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Sugarcoated fairytale

It snowed and snowed and frankly we were delighted. We were so hoping we would be snowed in and could with all honesty and self respect ring our employers on Monday morning and say, “I’m terribly sorry, I can’t come in today – we are snowed in up here!” However as beautiful as it was there wasn’t enough snow down at the parking place that my friend couldn’t drive out, with snow tires of course.

Mountains sweet as sugar

Mountains sweet as sugar

Late into the night we ran in out and of the cabin (mostly to pee…) with reports of how much it was snowing. It even made going to the outhouse and adventure. Don’t worry the cabin was nice and warm with a roaring fire and candle light

OUt in the snow to go to the bathroom

Out in the snow to go to the bathroom

In the morning the sun came out and we had a sugarcoated fairytale on the ground and all around. Eli couldn’t resist taking a little ski trip to test the snow!!

The birdies loved our leftovers

The birdies loved our leftovers

Even the little birds came out to enjoy the weather and feast on our taco leftovers from the day before. Oddly enough we have noticed regularly that these paticular birds love taco!! We imagine a little Fiesta up in the trees around us hehehe!

A REAL Norwegian women

A REAL Norwegian women

Unfortunately even the beautiful snow can’t help morning hair!!! I ran around for like an hour before I accidentally saw my reflection in a window….we just had to take a picture! Good friends don’t tell you when you have chicken hair!

Morning Doo - chicken hair!

Morning Doo - chicken hair!


Comments on: "Sugarcoated fairytale" (11)

  1. Oh what fun! The first snow of the season!!! Outhouse? You are a rugged woman!

  2. I really really love snow. We do not get any where I live now. I could play outside all day in it. My mother would have to holler at me to come in so as not to get frostbite. Beautiful pics and the chicken hair is quite cute. :o)

  3. How wonderful and how beautiful too. What fun and I love the do. Mine looks about like that every morning. We all look like that. Just saying.

    Have a great day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

  4. Despite the cold you are still smiling and that’s wonderful 😀

    Love the snow and I think we really need it badly here in Singapore…send some snow over Diane 😉

  5. Snow? Already? Oh my….

    It’s still about 15-20C in Ottawa, I guess we are lucky. I can’t even think of snow right now, no matter how beautiful it may look!

  6. There was an outhouse? That is so cool! Haha And I know what you mean about kind of hoping you can get snowed in. I always kind of hope it will snow then I won’t have to go to school!

    And your hair was fine… It looks cute! You should see me in the morning… I look like Chaka Khan but in the wrong decade 😛

  7. newforestdailyphoto said:

    Ahhhhh -so beautiful! It brings back so many memories………. Stunning Diane – simply breathtaking!

  8. I enjoyed all your adventures Diane! Great and it seems that you know how to enjoy your life in Norway, even in snow. That was also a short fall… and here it’s just starting.

    Sorry, I was not visiting the last time, but I’m still here, I’m reading with RSS your posts.

  9. How beautiful! We’re always so excited about the first snowfall. Is that the outhouse or the cabin?!!

  10. ho! the snow! beautiful! This so charming! I don’t know if I will see snow this year!! for that I would have to travel in Alpen! I think i will do it!!!!

  11. I love it! “A real Norwegian woman!” My roommate was from Kongsberg, and another friend from Stravanger used to always bring me to great Norwegian socks. So thick and wooly and toasty. Looks like you could use some.

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