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Room to think

Since I am always telling you how hard I am working on my term papers, exams, and my thesis. I thought I would take a picture of my favourite study area at school. On the weekends when the class rooms are empty I like to do my studying on the 8th floor of Oslo University College. The building was newly opened last year just before Christmas time, so we are among the first students to use it. On the top floor it has a terrace you can go out on to clear your head, and I love to sit overlooking the terrace and the view of the city. It is a good place to rest my eyes when I am thinking, room to think. (All pictures taken with my new Sony Ericsson G502)

HiO room with a view

HiO room with a view

When I looked at the picture though I realized that I was looking up some old vices I didn’t realize at the time I was giving up. You see I have been feeling chronically exhausted for quite some time, and have had a lot of other minor irritations. I went to a specialist in holistic medicine this week to find out what changes I should make in my habits to beat this awful tiredness. After an extensive review of my history from childhood illnesses to my parents and grandparents help, plus lots of questions about my symptoms, he had a suspicion that I was suffering from food intolerance.

Goodbye vices

Goodbye vices

He thinks that I have an allergy against milk protein, and possibly wheat – or worse gluten. So I have been milk free and wheat free since Tuesday. At first I thought, well this is crazy, I have been brought up on milk and white bread. But something in my system isn’t working right and I am desperate…so I gave up my Caffe Lattes and pressed baguettes with melted cheese. The milk in my coffee really seems to be the biggest sacrifice so far. A daily ritual which was more like a passion for me.

Thankfully it seems to be working. Yesterday I seemed to have a bit more energy and felt like I was coming out of my fog. Today when I woke up I felt, well awake. I feel like I have had more energy then I have had i years!!

Baby seagull

Baby seagull

So now I am feeling free like a bird. Like this friendly little young seagull we met on our trip to the Opera house last weekend. I’m sure you have all seen our trip to the Opera on RennyBA’s Terrella???


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  1. You know I always wish you the best darling and most of all: Free like a bird πŸ™‚

    DianeCA: Thank you for your support my dear. I know you want me to be free like a bird, and that you are always supporting me.

  2. I’m glad you sought help. Food allergies can be very, very bad if not deadly. We have two ladies in our yacht club that have food allergies. One to milk and one to gluten. My hubby (the chef) always thinks of them when we do group pot-lucks.

    I am glad you are coming out of the fog. In no time you will be yourself again and that’s a wonderful thing. You will be able to enjoy that beautiful view even more.

    Have a great weekend. Big hug to you and Renny. πŸ™‚

    DianeCA: We have several in our family that are vegetarians, and we have always taken care to prepare food they can eat as well. Often serving fully vegetarian dinners. So I hope others will extend me the same courtesy. I do hope that this is this is the solution I have been looking for.

  3. I hope this helps. I’d be in a terrible fix as I couldn’t even think of soy milk or anything to replace my fat free creamer. And I just don’t enjoy my coffee black!
    Love the pictures.

    DianeCA: I don’t like black coffee much either but I am working on it. I tried soy milk but soy has an after taste I don’t like. I liked Rice milk but that is too thin so the coffee is just weird and watery. I will figure something out after a while (I hope!)

  4. Oops, you must stay away from those no-no’s. Seems unfair that thing things we are allergic to we crave the most. I can honestly say I have never seen a baby seagull. But I have seen lot’s of the mommies and daddies! πŸ™‚

    DianeCA: Well the mommies and daddies are cute too! But this little fella was really funny because he wasn’t afraid of people. He probably hatched out in the area and is used to hundreds of visitors to the Opera daily.

  5. I have a couple of friends with the same problem – changing their diet made a huge difference to their lives.

    Hope it gets better and better!

    DianeCA:Thanks, so far so good. I even made it to the gym two days in a row.

  6. That’s a great place for studying indeed !
    You are now the third person in a very short time I hear of, who is allergic to milk products ! My friend Chantal who goes with me now on holidays to Egypt, had been told the same just 3 weeks ago. And she had never been allergic before ! Now in her 50th it has started. And she too feels much better. It’s just a little difficult at the beginning to change the habits !

