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Today we took a little trip outside to enjoy the winter weather. Sundays in Norway are traditionally days for being outside. Skiing, walking or even riding a horse….we stopped along the way to visit some of the neighbourhood regulars. (All pictures taken with my SonyEricsson G502 telephone)

Hello?? What is that thing youre holding

Hello?? What is that thing you're holding

At a farm not far from where we live we could easily see that it wasn’t only the kids that thought the snow was fantastic. The snow can be a lot of fun for the horses too…especially if they have their winter jackets on. Here we know how to dress our children AND our animals.

Handsome horse in a hood

Handsome horse in a hood

Although I have never had a horse myself I have always loved them and thought they were beautiful animals. These were very used to passers by stopping to give them some attention and showed a great deal of trust and curiosity. Amazingly while I stood and patted the horse in the red jacket I turned to see another rolling in the snow.

Just rolling around

Just rolling around

and around

and around

It looked like this was just as fun and refreshing as can be!!! Renny tells me that it takes an enormous amount of trust for a horse to lie down on the ground in the presents of humans, so this fellow clearly thought that I was trustworthy.

Stylish jacket for a pretty horse

Stylish jacket for a pretty horse

Although the sun wasn’t shining it was still very nice out today. Not very cold with lots of snow to play in, or roll in – whether you happen to have four legs or two!


Comments on: "Horsing around on a Sunday afternoon" (15)

  1. I’m glad they had their winter clothes on too. How fun.

    I take it Renny’s back is better. Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

    DianeCA: Yes, even the horses need their jackets!

  2. It was great to see you go crazy with your mobile phone cam my dear and what a scoop – you really gain the trust from this horses.

    Thanks for another quality time and for playing along with a childish man like me 😆

    DianeCA: Well I learned to use my mobile phone camera from the best you know 😉 From a childish man that I want to spend my time with.

  3. The light is nice!

    I find horses very beautiful but I can´t ride… I am scared. It takes a good bound between the animal and men/ women for that!

    I have only ridden a couple times myself, but I enjoy talking to the horses and patting them. They are so lovely!

  4. he is an awfully handsome horse.

    sorry i am getting here late but i do so hope your birthday was a very lovely day in every way.

    DianeCA: Very distinguished in his trench coat 😉 Like super spy horsey! hehehe. Thank you for your birthday wishes!

  5. What lovely visitors on your walk! It sounds like a great way to spend a winter weekend.

    : There is nothing like being out in the world for new inspirations!

  6. That’s great. And I especially like the snazzy red jacket on the last horse.

    maybe that one isn’t as prown to rolling around on the ground hehehe

  7. Oooh well somebody’s enjoying the snow! Excellent pictures!

    Well if ya got lemons you make lemonade…if you got snow, you roll in it apparently.

  8. Beautiful photos of these proud animals.
    And so nice to see the one rolling around and around, just like human kids.

    Yes, I felt these horses had a nice personality all of them. Just like your cats, only a bit larger.

  9. Those are great photos. It looks like a wonderful day. It was very cold here on Sunday (-14 F) and it was also my Uncle’s Memorial Service. Tough time for me.

    I know it was a tough day for you, but you did a very good job and I’m sure all appreciated your eulogy.

  10. I love horses too though it’s not common to see one around. 🙂
    hmmmm…. horses wearing jackets. That is not going to happen in Singapore. I think those horses look cool in their jackets. 🙂

    Maybe in Singapore they should have little sun visors???

  11. That’s really cute the horse rolling around in his coat, lol ! Here too sunday afternoons are dedicated for a walk or excursions in parcs etc. (if it’s not raining of course) but it’s a long time we haven’t done this anymore, I do my sunday walks on the midi market in Brussels.

    I wouldn’t mind wandering the markets of Brussels again sometime soon. We were there two years ago and it was lovely.

  12. Horses are wonderful creatures that let us do so many things with them!

    Another reason for wearing the coats, in some cases an other seasons, are that they avoid getting dirty, so the owner only have to wash the coat instead of the whole horse… some horses are known “rollers”. In mud. I say no more… *giggles*

    DianeCA: Yes this was a fun little group, the one was a roller and another was busily chewing on his harnesses which lay over the fence while nobody was looking!! Like REALLY BIG kids hehehe.

  13. What a beautfiul Sunday Diane, good thing the coat is keeping the horses warm

    DianeCA: Yes and their fur clean!

  14. That’s indeed a beautiful, handsome “guy” 🙂 Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, and also many thanks to Renny 🙂

    Sue’s Daily Photography

    DianeCA: You are always welcome, I will pass your thanks along.

  15. How beyond adorable!!!

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