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When the holidays are over

Well vacation is over and tomorrow we head home again to our everyday life. Although we have a long holiday compared with many others I think that the vacation from Christmas eve until now went by much too fast. At least we are allowing ourselves the luxury of travelling home early tomorrow; otherwise we would be there already.

Despite the fact that Renny has been ill, we have had a good holiday. We have relaxed, eaten a lot (too much) of good food, slept late and spent time with each other and our family. We are truly blessed to have this time together. Sometimes I need to remind myself that there are many others in the world who do not have it as good as we do.

My favorite photographer at work

My favorite photographer at work

The past couple of days I have used a lot of my time on my project and thesis. I will be grateful for everything I get done now when April comes and we are working night and day to get it finished perfectly. Right now working on my thesis is quite enjoyable. I have time to read what I think is interesting and plan what I will include in the final presentation. I have written small texts which will eventually be parts of the required chapters. We are meeting our supervisor in a little over a week so it will be good to have something to discuss and use that time effectively.

Cold and beautiful rockformations

Cold and beautiful rockformations

Just so I won’t be too sad ending my holiday, today I took out my calander and planed my summer trip with my girlfriends. The first weekend in June I will be welcoming them here to our summer place for our usual spring ‘girls trip’. As one of my friends texted back its only 23 weeks away!! We are very good at looking forward to stuff!


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  1. I always start thinking ahead about the next vacation, too, to ease the sadenss of ending the most recent one!

    Well there won’t be much going on before Easter, but then it is great to start some plans! We will probably make it to our vacation home some weekends before spring comes though. Its always hard to leave.

  2. I like the 23 weeks away approach. It’s cold here and I’m so ready for some warm.

    I’m glad that you and Renny had great holidays. That’s what they are all about. Family and friends. I do hope he’s feeling better soon.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny and good luck on the thesis. 🙂

    I laughed out loud when I got that only 23 weeks away message! Thats the spirit! I will give Renny a big hug from you 😉

  3. Just sitting here eating swordfish for dinner, and reading my favorite blogs.
    Hubby is watching football and I am totally not into it.
    I hope Renny is feeling better and that the two of you were able to enjoy your holiday despite his back pain. Nothing is worse, I know. Busy week ahead for me. I will writer more about that later.

    I would rather eat swordfish and blog then watch football too! I’m not a fan either….

  4. Dear Diane,

    I hope Renny is getting now as I typed this and yes isn’t it great to look forward to the new year and start everything afresh?

    I wish you the best of everything and it has been great to embrace friendship with you through blogland 😀

    Betty (aka Shionge)

    DianeCA: I have no new years resolutions, but many plans and dreams for the new year. May your plans and dreams come true!!

  5. I am happy that these holidays are over ! I am the whole year on holidays, but when nobody works everything is closed and even the garbadge men are not coming, enough is enough, lol ! Most of the companies closed on the 24 until the 4th included ! As Christmas was on a thursday they all did “le pond” which means the bridge and then it wasn’t worthwhile to work for 2 days until New Year. It’s unusually cold here in Brussels for the season, we have up to – 7°C which hasn’t happened since ages ! But no snow yet !

    DianeCA: Yes, it was cold here too yesterday. We had snow in November!! But then it went away a week before Christmas 😦 Many businesses were closed here as well, including Renny’s doctor. Now he is trying to call them and it is of course impossible to get through. I will give him your best wishes. We took our Christmas decorations down as you did on Friday, so now it is life as usual again!

  6. I hope my favourite guy is getting better.

    We have a short one day holiday for the new year. I wish there is lovely mountains or beach or highlands for me to get away. I see concrete jungle around me.

    How lovely to look forward to a holiday which is just 23 weeks away! 🙂

    DianeCA: Hehehe thanks 23 weeks isn’t so long! I know you miss the mountains and the beach, but you seem to do quite well in your concrete jungle and are always finding interesting adventures all around! You’re favorite guy isn’t doing to great today, but he is in the shower now and we can hope that the warm water helps! It always helps me.

  7. giggling at 23 weeks….whatever it takes to get that far…

    and the second picture is gorgeous. i just love it.

  8. Sounds very exciting – thesis and vacation. Hope Renny gets better soon.

    Peter is on a mission……..health diet, keeping house clean and organized, getting kids to participate in picking up after themselves etc. It’s actually quite liberating teaching the kids to take more responsibility for themselves! Wonderful start to the new year….

  9. Diane, those photos are truly beautiful. They make me just “sigh” and smile. Please tell Renny I hope he’s feeling better… soon!

    Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful vacation/holiday. Hugs and Happy New Year dear friend.

    Thank you for coming through to my site – I switched providers and just have to figure out how to unpark my domain and make it all by itself. LOL

    Wish me luck… huge hugs from California!


  10. Your trip sounds great although I can relate to the sadness at getting back to normality after such a trip. It does not last long for me, especially if I am busy. The holiday becomes a pleasant memory to add to the gallery of your mind.

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