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Ooops I fell!

Todays big news…a big boo boo! Ouch I fell on the icy sidewalk. As instinkt will have its way I threw out mt arms to catch myself. Landed on my left one first…and it is not too good tonight. May not be as much writing for me for a few days.



No I didn’t go to the DR. Will go tomorrow if its not better.


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  1. Ouch! Hope you heal up soon!

  2. Ouch honey. I hope you didn’t break or fracture anything. See why I don’t like snow country? I’m a klutz and I know I’d be falling down all the time.

    Take care of yourself. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

  3. You poor thing! Hope it doesn’t get ‘worse’…..

  4. Poor girl ! It’s time that spring arrives !

  5. Ouch! I do hope it all went without any serious damages.


  6. I hope you’re better now. I just came by to tell you that I tagged you in a photo meme, but no hurry or pressure if you have it tough right now.

    Photo meme in this post:
    Manzanilla rounds bounds


  7. Oops!!! Sorry to hear this, hope it is nothing serious Diane.

    I slipped and fell last Tuesday too at the office pantry because someone did not turn off the water dispenser tap and the floor was flooded. Luckily only slight bruise on the leg.

    YOu take car my dear friend.

  8. yikes! just so long as it’s not broken. i know how miserable THAT is. heal up well.

  9. Ouch! hope nothing happened to you…. although the no-blogging makes me think the contrary…
    Get well soon!

  10. Ouch!

    I also fell two weeks ago, tripped on the loose pavement in Montevideo (I was wearing sandals). I have a huuuuge bruise on my tight!

    Go see the doctor if it´s painful, make you it heals well.

  11. Yea, you gave me a chock when you called from the bus on your way home! Glad you are feeling better now after I could nurse you a bit 🙂

  12. Hope you are better. Anneliese and I are home. Safe and sound. Of course it is 3:45 am and we are both wide awake!

  13. Oh I hope you are okay now. My grandma slipped on the floor last monday and she is now in the hospital. She had a fracture in her pelvis and was recently operated today and the broken bone was removed and replaced with a titanium.

  14. I hope you’re on the mend soon,
    Diane. I fell earlier this winter and bumped my head!

  15. I am home! Yay! Had a great time, but now we wait to see if Anneliese is going to have puppies! I will know in a month!

  16. HIya Diane….just to check to see if you are getting better.

    Take care!! 😀

    {{Big Hugz}}

  17. OOOps,
    it happens without notice
    How to avoid?
    Do like the Bears?

    No no, we will and must survive.

    I’m impressed you are so open to tell about it.
    That’s for me very important when “choosing” blogger friends. Right?
    By beeing honest, then you will find other bloggers around this tiny Globe, that will be your real friends.

    Haha. U and R do know all about that.

    btw. Due to job and on top of that, my network from Home: A dissaster until yesterday afternoon. That’s the reason for beeing a bad commenter, but had to blog for my kids and family abroad.

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