About the changing world all around us

It is a unique experience to participate in and follow an American election from another land. The election has been the main topic on the lips of the people in Norway as well. Barac Obama is overwhelmingly popular in Norway. At the same time the topic has brought from the question of whether or not the United States was ready to elect the first africanamerican president.

Last night we turned a new page in history. Barack Obama’s thrilling victory to the 44th American President is a triumph which promises change, overcame centuries of prejudice and finally shows that in the United States a man can finally be judged not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.

Victory march

Victory march

“It’s been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America,” vows Obama. This is a change long coming for the American people and I feel that it shows a movement into the next generation, into my generation! Which is a generation that grew up under very different circumstances then the one before. I grew up in an integrated society. I grow up with a much more balanced understanding of that people could look different and come from different backgrounds, but still were my equal.

It is important to also point out that Obama stands for more than a change in the status of africanamericans, but to change in many other areas. Obams states in his acceptance speach, “There are many who won’t agree with every decision or policy I make as president, and we know that government can’t solve every problem. But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face.” There is something about him that makes me believe that this is one promise he will hold to us all. I feel that yesterday the American people took back Democracy and finally spoke out for what we want for the future. I thank everyone who turned out to vote and used their democratic rights, regardless of who you voted for. Us? My son and I, both US citizens voted through the good old mail system from our home in Norway over 2 weeks ago.

Here are some of my other friends who have writen about voting or the election, drop by and congratulate them!
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And stop by and wish Renny a Happy Birthday if you haven’t already done so!

Comments on: "The winds of Change are blowing in with Obama" (9)

  1. It is indeed a monetous day, and so wonderful to be proud of being an American for a change.

    DianeCA: I so much agree! Living outside the country I am often turned to and asked to explain for my countries decisions. I am glad I can hold up my head now and answer properly.

  2. The world has changed today! America shows us the way we have to take now and break with our old believes! All can arrive in America! Right! will we see one day a black at the presidence or as the first minister? I hope the minorities and women will have their chance in politic if their personnality is exceptionnel like this of Obama!

    I believe that day will come in France as well. I am very glad we chose to show the world that it can be done, and believe in Obama’s leadership to make it also successful.

  3. You’ve all the reason to be happy and proud my dear. It has been really interesting to follow this years campaign together with as our discussions has been interesting, enlightening and educative – thanks for staying in my life and for enriches it!

    This was the signal we needed from the US people: that they wanted a change too!

    DianeCA: I am so happy that we got together and used our democratic right to tell the world what we are expecting in the future. New Hope!

  4. I’m happy for our southern neighbors.

    I just hope some governments will follow the lead of change… Canada and France, just to name a few. Well, I feel concerned about these two countries and politically, they don’t go anywhere…

    Unfortunately we often need a crisis to get things moving in a new direction. Here is hoping that you don’t have to go through as hard a crisis as the American economy has in order to motivate change!!

  5. I congratulated on my blog yesterday and got a nice compliment from a “Sarge Charlie” : you are such a leftest dope, time will tell.
    Apparently there are also bad loosers ! Lol !
    Anyway here in Belgium we are all very happy, there are more than 40000 Americans living here and a great part in Waterloo. They had gathered in a big hotel in Brussels where they watched the elections on a big screen. Yesterday I saw an interview with the American Ambassador in Brussels and other Americans. They all had been for Obama and he won !

    yep I too am a leftist dope and proud of it LOL!!! When the ‘right’ is as far to the right as it has been in recent years…that puts most of the world to the left. Living outside of the US I have the opportunity to observe (in Norway, Sweden, and also in Brussels) what a good political policy to redistribute the wealth can mean for fighting poverty, increasing a countries productivity, and giving everyone a decent standard of living – not to mention decent health coverage, which is a central issue for me. I am very satisfied with this election, and believe change will come. A change that will not necessarily be the same as the European model but one which will work for the American people, because every land does need its own unique solutions.

  6. Congratulations for the new change 🙂 Yes, I believe that many European countries were hoping for Obama. I know many Swedes did.

    I can’t really say for 100% for myself, since I feel like if I should have been able to vote, I’d have to be updated much more than I am with American politic and politicians, but my intuition and gut feeling is with Obama for sure!

    If not for anything else, just for the need of a change and I think that many Americans were thinking just that thought.

    We’ll also see what this means for the PEACE in the world…


    DianeCA: Yes, I too hope that we will have a more peaceful world. I think Obama will get out of Iraq as quickly as possible, and we will at least not have to worry about Mr. Bush marching into any other countries. Thank God that cowboy is outta there soon!!!

  7. Congrats to Obama!! Congrats to all Americans!
    I was having lunch with several American friends and they overturned the whole table when they jumped for joy, hearing the good news! I got a new suit for compensation! Thanks Obama! hehe….

  8. Oops. Thanks President Obama! 🙂

  9. Dear Diane,
    sorry for my absence lately.
    My head has been from the most seriuos grief to the most busy regarding work in the past.
    I will serious comment tomorrow.

    Lot’s of hugs

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