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Now at the beginning of 2009 we are planning for a good New Year and taking better care of ourselves. I have an exercise which can be used to help you meet your personal goals, whatever they may be, and make sure that what you are spending your time and energy on is you priorities in life. Here is an exercise to try:

1. Schedule an hour of quiet time with yourself.

2. Think carefully about the year ahead and the priorities you have for yourself and your family. Write these down.

3. Review last year’s priorities, and write down whether or not they came to pass and how they’ve affected your life. What have you accomplished in the last year?

4. Set ten new priorities for the upcoming year, taking into account all areas of your life — health, relationships, work, and spiritual growth.

5. Then finish the exercise by writing a letter to yourself, acknowledging how you’ve made a difference in your life and in the lives of others.

Hew Horisons in 2009

Hew Horisons in 2009

You may have heard the old saying: “Most people spend more time planning their vacations than their lives.” It’s sad, but true. If you don’t take the time to stop and consider where you’d like to be in a year, you may not like where you end up.

Setting priorities is easier than you think. You don’t need to spend hours working on them. Ten lines are all it takes. As you set them, make sure you choose intentions that you’re ready to put your time and energy behind. Setting intentions in and of itself is only one part of the process. Taking action to fulfil them is what inspires doors to open and pathways to clear.

As you set your own intentions, they might relate to your finances, your health, your career, the dreams you keep putting off, or the areas of your life that need your attention for a while. Whatever type you set, keep them simple. What matters most is that they feel right to you. This year, celebrate your life by taking stock over your priorities. There’s only one you in the world and it serves us all when you live your life to the fullest.

One of my priorities for 2009 is spending time and doing exciting things with my beloved husband RennyBA! Right now one exciting thing he is working on is The WebBlog Awards, where he is nominated for best European blog. Please stop in and VOTE NOW, he’s just a little under 3rd place! You can vote once a day!

Comments on: "Do you have your priorities straight in 2009?" (9)

  1. Yes, I have my priorities straight just like you do. Family first.

    I vote for Renny everyday.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

    DianeCA: And blogging of course! Your blog and your blog friends are obviously a priority!

  2. Yes, love, family, health and striving for happiness in the little things.
    I think sometimes people forget what is truly important.

    DianeCA: Of course it sounds so simple, but in a busy everyday life sometimes laundry and dishes, shopping, tv, video games for some….small little things we do to entertain ourselves can have a positive value in small doses, but they can take over the time we should use on what we really value. I do think its important to take stock once and a while.

  3. How’s my buddy Renny now? Hope he is recovering well.

    I always place my family first. And yes, I’m guilty of planning my holiday more than my life. I’m planning to visit you and Renny in Norway!! 😉

    Oh, I didn’t know I could vote for Renny everyday. I will do it now.

    Renny is doing a bit better, and obsessing over his blog, so that is a good sign! He will be happy you came in and voted 😉 I place family first too, and then school, friends, health, career, and blogging of course!

  4. That’s funny – this year I feel an intense need Not to set prioroties and see where life takes me. It is giving up of control I am needing right now.

    DianeCA: Well maybe that freedom is your priority this year.

  5. That’s probably a good advise for younger people than I ! I don’t planifiy anything anymore, I do what I want to do at any time, I have more than enough time for myself and don’t have any responsibilities anymore, I just have to pay attention that Mr. Gattino doesn’t suffer with my occupations, lol !

    DianeCA: Freedom and not being booked up with commitments are good priorities. It’s not about a to do list, it’s about whats really important to YOU!

  6. My #1 priority is my family. My son is priceless and spending time with him is worth more than anything.

    I like the idea of looking at priorities vs. setting resolutions. It’s a much better way of thinking.

    I’ve been voting for Renny every day!

  7. Diane, you hit it straight right away and it is true that we failed to plan our priorities…..day in day out everyone gets busy with our own chores.

    *Sigh* I am just as guilty but I do know that my family has always been my first priorities and thank you for a timely reminder.

    Yep…I’ll visit Renny now 😀

  8. I am thinking seriouslt now. When we come back from traveling, I may teach again, but I really want to work in a field I love.

    I enjy traveling, writing, creating in general. I`m thinking of freelancing. Not sre where to start but I`m definitely setting it up as a priority!

    Life is to short to postpone passions.

  9. Diane,
    you know last year was very special for us.
    We are still in Grief after the loss of Ruben.

    We will “celebrate” his BD on January 29 by litting a 72 hour candle at his Grave (I still can’t believe it’s a fact he is dead), then we will go to his fav cafe with his best friends. To memory.

    Then, I’ve learned, don’t take the next Day for granted.
    Take care of family and friends, where ever they do live.
    Be positive and share.

    DianeCA: You are so right you cannot take any day for granted, but i feel you honor Ruben’s life in the very best way.

    Have a great year

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