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Friday Fill ins!

Friday fill ins courtesy of Janet

1. Right now, I’m feeling blue cause I’ve gotta work this weekend.
2. Right here on my sofa is where I want to be.
3. How does one eat a coconut?
4. My calendar keeps me on track.
5. Please don’t wake me too early.
6. Listening to good music fills me with joy.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to seeing my friend and colleague at work, tomorrow my plans include a rather long nap Sunday, I want to have a date with my husband.

Fall beauty

Fall beauty

Hope you have a beautiful weekend with lots of color inside and out!!


Comments on: "Friday Fill ins!" (17)

  1. my weekend will the best it can be because tonight I am on vacation. I just come back from my theater’s lesson and tomorrow I hope I will have the time to find all the colour inside and out! I prepare a big programme for holidays!!!!

  2. Hope you have a chance to spend time with Renny too!

  3. enjoy that nap and time with renny!

    i think my couch is calling me too.

  4. newforestdailyphoto said:

    No 5 – please don’t wake me too early…I’m with you on that one sista!

    Have a wonderful weekend and may work be gentle on you.

  5. I never knew there was a Friday meme like this. I us to do Friday Feast. I will have to start participating in this one. Looks fun. :o)

  6. I’m trying to put as much time in outdoors (gardening) as I can – too beautiful out not to.

  7. I hate working on WE too… you should have heard me last Sunday, lots of bad words coming out of my mouth! 😆

  8. We opened a coconut before with a nail and a hammer. lol Once all the juice was out, J bashed the coconut open with the hammer.

  9. I am sorry to hear that you had to work but I hope you enjoyed your date with Renny was great today! 🙂

  10. I ACTUALLY know how to eat a coconut. Well, you can’t eat the entire thing but my grandparents’ house had a bunch of coconut trees around it and it was fun to go there in the summer when I was younger and whenever I craved for coconut, we got them from the trees and the process of getting the juice, getting to the meat, etc. was long but it was fun to watch! Also, to Filipinos, the coconut is the tree of life so it was amazing that there wasn’t a single part of the coconut (both of the tree and the “nut”) that was left to go to waste. Everything single part had a use… It provided people with food, drink, paper, gas, conditioner, handbags, mats, wood-products, etc.
    If I had known that someone would have been interested in how to eat a coconut, I would have taken a video for you!

  11. Thanks for the most wonderful date my dear 😉

  12. I dont like working on the weekends since it is meant for resting. And yes I know how to prepare and eat a coconut. But there is a different approach when it comes to the old and young coconuts.

    Most of my weekends here in the tropics is spending time in the gym then the mall for a spa treatment, eating lunch with my faghags then watch a movie or do some shopping. But back at home I usually have a nice day with Odd or visiting my grandma Sunniva with my father when I am staying in the countryside.

  13. So shiok to look forward to a weekend and have a great time with Renny 😀

  14. How romantic! To have a candle-light meal in that beautiful surrounding. sigh.

    There are many ways to eat a coconut. You can make many dishes with it too.

  15. Oops. I forgot to play this week. I will have to put it on a sticky note and put it on my monitor! Sorry to hear you have to work this weekend. My hubby works every weekend. I have learned to adapt to Monday and Tuesday as our weekend. :o)
    Take care.

  16. Gorgeous fall colors! Well, now we have frost over here, no snow – yet. Just waiting for it….

  17. Gorgeous fall colors! Well, now we have frost over here, no snow – yet. Just waiting for it….

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