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Happy Birthday to me

Forty two years ago today in a little country called Taiwan I came to the world. My father was in the military, and based in Taipei, and my mom was a young bride with her first born baby girl.

I have had a good birthday. I started out the day at the crisis centre after the night shift. The girl I work with ironically enough has the same birthday as me so I surprised her by making us pancakes for breakfast and we ate them before we went off shift. My husband bought me some lovely roses, ordered from the local florist, and my youngest son baked me a glutenfree chocolate cake. I have also received dozens of messages wishing me well.

One thing is clear for me, at forty two years old I have to admit time is of the essence. I’m not out of time, but I shouldn’t waste it. My birthday wish is to keep with the ideological basis of what I have been writing lately. I have to count my many blessings, I have to make my own peace a priority as well as my health so that I can give 100% to my family, my studies, my friends and career.

(Video removed because it slowed the page and messed up my sidebar)

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  1. Happy birthday, Diane. Mine was last Tuesday. There are a lot of January babies around me…and I can add you to that list.

    I hope you have a wonderful day and that you get very spoilt, as I did.

    DianeCA: Yes, well the family did the best it could, but its hard to keep me completely out of the kitchen hahaha.

  2. Diane,
    first of all congratulations – for you it’s like New Year.

    Your reflexions is important.
    I think we all had our lessons during the Chinese “Year of the Rat”. It’s still some days left, but we hope that it will end as good as can bee.
    And you are daily working with “the Dark side” of womens life – but I also know you are an unique insperer and I also realise: That takes a lot of your mental and physical strenghts to deal with every day.

    The photos is very revealing and most important:
    They learned us to know you even better.

    DianeCA: Yes I hope the Chinese new year will bring good luck and good health our way! I looked at the slideshow again and I think it shows ‘daddy’s girl’ pretty clearly!

  3. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Diane,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Have a great birthday and weekend. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

    DianeCA: Thanks to you! We are doing our best to fulfil your request!

  4. Happy Happy birthday! I hope it is the best! ((()))

    DianeCA: Thanks! I had a good one, and wish you a good weekend!

  5. Even though I’d already congratulated, it’s never wrong to say it again: Happy Birthday Diane!

    Great to see some of your earlier life. Your nice smile have walked with you in life 🙂

    Wise reflections of you. We must take good care of ourselves, otherwise it will be nothing of the other things you mentioned.

    But, I have my doubts about the job career, if it’s really worth all the efforts and time we all seem to spend on it.

    Are we throwing away our real lives meanwhile? That’s something to ponder.

    My conclusion AFTER my own great career was: No, it was not worth it for me.

    I treasure human experiences, harmony, love, family as prio 1 and they are forced to stand back a lot for your career….

    Your own personal life is suffering bad and for what? One has to ask oneself that question.

    The stress a career can create is no good, no matter that some of it is called “good stress”. I’m not convinced at all.

    But we humans easily fool ourselves to believe that, until some day (hopefully) something happens that opens our eyes.

    In my case it was a cracked back that was the eye opener. Completely changed my life, because it gave me lots of time time to think what I wanted from my life.

    I made a complete life overhaul and lived happily ever after… *giggles*

    All I’m saying is: be really, relly sure about spending so much time of YOUR LIFE at a career, you’ll not get the time back.

    It might be right for you, but please be 100% sure about it.

    I do regret my waste of life time terribly. My body were punished a lot for it and health is crucial.


    Thank you for your reflective thoughts. I am struggling with my priorities at the moment as important personal things are competing with my responsibilities at work. I will do my best to listen to my own intuition regarding what is best for us. It isn’t an easy question, nothing is black and white.

  6. Love the pictures, Diane. And I am glad your birthday was a happy one.

    DianeCA: Thanks! And I hope all is well at your place, I am thinking of you!!

  7. Happy Birthday Diane – hope you had a wonderful day full of love and fun.

    Love the photos!

    DianeCA: Well I certainly gave it my all!! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Happy, happy birthday to you Diane, and all the best ! My 40ths are already 20 years ago, lol ! Theoretically you could be my daughter !

    DianeCA: Well keep inspiring us all, you make it clear that fun and adventure has little to do with age! After all you’re still playing with cars! (Ferrarri)

  9. Happy Birthday my dear! You know, I count my blessings too and also every lovely minute we can walk together on our life road 🙂

    DianeCA: That is the greatest blessing of all!

  10. Happy Happy Bday Diane!!!

    You are blessed with people who love you very much!Nice to know a bit more of you thru pictures and thanx for sharing.

    More Happy Bdays to come!

    And yes,I do agree about our health…let`s be more cautious…(my doctor told me so…)

    Have a nice weekend!!


  11. Happy birthday Diane! What a beautiful slideshow!
    you are walking in the best way it can be!!!! Love family studies friends carrier! all ! Bise!

  12. Gratulerer med dagen Diane! Best wishes for a wonderful year full of laughter, health, love, and blessings.

  13. Awww, what a cutie!
    Happy belated birthday to you. 🙂

  14. Happy birthday Diane!!
    You are such a beauty!
    And you are younger than me!!!

  15. I am so sorry I have missed your Birthday on 24 January Diane….Happy Birthday to you and many many happy returns.

    What a lovely slide show, I’ve enjoyed it 😀

    Any cake left? 😀

    DianeCA: Glad you got to see the slide show before I took it down. It was messing up the rest of my page so I guess it just had to be a limited time offer 🙂 Of course we have cake for you my friend!! Chocolate!

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