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It’s a little broken

Sorry I haven’t been in, as I told you last week I fell and hurt my arm. After 4 days of stubbornness I went to the hospital for an X-ray.

And of course the first message was that it was ok. However today they called back and said…ooops your elbow is a little broken. Just a little fracture so it won’t be long before I am in full swing again….okay maybe not SWING…but typing! So I will be back and visit you all soon!!!

An X-rayed elbow....sorry not mine but illustrative anyway hehehe

An X-rayed elbow....sorry not mine but illustrative anyway hehehe


Comments on: "It’s a little broken" (11)

  1. I’m sorry you fractured your elbow. I’ve done that and I know how it hurts. I’m sure you will be back in business in about 4-6 weeks. I’m glad you finally went to the doctor.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

    DianeCA: Thanks! It’s a little better each day.

  2. Come here my dear and I’ll kiss and make it better 😉

    DianeCA: Just my elbow?

  3. Oh no! I hope you are feeling better soon!!!!

    DianeCA: Thanks 🙂

  4. Oh no! Was it because of the slippery ice outside?
    I wish you would get well soon. I hope it doesn’t have to take 4 – 6 weeks to heal!

    DianeCA: Yes, I fell on the ice, or rather a slippery ramp in the city. It shouldn’t take too long, it is a little fracture.

  5. Hi Diane! Nice to “meet” you… How long have you been over here?

  6. Oh Dianne, sorry to hear about this. But it’s good to know it’s only a little fracture..get better soon.

    Oh your Renny is so sweet hehhe;)

    DianeCA: Thanks, and yes Renny is sweet and a good husband too.

  7. So sorry to hear this, I’ve suffered cracked wrist and broken pinkie so I know exactly how you feel.

    Take care and no rest to type Diane…..luv you!

    DianeCA: But I have to type…even if its only with one hand!!

  8. oh ouch! i am sorry to hear it was fractured. rest up and heal well.

    DianeCA: Thanks! But I am a terrible patient 😉 They keep chasing me out of the kitchen.

  9. Just a ‘little broken’????

    Heavens girl! You poor thing you! (milk it for all it’s worth – and make sure you get lots of foot massages – that’s what I’d do…..does my hubby read your blog?).

    Get better soon.


  10. Ouch! Get well soon.

    Hope you got to see Georges Clooney as a doctor (sorry Renny!) 🙂

  11. Diane,
    ooohhh, does it still hurts?
    Hope you will recover very quickly.

    btw. You are the first to know:
    My Toe has been very well in the sense of recovering, until Friday late afternoon. I must go to the doctor Monday Morning, if not before,

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