in Autumn. I can almost smell the fallen leaves.:)

    DianeCA: And feel the leaves crunching under my feet!

  14. Oh Diane, with such a lovely environment I’ll be visiting all the nature parks and soak in the atmosphere too…it is so therapeutic just by seeing all these photos.

    The place is so cozy and really I wish that I can join you folks there 😀

    When you decide to visit Norway give us a call, we will give you the grand tour!

  15. Beautiful! It looks so cozy 🙂 I also love the beautiful fall colors. I usually dread autumn after the summer but when the trees start turning into fiery colors before all the leaves fall, I can’t help but think that I love autumn so much too!

    In the early fall I was also a bit blue that the summer was going, but now that I have adjusted I am enjoying Natures color show.

  16. Great pics! I love rugged holidays. It is crisp and chill here in Canada now and the frost leaves ice on the car windows.

    DianeCA: And scrapers in our mittens in the morning hehehe

  17. It looks wonderful!! (but it sure seems cold already!!)

    DianeCA: Yep it was 2 degrees Celsius but we know how to tackle the cold here.

  18. Lucky you, dear Diane, at least between all you have to do, you could have time to visit the wonderful mountain area close to Rjukan (- Heavy Water production in the 1940’s and several movies from what happened: Hereos of Telemark etc – you can write an article about that) with your very good friends in the “Sandbox-mafia”.
    The pictures are really nice and stimulating.

    btw. This weekend will be very busy for us:
    Closing the Summerhouse on saturday and on Sunday my mother has her BD. She is still young at heart and mind and we will bring a bottle of Champagne + + to hers 89th BD. We will post it.
    see you around

  19. Ah, it looks like heaven! So beautiful!

  20. I just found your blog through your husband’s and glad to say I tripped in! I wonder who is the gifted photographer in the BA house, as you both put up such great photos. I am cold just looking at you, and enjoying my warm Hungary (for the moment, wait 10 minutes and I am sure it will start snowing already!)

  21. Oh, now I see that was the outhouse! (Nice big one!) A neat little cabin too. It’s very cool that you do this with your babe friends!
    You are so very balanced in your life’s activities, Diane!

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