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I have decided to try a new theme for Fridays. I have decided that every Friday I will write a post about something strange or funny in the news this week. There is so much sad, serious, boring news in the press daily that we really need to lighten up and find the funny side of life. Even something as serious as the news has a funny side, don’t you think?? Just to prove my point take road work. I mean how funny can road work be? It causes delays and takes up our time. Well it can in fact be funny, or at least the signs can!

Zombis in the road a-head?

Here a clip from KXAN in Austin, where they seem to be having a bit of trouble with their construction information signs. Although I don’t condone hacking into electronic road signs, you have to appreciate the sense of humor of these young people. This prank was so hilarious that even the Austin Public Works spokeswoman has trouble keeping a straight face. I myself am not a huge zombie fan, but I have two teenage boys who have seen about all the zombie films (not with my permission of course) that are in existence and they will certainly find this pretty amusing.

Hope you had a little laugh and a great weekend!!

Comments on: "Freaky Fridays look out for the zombies in the road!" (5)

  1. i gotta say i think that’s pretty darned funny. though i do understand the concern about safety.

    DianeCA: Well I am sure that it ticked off some folks at the Austin department of public works and safety!! But I just gotta laugh anyway. You just KNOW it was boys back this prank though! I mean…zombies? Hahaha

  2. That’s funny ! I did “Compiled News” for at least one year on Tuesdays. Since a months I gave up because I couldn’t find enough funny news anymore !

    DianeCA: I don’t know how much luck I will have on finding funny news but I figure I will give it a try for a while 🙂 This story was right on the money!

  3. Ha ha. Youngsters hacking or…? Funny signs is always making me laugh. And there seem to be plenty of them.

    Hope your weekend has been just lovely 🙂

    DianeCA: Yeah they were hacked, and I assume they were youngsters hehehe…we hope that 40 year olds have better things to do then hack in to signs.

  4. That is too funny! I wish we had some signs like that around here.

    DianeCA: Well I hear there are some hackers looking for new jobs LOL

  5. Maybe the road authorities could take this as an example and liven up the road signs all the time. Eg Delays ahead – enough time to: – take out your eBook, put your makeup on, read the morning paper …. 🙂

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