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Okay well I think you have waited long enough for part II! As I said earlier these are actually busy times for me, and I am very thankful that I make appointments with my friends because otherwise I would never get around to spending time with them. My studies are very demanding right now, as is my job…so free time has to be well planned!

Resevoir in Rjukan

Resevoir in Rjukan

I do believe that friendships need to be invested in, just like a marriage. You have to make appointments and keep them, do things that are interesting together so that your friends have a common history, a common ground in which to put down roots and grow. Some may think that I take off on weekend trips with my girlfriends quite a lot. That’s a bit more common here, and easier now that my children are teens, but it is an important part of our history and an irreplaceable part of my social relationships.

River bed

River bed

Now back to last weekends trip. On Saturday we took advantage of the good weather to take a hike in the surrounding area. I have earlier posted on Rjukan waterfall. This trip was to a damn and an artificial lake where they now control the water into the river below to create our famous clean hydroelectricity. On one side of the damn is a lovely ‘artificial’ lake (pic at top), and on the other side of the damn (which we crossed….scary scary!!) you can see the river beds lovely rock structures and form.

Fall picnic

Fall picnic

As is the tradition in Norwegian hiking we brought along a backpack with food and drink and sunned ourselves (in the degree you can sun yourself in a winter jacket, hat and mittens) along the waters edge. My friend Eli is a master at knitting and if you try to get a good look she made both the Norwegian style hats, and her sweater in the picture. I truly envy her patience and her skills.

Not glamorous hiking!! I hate hats

Not glamorous hiking!! I hate hats

Here is a picture of me on the trip, not quite as glamorous as the Norwegian girls. My sweater is Dale, a Norwegian original, but bought in a shop. I do not knit as well as Eli.

Surprise in October

Surprise in October

Then of course there is the surprise I was telling you about. Here in the last picture you can see it in the background….what is that white stuff gathering in the night on the edge of the terrace???

Stay tuned to see how much fun we had the next day!!!

Comments on: "Hiking in the Rjukan valley of Norway" (13)

  1. How fun. I adore hiking and what beautiful country to hike in.

    I don’t knit at all and don’t think I have the patience or the aptitude for it. I am not crafty at all. Oh well, it allows me to appreciate those that are.

    Glad you had a good time, and you are already getting snow? Yikes. We don’t get snow here at all. Well, it’s been years.

    Have a great weekend. Big hug to you and Renny. :

    I am learning to knit now, have to keep up you know. The snow only is in the mountains. We were pretty high up. And it was definaley early…but fun!

  2. Snow! Oh my! I feel it will soon be upon us in New Hampshire. But hopefully not until the last leaf has fallen.

    DianeCA: The leaves on your blog look lovely. I hope you will enjoy the fall for a few more weeks at least.

  3. newforestdailyphoto said:

    Noooooo, your playing a trick! It can’t be snow?! Brrrr is all I can say…….

    We say in Norway, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. We can enjoy the snow if we are dressed for it. Actually we were out dancing in it.

  4. Diane! This looks like a wonderful hiking trip! Oh the snooooow! hee hee

    Thank you for your comment, I appreciate you so much. 🙂

    Love and Light ~ and as usual I’d love to be where these photos are!


    DianeCA: I would love to go back there too, as I am home again. Well at least home is where the heart is!

  5. You really are adjusted to the wild life in Norway my dear – even glad and happy to see snow 🙂

    Yes I love all the season thanks to sharing them with you. And tomorrow I will drag you out for some fall color!

  6. I wanted to go sleeping coming back from the estate of a certain bacchus but when I see you on my blog I found the courage to visit you because I really love Norway pictures! The artificial lake is beautiful and what do I see??? Something white? Houha! What a chance you had!

    yes, let it snow. let it snow, let it snow!!

  7. Oh, such a beautiful place. I love the photo of the river bed most. Interesting how dry it was and how much rocks there were.

    …and what are you talking about, you look fab in that hat & sweater. Like a try Norwegian, huge compliment that is!

    Though I’ve never liked to wear knitted hats, they itch on me and makes my hair stand straight up from the static electricity. So I always buy winter jackets that includes a cap, they leaves more room around the hair and stop that gap in the neck where cold air can make me freeze.

    …and SNOW-WOW. Early. We often gets the first snow around the 25th of October, but it never lasts.

    So, were you making snow angels the day after that? Having a snowball war? *giggles*

    DianeCA: We were out dancing in the snow and even a short ski trip of course. Stay tuned.

  8. Hm. That should say”… like a TRUE Norwegian…” but maybe it’s both? *giggles*

    DianeCA: Hehehe yes it is both.

  9. It looks… cold!

    No, it looks great but you ladies seem to dress warm…

    The pictures are beautiful. We don’t have that many rocks in Canada. The river bed is really interesting.

  10. It started snowing?? Beautiful! I definitely agree about having to invest time and effort into friendships. I had a nice dinner with my high school best friends this weekend and it was a blast! I’m glad that you’re working hard but you’re taking time to have fun when you have some time off!
    By the way, I love your pictures… I’m a geology geek and I love earth formations so I love the picture of the river bed! 😀

    DianeCA: I took Geology as an elective in college and I too find it fascinating to look at rock and earth structures and think about how they came to be.

  11. i am glad you have made time with friends a priority. my closest ones all moved away in a short time span and i have sort of felt a bit lost without them. i need to make more of an effort to build some time with other friends so those relationships can deepen and find time to go visit the ones within reach. this post was a nice gentle challenge to me. thanks for sharing it.

    thanks also for the birthday greetings you left at my place over the weekend. the friends here in the blogworld, like you, helped make it a special day.

    DianeCA: I’m glad the transition is going smoothly 🙂 The birthday itself is the toughest part, it gets better after that. When you realize you didn’t wake up old and wrinkled after all.

  12. I applaud your weekends with friends. This time is precious and healthy – good for you! Autumn is my favoritie part of the year and living in Florida means I often have to enjoy this season through others photos. Thank you for sharing the photos of such a beautiful place.

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