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It’s a boy’s life

One thing I can never regret about moving to Norway is the life it has given my two boys. I really believe that Norway is a fantastic place to be a kid. The society is still relatively small and safe and children are encouraged, or actually required in school, to be outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine.

My boys are not so small any more. Justin is 20 and Kyle is 17. We no longer take them out for a trip in the snow every weekend, because they have learned the good habits and go themselves with their friends these days. Both my boys are away this weekend. Justin is at one winter cottage with 10 or so friends from his Sociology class for one of those fun, crazy, bonding and yes likely drinking weekends with his college buddies. That is just what these student years are supposed to be, and it is especially good for my son because we have encouraged him to live at home for a couple of years extra to save money on student loans. So he does not live in the student apartments.

On top of Trysil mountain

On top of Trysil mountain

My youngest son is lucky enough to be with his friend and their family to a ski resort at Trysil mountain. The father’s company has access to a ski lodge on this mountain and the family travels there a couple times a year. It’s not that far from where we live, maybe 4 hours drive maximum. They leave around 2 pm on Friday afternoon and stay until close of the ski center on Sunday. Kyle called me today from the top of Trysil just to tell me that they had hiked all the way to the top 1100 meters (3609 feet) above sea level.

I am of course very happy that my son even thinks of me when he is up there 🙂 And I am very happy for the experiences he has with his friends. I am eternally grateful to his friends parents for taking him along as often as they do since I myself do not ski, so we rarely go to the big resorts. Being a good mom, I did arrange for him to have snowboard lessons when he was around 13 so that he would learn the proper techniques, and he has been pretty much crazy ever since.

This video is made by my son Kyle, he is the hairy kid in the begining too 🙂 Most of the snowboarding is him, but not all. The skiers are his friends. He made this video 2 years ago so his snowboarding has improved even since then. And while I am bragging he works at the ski resort shown in the video part time so he also helped to build and install a lot of this winter park, and normally likes to TEST the big jump before they open. You may notice that the slopes are a bit dark in much of the film. That is because the sun is quite low when it is up in the wintertime and Kolsås ski center is on the “wrong” side of the mountain. The mountain shades the slope from the sun much of the day so it only has maybe 2 hours sunlight. Thats why the shadows are so long and sometimes you can see sun in the scenery in the distance but not on the slope.

This kid is pretty crazy, does he brake anything you are wondering? Yes, last year he broke his wrist. But he has safety equipment, a back protector and of course a helmet. The kid who does the back flips is NOT my son Kyle. If he does back flips now 2 years later – I don’t think I wanna know hehehe!! There are just some things Mom’s really don’t need to know!

So you see it really is a boy’s life!


Comments on: "It’s a boy’s life" (14)

  1. Great winter scenes. Cool kid you’ve got 🙂

    Yeah, snowboarding is pretty hot here in Sweden too. One of my nieces is said to be pretty good at it, but I’ve never seen her myself since I avoid snow…. *giggles*

    I love snow, but when it comes to sking I don’t just go downhill. I just go down!!! LOL

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! I bet D would love to do that too. He has a skateboard, but he has never gone snowboarding before. How awesome!

    Yeah many of the kids do skateboards in the summer. Kyle does too but he’s not as into it as snowboarding.

  3. I love this post – thank you!

    Well thank you, now that’s positive feedback!

  4. Both of my kids were snowboarding in Switzerland, I never get the brave to do it, I preferred skiing more or cross country on skies.

    Thank you also for your kind comment on my blog, Diane. We WILL leave here on Monday for sure – and we will be back at the 11th of February to see the Shuttle launch on the 12th in the morning, if the weather is good…:)

    Sue’s Daily Photography

    DianeCA: Oh DO take pictures of the shuttle launch! That is cool!

  5. Wonderful ! our son too is a winter sport freak and I don’t know how he got it ! We both hate winter sports but I had sent him to winter sport in Germany when he was about 13 !
    Now he still goes every year for a week to Austria or France. I hate snow and wait for spring and longer days, although ours are longer than yours !

    DianeCA: My son would definatly love to go to Austria or France to ski!! Lucky for us we have our own good mountains because it is way more affordable hehehe.

  6. Diane, you are a great Mom! Also I think it is wonderful that Renny has been such a positive influence in their lives.
    Not only did you take a leap for yourself marrying Renny, but for the boys as well.
    How wonderful to introduce them to this big world. Many kids will never know the wonder of another country and culture.
    And the bonus is that you found your true love too!

  7. How fun. It’s not such a good place around here to raise kids. It’s a shame too.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

  8. Snowboarding is big here, too. And while I am impressed with the skill, as a skiier, there are times I wish there were some separate slopes!

  9. well, it does seem a wondrous place. i am glad you and your boys have adapted so well and embraced the life.

  10. What a wonderful life indeed and you know what Diane, Singapore is such a stressful society that sometimes I think my children are really ‘deprived’ and that is why I love to let them do what they like sometimes.

  11. Wow, you and Renny are young to have teenage boys!

    You are lucky to live in an outdoor country. Great place to raise a family, for sure.

  12. You are a great Mom. You raise cool kids! 🙂

    I wish my son could participate in games. He is physically weak and falls ill often due to an unexplained medical condition. We have consulted many doctors and the result is the same. Unexplainable. *shrugs shoulder*

    He would wish very much to be like Kyle. To enjoy the life as a young boy should.

    Sorry, my tears are flowing.

  13. I definitely agree that Norway is safe especially rearing children. Being stuck for quite some time in the third world showed me the strong contrast in the quality of life between countries.

    Seeing the video and the pic reminded me of the precious time I spent with my friends hiking and stuff like that.

    Good thing that it almost time for me to be back home and be safe again.

  14. Most of all, I’m happy to know you never regret about coming over to Norway and live with me. I love you and my bonus children too – you all enriches my life and its good to see how they have settled in and adjusted well.

    I do agree with others saying your a good Mom and you are a wonderful wife too!

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