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I am now trying a new feature called QuickPress on wordpress.com’s blog dashbord. So this is a quick post hehehe!! It is mostly what I call an “I’m still alive” post.

I haven’t been too active on my blog or my comments lately and I apologize for that. There are lots of things going on around here for the time being. Much of my time is being spent on my Master’s thesis. Our deadline is coming up. Our goal is to deliver our first draft April 1st. That may sound like a long way off but believe me we have enough to do in that time! So we are busy analysing the data from our interviews and trying to make something out of it 🙂

Otherwise there is work, and the kids have their winter break. I had a visit from our little visiting child (handicapped child who comes and visits us once a month so her family gets a little break). We took her with us to our vacation home in Sweden last weekend for some quality time 🙂

Do you think it will do??

Do you think it will do??

So the bottom line here is I am still alive, and I haven’t forgotten my friends. So I hope you don’t feel too neglected. Life is just more complicated sometimes then it is others. In many ways I am dreaming of being finished with college and going to work full time with hopefully normal work hours and all the benifits that go with it. At the same time I must admit that I have enjoyed tremendously the chance to study again as an adult. I love learning and I really enjoy using my creativity and creating something out of the research we have done. And of course I have made some really good friends along the way.


Comments on: "Writing and analysing and stuff" (2)

  1. When you get done with college things will even out. I so remember. It was fun for me too.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

    DianeCA: Thanks! I had a long day of working on my paper today as well but it will be worth it when its finished!

  2. I feel fortunate having your attention and support all the time my dear or to make it short: I just love You loving Me 😉

    DianeCA: Yes, and here I receive your support and encouragement as well, its a win win situation!

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