    DianeCA: I like a study place which inspires me. I do a lot of my work at home but sometimes its hard to concentrate here if the family is around, and too tempting to do other (more fun things).

  7. There is lots of milk allergic in Finland for some reasons and we do have it in my family, so I’m very familiar with that. And Gluten too.

    At one point I suspected that I have the same, but there are simple tests at the pharmacy that you can do yourself to test for these allergies which were negative for me. Though it also say that if you have other problems with your stomach, it can be an extra burden with milk and gluten even though you’re not allergic, so it’s better to let it be.

    In my case I also have chronic fatigue because of both my chronic back problems and the Fibromyalgia it triggered, plus too high struma hormone values, so it’s hard to tell what’s what πŸ™‚

    If it’s the lactose in milk you’re intolerant too, there are Valio’s lactose free products that work very well. I use them for my coffee and in recipes. Valio’s is best, tastes like ordinary milk, I don’t recommend some of the others that really don’t taste well.

    When having problems with the stomach it’s very, very important to see that you really get all the good bacterias, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your body needs. Because when the stomach is not working properly, you might not get all the nutrients you need, despite the fact that you’re eating healthy stuff.

    And when excluding the milk products we, especially women, need to take calcium compliments for our bones.

    I recommend taking the product Mivitotal Flex – all the time, it’s worth it, promise! You can find it at health stores in Sweden, like “Life”. It contains ALL you need, plus give you extra energy. Take the “juice”, not tablets, because it works better. Many use it within sports actually.

    It has taken me from being almost unconscious to be awake at least and not sick as often as before, plus that IF I get sick, I get it much milder.

    I began to notice difference just in a couple of weeks. I’ve also tested to be without it, but no I get more tired again after a while. So why shouldn’t I continue? No need to be more tired than necessary.

    I also recommend to get some products that contains those good stomach bacterias, which will make the stomach work better.

    For me it’s a big difference – I had to eat Losec all the time before, but don’t need it other than very seldom now, thanks to Mivitotal Flex and the good bacterias.

    Sorry for ramblin’ on like this, but if it can help in some way I’d be happy for you πŸ™‚


    DianeCA: Thanks for your good advice. I do take a multivitamin and just picked up something with those good stomach bacteria in it since my system has been out of balance. We will go to Sweden soon and I will try the Mivitotal Flex. There is a Life shop in Mariestad.

  8. You have a very nice point of view! This is exactly the atmospher a student need ! if only I could have a such place when I was a student! I think there are possibilities to test if you are really allergic or not! You can do test at the laboratory with a prescription. Here many doctors don’t like milk of cow since a few years and prefer people drink soja when others say the contrary. I am often tired too but I think this is a question of digestion, when I eat too much and not light cook.Finally my stomach must work to much!!! So I decided to try to eat less and will see!
    I don’t take any medecin ( but I like naturel products) but I noticed I am tired often when I am borring.
    At the theater I am in a good mod, for exemple.
    At home when I must clean the house, I am in a bad mod! I think the factor “motivation” is very important!
    and believe me since I do breathing’s exercices with my teacher and a little sophrology to relax it gets better.

  9. Great. I’ve tried other multivitamin products before, but they have not been as good as Mivitotal Flex. My skin (not so dry any more), hair (less hair loss) and nails have improved a lot too since I began with it.

    It’s very, very popular. One of the best sellers.

    Oh, and be sure to get Mivitotal FLEX and not just Mivitotal. Flex is the “turbo” alternative πŸ˜‰

    I’m done nagging now. *giggles*

  10. This is interesting… I do believe that making small changes in our lives does help a lot. I sleep better since I started yoga. I watch how much caffeine I drink a day. I try to eat less salt.

    These are little things, all easy to forget when we are busy and tired…

    Glad it worked for you! I’m sure you can still keep some vices and be healthy πŸ˜‰

  11. I’m so glad that’s working for you!

    The baby seagull is adorable.

  12. I am so glad you feel better. I have heard many people say that this worked for them. Keep it up.

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