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I’m living in a snowglobe!!

Yes, I am convinced of it now. I am living in a snowglobe. I don’t have the actual statistics but I think it has snowed almost every day for the last month. Every time I look out the window there are little white dots coming down…it no longer surprises me anymore hehehe. I am living in a snowglobe and somebody sure likes shaking it!!



For example it is really important to remember where you parked your car these days. There is nothing quite like dusting off your whole car and finding out that you just made your neighbor very happy…and you are going to be very late for work!! Hahaha thankfully I admit we have a garage!!

Now honey where did we park?

Now honey where did we park?

Feeding the birds is a lot harder then it used to be too. I had to wade out in snow up to my hips and finding the stairs was not as easy as you would think. When I got out there and hung up the birdfeed it was not easy turning around to get back. I had stuck my feet in my sons boots which were too large, and they were threatening to stay behind at the bottom of the snow!

Feeding the birds

Feeding the birds

However some places the snow is more useful than others. Here is a picture my friend sent us from her cabin in the mountains where they are enjoying winter vacation. The snow is perfect for skiing and a winter trip in the mountains.

Country Cabin

Country Cabin

If you would like to see summer pictures of this cabin click here and visit the story on RennyBA’s Terella.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend wherever you are, and that if the weather is like it is here you remember where you parked your car!!

Comments on: "I’m living in a snowglobe!!" (4)

  1. Ohhh dear; Our car is in the garage you know – but that’s covered with snow too 😆

    DianeCA: yes, we just have to hope that the roof of the garage holds out!

  2. We hardly ever get snow. The most snow that I’ve ever seen was in Colorado, and I remember sinking into it up to my hips there. It was kind of scary for a southerner like me. Your pictures are so beautiful of the snow and the cabin in this post and in your other post. 😀

    DianeCA: Thanks! Of course I am mostly positive to the snow but I have to admit I may have had enough soon!

  3. Hmmm – definitely need a house with a garage! Love the photos. Have a great weekend too.

  4. How awful ! I support snow just one day and then I have enough ! Fortunately we don’t have snow very often and when it snows it doesn’t last long.
    I am waiting for spring !!

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