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Dim Sum = yum yum

I have a good friend who is from Hong Kong, and like me married a Norwegian man and moved to Norway. We first met in our Norwegian language class nearly 10 years ago, and have been best friends ever since. We also have had a long standing tradition of taking an afternoon or evening sipping green tea and eating the innumerable assortment of small Chinese dishes called Dim Sum. The literal meaning is “to touch your heart,” dim sum consists of a variety of dumplings, steamed dishes and other mild and strong small delicacies.

dimsum collection

dim sum collection

Originally a Cantonese custom, dim sum is linked to the Chinese tradition of “yum cha” or drinking tea. Teahouses sprung up to accommodate travelers along the famous Silk Road. Rural farmers, exhausted after long hours working in the fields, would also head to the local teahouse for an afternoon of tea and relaxing conversation.

Today, dim sum is served throughout China. But the best dim sum in China is found in Canton, with its wide assortment of sweet and savory dishes. However as Patricia will verify the best Cantonese dim sum chefs are found not in China but in Hong Kong, where restaurants begin serving dim sum as early as 6:30 in the morning and continue through mid-afternoon. Patricia has told us about some in Hong Kong who even take their breakfast at the local Dim Sum restaurant.

My favourites are standards on a Dim Sum menu. I love the steamed pork spareribs and char siu bao, steamed buns with roast pork, and not to mention har gao, delicious shrimp dumplings.

Shrimp dumplings

Shrimp dumplings

However keeping in my theme of taking care of myself and being grateful, what I am most grateful for is the good conversation in a relaxed atmosphere between my friend and me. The waiters and waitresses at our local Dim Sum restaurant know that food is only part of the pleasure. They quietly serve dish after dish…never all at one time..no no no! And they fill your tea cup often from a personal teapot which is left on the table. They never rush you, and a dim sum meeting for Patricia and I normally takes around 3 hours. So that fast table turnover that I experienced in NY has no place here!!


Comments on: "Dim Sum = yum yum" (9)

  1. Mmmmm – I love dim sum! What a great tradition with your friend.

    DianeCA: I love it too…well both the food and the friend 😉

  2. Move over Diane. This is so a favorite of mine. We had it when we cruised to the bay in October. It is heavenly.

    What a great story about a wonderful friend. I wish I could do this on a regular basis, but alas I have a great friend that loves dim sum, but no one serves it here. There is something very wrong with that.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

    DianeCA: Oh my gosh! That is a crisis!!! I will deliver that hug for you!! maybe 2!

  3. isn’t it amazing the way people can enter our lives how we can come across someone who becomes such a dear friend. how lovely that you can enrich each other’s lives by sharing each other’s culture in friendship.

  4. Everything sounds fab – the food, the friendship and the Dim Sum restaurant! Some things in life are worth savouring 🙂

    Yes, good times and good foods are definately worth savoring…you are so right

  5. Definitely yum yum!

    DianeCA: Actually answering my comments I am soon ready for another order!!

  6. Oh wow! When I come to Norway in 2010 we definitely need to have this woman cook for us!

    DianeCA: Deal a trip to Bejing Palace is ordered!! I’ll make our reservations now!

  7. The first two dim sum are called “baozi” in Mandarin (dim sum is Cantonese) and they are among my favorite. I also like the jiaozi (the soft dough ones, with jiucai).

    There is this great place in Beijing called “Gou Bu Li”, been there last summer— yummy!

  8. I don’t think you could have said it better… Talk about Yum!!! And thanks for the well wishes with my swimming and praying that the snow doesn’t slow us down in our swim meet!

  9. I am dimsum chef. As you say,dimsum is classic food

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