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Freaky Friday Hairy escape!

A 20 year old woman survived a bullet fired at her head – after it got tangled up in her hair weave. The young lady from Kansas City, escaped uninjured after her ex-boyfriend allegedly shot at her car in the parking lot of a convenience store. She told police that she was in her car at around 11.25pm when a man flagged her down. When she stopped, the man told her that her ex-boyfriend still loved her.

When the young woman replied  ‘Well, I don’t love him’  her response was met with gunshots which shattered her rear window. She says that she saw her ex firing a handgun, and promptly floored the accelerator and got out of there.

Sengalese twist braid on extentions

Sengalese twist braid on extentions

After escaping, she called police who extracted a bullet from her hairpiece!! It seems the bullet struck her car’s headrest before getting caught in her hair.Apart from a slight headache, the woman was uninjured. Police arrested her ex-boyfriend and his companion a shorty afterwards.

So now I see that we have been going about things all wrong. Here we have been giving the girls safe shelter at the Crisis center when all she really needed was a good hairdo!! Thank goodness that young woman wasn’t having a bad hair day hehehe! That must be the definition of a good hair day when your weave saves your life!

Seriously though folks. I am a bit fascinated by this whole hair extention thing. We have a woman at the shelter who has lived there a long time and I have seen her put extentions and braids on the other african women many times and I have to admit I am a bit envious! I think they look so nice when they are finished and you can set in long hair, curls, whatever color or texture you want. I have pin-straight fine hair and have always admired my girl friend from Brazil who can come home with masses of brown curls and keep them in for many months. But there is the catch for me I think. I don’t know if I could stand keeping them in. I imagine they must itch or feel somehow uncomfortable…and I am not good at making sacrafices for beauty. However if I ever do decide to get myself extentions I have one more good excuse. They could save my life!!!

Have a great weekend!!


Comments on: "Freaky Friday Hairy escape!" (9)

  1. I have a lot of hair and I it protected me from the Canadian cold, but I have never heard any story like this!

    I find African hairstyle so beautiful. Something I could never achieve, no matter how thick my hair is!

    DianeCA: Well we could braid you but it would take a while!! I bet your hair could take a bullet…but I don’t think we will test that theory!

  2. Most celebrities use extensions as well. I have friends who use one too. I thought it was real hair at first until they took it out and wash it. But I still find it amazing!

    DianeCA: I know Jennifer Lopez has some nice ones – extentions that is LOL!! I have checked them out on the net, they look really cool. They make em for white girls now too!

  3. Whoa! That’s quite, well, er freaky really!

    And now….“The ho pimped me here”!!!!!

  4. A lot of girls do it here too and in Egypt in our hotel was a hairdresser who made this the whole day to mostly russian speaking ladies. Apparently you have the same kind of hair as me and it would look awful ! Better wear a hardhat to save your life !

    DianeCA: I may have some wool caps that will do the job hehehe.

  5. I won’t use extensions before I see a gun in your night stand! 😆

    DianeCA: Hahaha you’re in no danger my dear!

  6. i just can’t imagine! i’ve got enough friends from different parts of africa plus having lived in trinidad. those had to be some seriously heavy duty extensions!

    DianeCA: I don’t know, I have seen some heavy duty do’s in my days!!

  7. I think hair like that is beautiful, but I am with you as I think they would make me itch. Also, being a typical American I love to wash my hair every day.

    Hoping you’re having a wonderful weekend. Mother Nature is reminding me that winter is not over here in the U.S. either!

    DianeCA: I agree that I have to wash my hair every day too…that’s just how it is for us natural blondes!!
    Mother nature is really showing her muscles around here this year, but hey she’s a temperamental girl!

  8. I like the look of it, but I can’t imagine going to that much trouble. I’m a pony-tail kind of person.

    DianeCA: Like I said I would love to try it, but I don’t think I could hold out. When I got false nails it wasn’t long before I found myself in the kitchen at 4 am with a bottle of acetone prying them off!!

  9. I saw this story on the news the other day. It was amazing. In the story it looked like her weave was straight, but maybe during “the incident” she was wearing the braided weave. She sure got a miracle there thanks to the headrest and the weave. Whew!

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